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Nicandros had pissed off fate one too many times, and she had enough of him. The Fae man had entangled himself in a terrible and horrible fiasco. Owing money to anyone can be a dangerous situation. But when you find yourself in a position with a rare and valued orb, and promised to deliver to not one, not two, but five different powerful creatures, and deliver to none of them, one will find themselves in a very sticky situation. Nicandros finds himself in a back alley surrounded by these five creatures and their entourage, seemingly invisible to the outside world with a magical barrier around them. However, that wasn't the case. A scrawny boy, who barely looked 17, stumbled across this mess and finds himself in a while world of trouble and something he never believed could be possible.

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Slow burn romance
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Nicandros had been alive for a long time. And in that span, he has never really learned any lessons. He always ended up in the same sort of situation time and time again. And Fate was tired of it. They were tired of him escaping what should be a certain death just to end up in another scam that should've gotten him killed. Fate decided to put an end to it. They wove their fingers and planted the seed, letting Nicandros make it grow into a powerful vine surely to kill him. It should've. But somehow it didn't.

Nicandros knew how much he was testing Fate. He had been approached by several powerful creatures, all promising him a bigger bounty than the previous to retrieve a rare orb. Naturally, he promised all five he would do it, never intending to deliver it to any of them. No, he had plans with it for himself. However, it certainly did not work out that way. Nicandros should've known better than to try and deceive them, and yet he did try. Which was how he found himself surrounded by all five in a back ally way.

"I know how this looks but I promise I fully intended to follow through the deal," Nicandros said.

"You're not fooling anyone. Give me the orb and all will be forgotten." Titus, the Serpent leader held out his hand, expecting it to placed there. "I will offer you my protection from the others."

Nicandros snorted. He knew better than to make a deal with a Serpent. "Fuck no. That's basically selling my soul. And I like my soul exactly where it is."

"Well, it's about to end up scattered across hell."

"How about we all calm down and talk to each other like the civil people we are." That gave Nicandros a deadpan stare from everyone. He didn't know how he was going to get out of this one. His hand inched towards his sword, ready to go down in a fight. He just needed the element of surprise and perhaps a miracle.

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Relius was taking his usually way home, through the back alleyways while cheerful humming some tunes. Sometimes he even do a little jig. Nothing usually went too wrong this way, it helped him avoid confrontation and stay away from all the kooky events of the town. No harm in that. Though, admittedly, he was running a tad late that day. He stopped at a store or four before finally making his way back home.

He stole a glance at his wristwatch and quickened his pace slightly, releasing just how very late he was. And he hopped on along just like a panicked white rabbit. Surely his mother was worried about him. As he scurried along, he heard voice coming from one of the alleys, and he slowed his pace significantly.

'scattered across hell'

The words alarmed him, and for some reason, even though he felt there was a great danger around the corner, he decided to face it. He spun around the brick wall and immediately froze. The danger was greater than he even imagined. Relius could hardly believe his eyes. Just… what were those creatures..? Whatever they were, they were remarkably far from human. Relius began to regret everything, turning around the corner, going through back alleyways. It was all a mistake, but he felt that it was far too late to take any of it back.


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"We stopped being civil the moment that you struck a deal with us. I could almost applaud you for thinking you could pull this off if you-" The female cut herself off, nose raised slightly in the air. Her head snapped in the direction of the entrance to the alleyway. The others there followed her gaze, each of them seeing the human standing there.

It shouldn't be possible but there he was, the human trying to sneak away. Certainly would not be possible with the multiple creatures that were there. Nicandros didn't let it shock him for too long. This was the distraction that he needed. Instead of pulling out his sword, He reached into his coach and pulled out a smoke bomb. Humans could create well-needed things at times. Using his own magic to amplify its effect, he threw it into the ground, sending the whole place into a smoky hazard.

Outrage sparked, metal was drawn. There were sounds of clanging but it certainly wasn't Nicandros they were fighting. No, Nicandros had dived for the human. His scent was strong enough to mask that of Nicandros. Perhaps he stuck around him long enough, he would be able to through off the others long enough to escape them.

He grabbed the human and barreled them out of the alleyway. using his glamour, he masked his ears and made his appearance look more human-like. Then he ran, pulling the human with him.

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Relius's eyes widened as he felt a tug on his wrist. As they barreled out of the smoke, a vision of a man came into sight. Just who was this person? He didn't recognize them as anyone he had met before. But he was far too busy with coughing to actually speak such questions into existence at the moment.

Those creatures… were frightening and strange. Never in all of his days had Relius seen such odd beings. Maybe it was a dream and everything was made up. Pinch himself to return, and if it fails, bare the pain of its reality and the pinch he gave himself. He reached up with his free arm and gave himself a pinch. He winced and opened his eyes. Nothing changed. He was still being dragged by the mystery man…

'Wait,' he thought to himself, 'I'm being literally fucking kidnapped, I should be more worried than this.' He planted his heels in the ground and pulled back a little, in an attempt to slow down the man. "Wait!" he began, "please stop! Who are you? Where are you taking me?" Once the panic began to set in, questions flew from his mouth faster than lightning could be thrown down by Zeus himself.


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Nicandros rolled his eyes. He forgot how many questions humans asked. He tightened his grip on the boy, pulling him along. The human's attempt to stop was useless. His strength was nothing compared to that of Nicandros, a powerful fae.

When he was sure that they weren't being followed, he veered off to some apartment and began climbing the fire escape, looking for an empty one. When he did, he pried open the window, shoved the boy in first then followed himself. He ran a hand through his black hair, tugging on the ends. He turned to the human. What to do? What to do? He could always dispose of the human. Slit his throat and be done with him. His people's secrets would die with him. However, killing the human didn't sit right with him.

"This is some shit you have gotten yourself until human." Nicandros finally spoke.