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It seems like my most important things are about to be snatched away
By the demons which are muddled into my everyday life
If it's tranquility, it's long since been destroyed
Being casual, and then unconcerned-

The Plot:

They couldn't tell what it was about their town, but it began to seem… different recently. Everyone in the town had become growing more fretful and started to hide away within the confines of their homes as if something was out to get them. And that was exactly what was happening. A serial killer had begun running rampant throughout their once-peaceful hometown, but nobody was doing a thing to stop them. So, right then and there, they decided to take matters into their own hands by stopping the serial killer themselves. Sure, they were just a bunch of random highschoolers, but that wasn't going to hold them back from trying to restore the peace that was lost the moment that wretched killer began their spree.

It's been stolen without me noticing
If I'm going to get it back, the time is now

With the sharpness of a piercing arrow,
these colliding hearts are beautiful

Okay, this is basically just a knockoff of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable/Diamond Is Not Crash, but like… the plot was really cool and I couldn't stop thinking about how cool it'd be to do a roleplay with a similar plot. Up next are the rules, then the roles.

The Rules:

  • Please be respectful of everyone's wishes and/or triggers, feelings, etc.

  • Swearing and violence will be common, so don't say I didn't warn you.

  • Do not be rude/disrespectful OOC. It will not, by any means, be tolerated.

  • If you join, please select a role beforehand and fill out the character form.

  • The character form itself will be put up once someone joins.

No matter where, I'll chase you
I'll always chase you
I'm chasing you
There's nowhere to run

The Roles:

The Highschoolers- CLOSED (3/3) ( @Pizzazz11 , @knightinadream , @Dragongirl2468 )

The Serial Killer- CLOSED (1/1) ( @Becfromthedead )

Prominent Side Characters- OPEN (1/5) ( @lumine )

Run, and I'll chase you
Tomorrow, too, I'll chase you
I'm gonna beat you up
The outcome is determined by my tenacity
So I chase you

@requiemisback language

Appearance: (either an image or a written description, either's fine)
Conditions: (optional; conditions can be physical or mental)
Identifiable traits: (like, things that make them stand out from others)
Backstory: (optional)
Extra info:

@Becfromthedead group

(Yeah, I'm not well-versed in writing villains, so playing serial killer would be difficult, but if you really want that last high schooler role @Dragongirl2468 you can have it instead)

@Pizzaz11 group

( @Pizzazz11 it's still open, yes! you can def be one of the highschoolers! just fill out the form and i'll add you on. and @knightinadream oki doki! just fill out the form, and in the meantime i'll add you to the role list! )

(Cool! Filling out the form rn!)

@Pizzaz11 group

Name: Avery Emerson
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Sexuality: Pansexual
Appearance: Shes tall and kindof lanky, her skin being a light brown. Her hair is dyed completely red, and her eyes are a really dark deep brown
Personality: Shes really a sweetheart, she hates hurting anyone, but she does get scared easily
Likes: spending time with friends, dogs, running, sports
Dislikes: people hurting animals, loud sounds, just annoying or bad people in general
Fears: bugs, deep water, open and empty spaces
Prejudices: basically none, she just thinks that people who are bad should be punished
Conditions: dyslexia and poor eyesight
Identifiable traits: Her glasses, her almost black irises, her big hands, and her hair
Extra info: Reading this back she sounds so cliche but I swear shes n o t-


(Yeah, I'm not well-versed in writing villains, so playing serial killer would be difficult, but if you really want that last high schooler role @Dragongirl2468 you can have it instead)

(To be honest, I'm not that great at writing villains either. I'd prefer to be one of the high schoolers if that's okay.)


(i'm not sure, but if i'm able to, i'll try and possibly open more side character roles unless the serial killer role opens back up!)

(OK! I dint have a problem playing the serial killer, im not the best at writing villains but I have written villains before)

@knightinadream group

Name: Damian Kedves
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Sexuality: Omnisexual
Appearance: Damian has a slight- muscular build and a rectangular body shape. He stands at six foot to six foot one. He has warm ivory skin that easily gets tan. His left eye is blue and his right is brown. His jet black hair is short and side-parted. On his right upper arm, he has a scar that he gotten when he was seven. Then he has another on lower side of his right leg.
Personality: To most, Damian is a quiet person who mostly tends to prefer staying on the sidelines of things. He does not really do much unless told otherwise, although he tends to do his own thing and rebel. Despite always having a resting bitch face, he is a compassionate person and even likes spending time with others. On the other hand, he keeps a lot of things to himself. He has a terrible habit of bottling emotions up and not doing anything about it. His focus is more gravitated towards what others want and what they think of him. He also likes planning things out and making strategies. Along with following orders or helping others, it what he does best. Overall, he's kind of awkward, but a good person once you get to know him.
Likes: Soccer, running, books, walking around and listening to music
Dislikes: His father, cold weather, loud noises, any mentions of his mom, trucks
Fears: Heights, failure, and being a failure to his father
Prejudices: Overly positive people
Conditions: Heterochromia iridum and depression
Identifiable traits: Different colored eyes, his two scars
Backstory: There is not much about Damian or at least that's what he says. He is the youngest out of three, having two older brothers. He has a strict religious family, though really it is just his father that is the strict one. Most of the time he would stick to his mother's side or one of his older brothers, usually playing or helping them with whatever. If he wasn't with his mom or brothers, he was usually by himself with a book. Even when at school or soccer practice, he kept to himself. Sadly his mom died in a car accident when he was thirteen and he hasn't gotten over it since. In the meantime, Damian has kept on with life, living with his father and his one brother while going to school.
Extra info: He carries around a black duffle bag with a lot of random things in it including a change of clothes. Also he wears a silver cross necklace underneath his shirt.

@requiemisback language

(all the characters so far are looking great! and a quick fyi: i just added some extra side character roles for anyone else who wants to take part in this!)