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Name: Yuki Amami
Age: Twenty-one
Gender: Non-binary
Pronouns: Any, with a slight they/them preference
Sexuality: Pan-ace
Appearance: (I'll send in PMs since the image won't load here)
Personality: In general, Yuki is a sweet person, and they try their best to be nice to people. They also try their best to help their friends through just about anything, and they generally try to look after them. While they are on the introverted side of things, they're open to friendship with anyone as long as they're nice and speak to them first, They're also very passionate about their interests, and they get very excited to talk about them.The rest is to be developed as I write with them. ^^
Other info: Kiibo x Rantaro ship kid. Much like Kiibo, they are a robot Just some useful info since you're not a Danganronpa fan.

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Name: Ethan Akim
Age: 23
Gender: male
Pronouns: doesn’t care what pronouns you use.
Sexuality: Pansexual
Appearance: 6ft5, very muscular, lots of scars all over his body from how many fights he gets into.

Personality: is very tough and intimidating at first glance, but as you get to know him you start to see his soft side.
Other info: he gets into fights a lot. He also shows signs of trauma and ptsd. He has Paranoid personality disorder and Avoidant personality disorder. This is most likely caused by his ptsd.

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Hmm- hes like- COVERED in his own blood (and some of the other guys as well) and its clear hes winning but hes still beaten up BAD- it honestly looks like hes dying- (not really but it’s gory-)


As the sun began to set on another day, Yuki was on their way home after spending the day with their parents. However, as they were walking home, they heard something in an alleyway. Unsure of what it was, they slowly began to approach the area. They didn't know what was going on, but they needed to make sure that everything was okay. It sounded like people were fighting, but they didn't know for sure at the time.

Once they looked into the alley, they could see two people fighting, like they had suspected. A tall man pushed another person down, and he appeared to have the upper hand in the fight, but he was bleeding heavily. A knife could be seen in the other's hand, stained with blood. However, they were losing the fight, and they were bleeding, too. It was an interesting sight, to say the least.

"Hey! Stop!" they yelled after a moment before rushing in.

Before the one with the knife could respond, they dashed away from the scene, likely under the impression that Yuki was going to get the police involved after witnessing the fight. They didn't want to be caught, so they took their weapon and ran. Little did they know that they were still around the corner in case the fight could continue.

"Are you alright?" Yuki asked the tall male in front of them. "Well…you're bleeding profusely, so I doubt that you are… I don't think anyone's supposed to bleed that much… Please, let me help you…!"

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Ethan had been known to get into fights pretty often. Now he got into fights twice a week. He was throwing hands with a guy who had insulted and threatened him just a few moments ago. Ethan’s attention turns to a shorter person rushing up to them and shooing his opponent away. He growls at the person. “The fucks wrong with you?!” He had a thick Russian accent. His eyes seemed to glow in the dim lighting.

His eye twitches as the person offers to help. “I don’t need any help.” He huffs and shoves his pocket knife in his pocket and starts trudging away, stumbling every now and then. They were right, he was losing a lot of blood and fast.

Ethan grumbles and stumbles into a wall, his vision blurring. He groans as he rests his head against the brick.


The moment that Yuki was yelled at, they quickly flinched. It was certainly an unexpected reaction, but they weren't going to back down just yet. Clearly the person in front of them was injured and needed some sort of care before they collapsed and died, so they wanted to help him. Even if he was being a jerk and asking what was wrong with them for interrupting the fight, they felt the need to help him. He was going to die if he wasn't careful.

"M-my apologies, but you are bleeding profusely…" they responded after a moment. They appeared to be a bit nervous, but they were trying their best to help, even as they watched the other walk away from them. "L-listen to me…! You're gonna die if you're not careful…!"

Before they could follow the other, as they remained unaware, the person from before returned.

"So, that short person's gone. Let's finish this." They smirked as they held their blade. "Got any last words?"

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Ethan ignores the stranger and glares at the person who he was fighting. He takes out his pocket knife. “Bitch.” He grabs the persons hair and yanks them forward, pressing his knife to their neck. “What about you, eh? What’s your last words…”


Due to Ethan's heavily weakened condition, the person managed to get him away from them before he could slit their neck. If they hadn't worn him down during the fight, they would have died, but they weakened him enough that they could survive. The attack likely caught him off guard, too, which they could use to their advantage.

Before the tall male can react, they quickly make a move, plunging their knife into Ethan's chest, Thinking that he would die within minutes, they removed the knife from the male's body and walked away as if they hadn't done anything, unaware that Yuki witnessed the final attack.

As they rushed towards the bleeding male, it became clear that they were worried, but they tried to remain calm. As long as he would let them be close to him, they could stop the bleeding and hopefully call for help. As long as they had permission and weren't going to be fought off, they would help him.

"Please, don't deny that you need help…" They looked at the bleeding male, worry still evident in their expression. "You're bleeding out. Let me help, please…"

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Ethan gasps as he was stabbed in the chest. He crumples to the ground, clutching his chest and gasping for air. shit… he closes his eyes, starting to lose consciousness. He slowly opened his eyes, watching the person leave, and the stranger who tried to stop the fight walk over to him. He flinches and tries to get away, but fails. He hisses from the pain and gasps for breath. They were gonna call the police weren’t they? He wasn’t a criminal, but he could get into trouble for this. He never trusted the authorities. Especially after the instance.

Ethan coughs up blood as he mutters. “L-let…me d-die…” He closes his eyes again, cringing from the pain. It didn’t take long before he blacked out from blood loss. The last thing he heard were sirens from an ambulance.


Yuki immediately shook their head when they were asked to let him die. They couldn't allow that to happen, especially when they could help. They couldn't do too much, but they could at least stop the bleeding, which is exactly what they began to do after they called for an ambulance. Hopefully it would arrive shortly, but until then, they were going to do what they could to stop Ethan from bleeding out then and there. If they could help save his life, they were going to do just that.

"I'm not leaving you to die. Whether you like it or not, I'm going to do what I can to save you. Please, don't argue." Their tone was oddly soft and calm as they spoke, even if it did feel weird for them to be helping a complete stranger. "Just wait for the ambulance, okay? I'm doing what I can to stop the bleeding. You'll be in the hospital for a while with the extent of your injuries and blood loss, but you might survive. Just try to hang in there."

As they did what they could for the other's wounds, they tried to keep a conversation going with him so he could focus on something other than the pain. While they weren't sure what to talk about, especially since they didn't know him, they were doing all that they could. They had lessened the bleeding, and they had gotten it to stop in some areas, and then they simply talked to him until they heard the sirens approaching.

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The ambulance arrives and immediately takes Ethan into the car. A few medics were trying to wake him up, and failing at their attempts. A medic walks up to Yuki, “Thank you for helping…as much as you did, he will most likely survive.”

The medic hums as a police officer came. “Hello, I’m just here to ask a few questions on what all happened. We need to know who the person was who attacked Ethan. Can you give me a description of the person, and what happened.”


Yuki nodded in response to the medic's comment, glad to hear that they could help. "I'm glad to hear that he will most likely survive. I didn't want to leave him to die, so I did what I could until you guys arrived. It's really good to hear that he should survive."

They hummed softly as they looked at the police officer that approached them. They knew that they would be asked some questions about what happened, and they would answer as honestly as they could. They couldn't get a good look at the attacker's face, but they knew some details.

"Well, he was a tall male, at least six feet, with dark brown hair and I believe brown eyes. He's sort of just an average guy with about shoulder-length hair, but I couldn't get a good look at him," they explained. "However, I know that much, and he fled that way." They pointed in a general direction. "Hopefully you can find the man responsible."

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The officer nods. “Well, thank you. We’ll try to catch him.” He smiles and then walks to his car, getting in and driving away.

The medic smiles softly, “Well, I’m gonna get going now. Thank you again for all your help.” He starts walking away and the ambulance takes Ethan to the hospital. It was probably a given that Ethan would probably freak out once he woke up. His immediate response to almost everything was fight.

Just then, the medic pauses and turns to Yuki. “Would you like me to drive you to the hospital? I can’t tell if you’re related to him in any way…but not a lot of strangers decide to do something so nice and not be related in some way…”


Yuki simply nodded in response to all of the comments and questions, and they appreciated the medic's offer of driving them to the hospital. Even if they didn't know anything about who they helped, they wanted an update on his condition later, and they would likely visit him, too. If a family member showed up, it would only be with their permission, but either way, they wanted to see him get better. Even if they didn't have a proper emotional connection with him, as they didn't even know his name, they wanted to see him get better.

"Thank you, really. I appreciate and accept your offer," they responded after a moment. "I'd like to visit him once he's been taken care of and to generally know about his condition. With that, I must thank you. I'm also very glad that I could help increase his chances of survival. I couldn't let him die."

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The medic smiles and nods. “You are an extremely sweet person…the world needs more people like you.” He hums and opens the car door for them, letting them climb inside before taking them to the hospital. Just like they asked, they had regular updates on Ethan. They would always be about how he’s holding up, sometimes some background information.

After about a day had passed, a doctor walks up to Yuki, “So…we have some news on Ethan…apparently…he has no family whatsoever. No one has come to check on him, and there are only ex step parents in the documents. Apparently his entire family died in a crash and he was taken in by a…not so good foster home.”

The doctor took a moment to let Yuki take this in. “They…were arrested about three years ago for severe drug and alcohol abuse…so…he has no one.”


As they received updates, they were happy to hear that Ethan's condition was stable and that he would recover from this incident after some time. However, it saddened them to hear that he didn't have any family as well as what happened in his past. Despite that, when the doctor said that he had no one, they shook their head in response. Even if he wasn't going to accept their presence at first, they weren't going to abandon him, especially after they saved his life. They could never save someone and then leave them. It just wasn't right.

"I wouldn't say no one. Even if I didn't know his name until you told me and had never met the guy until I saw him in that fight, he has me now," they responded after a moment. "Please, take me to his room, if you can. I'd like to see him. I can't allow myself to save someone's life and then abandon them, especially when they are alone and struggling. I want to help in any way that I can, and even if he rejects it at first, I hope that my presence can help him."

Their words were genuine as they spoke, and their intention was truly to help Ethan. Ever since they were a kid, they were taught to do what they could to help others, to be someone who was reliable and accepting. One of their fathers taught them a lot about how to survive in many situations and about emotions, and the other taught them to be open-minded. It was times like those when they were glad to have been raised like that. At the time, even if things would be awkward, their desire to help Ethan was stronger than anything.

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The doctor pauses, then nods and takes them to Ethan’s room. A staff member was sitting just outside the room. They smile at Yuki and get up. “Oh, so you’re the hero huh?” They chuckle softly, smiling. It was clear they were just trying to be nice. They hum. “He’s all yours, kid.” They walk away.

The doctor turns to Yuki, “He’s still unconscious…and we don’t know when he’s going to wake up…but you can sit in there and just hang out if you’d like.” The doctor opens the door, revealing a bandaged up Ethan hooked up to an IV, oxen machine and heart monitor. The beeping was just quiet enough to be considered as background noise and the soft puff of fresh oxygen made the atmosphere seem a little more calming yet eerie in a way. The doctor hums. “Let me know if you need anything. Alight?”