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This rp is a character creator rp! Kinda like a challenge! You have to make a whole new fantasy oc! Build your characters personality, conditions, quirks and even identity! I’d like to make this a fantasy and reality mix rp! So, here’s the chart and you can even add more!

Insert a voice claim if ya want:
Conditions if any:
Add any extra!:

I’ll make a character soon!

@maglo-the-stressed-person language

Name: Hex
Age: 22
Zodiac: Scorpio
Gender/sexuality: Male, He/him, Straight
Height: 5'7
Aesthetic: dark, Black and Purple colors
Conditions if any:
Looks: Has long shoulder length dark black, almost purple hair.
Powers: General Dark energy, can make minor visual illusions, teleports for quick transport. Shadow manipulation.
Personality: Chill, amiable and cheerful. An optimist, and a bit aloof when it comes to others about his own powers. If they made a subtly snide remark, he will not understand it.
Background: Has strange dark powers, and as such was left alone by judgemental children. He did not notice this, and was cheerful and social despite the initial isolation.
Add any extra!: Really likes coffee, works at a Coffee Shop. Likes Squirrels

@andrew flash_on

(I'm joining this cus it seems like fun!)

Name: Chrisy Drew
Age: Over 300 years old
Zodiac: Revsna (Constellation of the Demon)
Gender/sexuality: Woman ⎮⎮⎮ Pansexual
Height: 7'3"
Insert a voice claim if ya want: (No voice claim but I have a voice description) Her voice is in the low alto range, and sounds sweet but dominant; she slightly emphasizes her "s" sounds and shortens "y," "e," and "i" sounds. Her "d" and "t" sounds are slightly sharp.
Aesthetic: Whatever this - - is
Looks: ⎮⎮⎮ Her wingspan is about twice her height - so 14'6".
Personality: Dominant (In every sense you can think of [yes including that one]) If you think you're going to get any small details past her, you'd be mistaken. She notices everything- up to and including your body heat and what your bone structure looks like. She's very controlling and doesn't like it when people are very rude to her.
Background: (All in due time 😈)
Add any extra!: Proficient in demonic magic (i.e. poison magic, sanguimancy, bone control soul manipulation, telekinesis, etc.) Loves using spears, swords and whips and she has two custom made weapons: Blackreach ( and Starfall (

@Eli-the-transboi group

Ok got mine-

Name: Zane
Age: 21
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Gender/sexuality: trans male, bisexual and polyamorous
Height: 6ft3
Insert a voice claim if ya want: corpse husband- but a bit higher pitched-
Aesthetic: alt/Victorian
Conditions if any: autistic, adhd, anxiety, ptsd and epilepsy
Personality: Very humorous and makes jokes often but can also use his humor in his horror. he tends to joke during serious times and takes things light heartedly.
Background: Zane has seen it all, blood, gore, everything. He claims he doesn’t care but in all reality he may care too much. This may be because of his dark past with ‘close’ friends and family.
Add any extra!: check out my character sheet if ya wanna learn more!

@-LemonTail- language

Name: Oliver
Age: 25 ish
Zodiac: Scorpio
Gender/sexuality: Male - Pan
Height: 5'11"
Aesthetic: Sage green and black and yes
Conditions if any: Not really but doesn't have a left arm or hand.
Looks: dark skin, floofy hair, hair length is short-ish. I'll get a picture sooner or later (aka never)
Personality: very loud and bold, but sometimes regrets it and secretly beats himself up but its FINE. Also has a secret soft side and will seriously cry if someone else cries
Background: Left alone abandoned by parents at age 9, left to fend for self
Add any extra!: Has/had a sister. Hasn't seen her in 15 years

also I'll create a character sheet soon