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(I have no idea what to put here, so I’m just gonna go with it.)
I’m looking to start an RP using my character, Lucas (Lucas Rosenburg), not all his details are laid out yet, but I’ve hit and put in all the major ones.

We can figure out plot as we go.

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(I only have one up on my profile- she's probably not suited to this, but idk. I'd probably use someone like my character Trianna - she's blind - or create a new one for this)

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(The preferable gender is male and race would be human. But female can work just as fine! [Human is still much a given, Luc is a real world character, no Fantasy with him.])

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(Romance: I’m fine with anything your okay with)
(And an idea I had was Lucas and your character not having a friendly start.)
(Maybe Lucas insults your character or something.)

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Name: Tristan Gast

Age: 20

Sexuality: Bisexual


Face and general body shape:

Height: 5'4"

Personality: Despite his looks he's actually pretty calm and cool, like nature's brightly colored poisonous/venomous inventions. But just like those inventions, threaten him and you'll see just how dangerous he is. He's a nice man, loves people and enjoys good jokes. Loves to eat - he loves to cook, actually - and loves animals. He loves working out and boxing.

Backstory: Not really much beyond his blindness; born to lower middle class family, with 4 siblings. He was diagnosed with glaucoma at age 6, when he was complaining of a constant headache. Since his family was poor, they couldn't treat it, so he slowly lost first his periphreal vision then his central vision. He started learning braile at age 9, when he could barely see much out of the corners of his eyes but before his central vision had started to cloud.