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Some random, stupid, cheesy plot idea I had—

Character A is the crown prince to the kingdom of Trila.

Character B is the 4th son of a king from a nearby kingdom that is close to war with Trila,

Character A needs to find a partner, but he’s said to be cruel, short tempered, not interested in married life at all, and lastly, he has no inclinations of peace between his kingdom and Character B’s. So when his father tells him of the arranged marriage between him and Character B, he rages.

Character B is not a meek man, willing to lie down and be sent over to perhaps the cruelest person alive. He will fight tooth a nail against this marriage. But he didn’t find out until he was carted away and had already arrived at Trila for ‘Peace Talks’.
When he finds out about the marriage, they are not happy, and does not want to be in the Prince’s presence.

Character A may be misunderstood, and puts on the pretense of cruelty to protect his kingdom. But no one knows that, and he doesn’t want anyone to know this. He decides to take his rage out on the prince, hoping to keep him far enough away from him and who he really is.

Will Character A succeed in keeping B pushed away from him? Or will B see the soft side of A? Will the two forever hate each other? Will A declare war against B’s kingdom, even after the marriage?

I would prefer to be CHaracter B

  • If you want to join this RP, please make sure replies are at least 100 words, 150-300 would be preferred and anything more is welcome. I just dont know if I’ll be able to reply with the same gusto if you go over about 400 words.
  • If you know that your life is going to overtake you, or you simply need a break, please let me know, as I always try my best to do the âme for others.
  • Please be kind outside of RP, inside, I don’t mind, as long as it doesn’t break Andrew’s rules.
  • I have no limitations on topic’s within RP, but if you have anything you’d prefer not to do, just let me know! I do not want to do anything to offend any possible RP partners, and I always try to make sure there are boundaries if they are wanted and/or needed.

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(Okay, yay- As I already know your writing style, I won’t need to as for a sample, so here’s the Character Sheet. I’m going to keep it more short and simple than I normally do, though feel free to add more if you want)

@RhysTheFirebird group

Name: Roazin ‘Roa’ Democarcius
Age: 21
Gender: Male He/Him
Looks: Onyx hair, with a slight blue tint in direct sunlight. His hair is closely cropped on the sides and back, while longer on the top. He has pale skin that burns easily in the sunlight. His eyes are golden, slightly almond shaped and framed with dark lashes. He stands at about five feet and six inches. He’s lean, slightly muscular and weighs about one-hundred sixty-five pounds.
Clothing Style:
Typical Court Attire)
Typical Street Attire)

Magical Abilities: Anything Roa draws, he can will into life. The drawing must be done in his own fresh blood for it to work, so he carries a needle or sharp hair pin with him 24/7 in case of emergencies. The drawing just has to be a basic outline of what he wants, but the more detailed the drawing, the stronger the spell and harder to destroy. He can also mix the blood with ink for a better drawing. This these one’s are harder to bring to life.
What Happens after Overuse?: Overuse for Roa reaches when he’s lost too much blood. At the point to when he’s lost too much blood, he will feel lightheaded (Usual symptoms), but if he continues using his gift/losing blood, he will pass out. He will stay out for an extended period of time, usually 36-72 hours.
How Does your character regen magic?: By sleeping. But he can only regen after about 9 hours of using his gift OR after he overuses it.
What Are your character’s magical weaknesses? (What can resist your magic? What can equally combat your magic in battle?): If Roa was combating a healer of any type (healing would have to be the main focus), his powers would be weakened and could possibly become null. The healer’s aura would effect his blood, causing any wounds to heal swiftly, sometime even instantaneous. The rate of healing depends on the strength of the healer.
To stop his drawing from working, one would simply have to draw a line through the blood, breaking the circuit. This can be done from after (telekinesis and the like) or up close with your own hand or finger.
Healing orbs (Healing spells that surround the person(s) with healing magic, ends to be weaker than physical contact healing) is like a shield to his magic, causing anything he drew to dispel into blood droplets once it makes contact with the orb.
(So, if you wanna beat him, have a healer)
AQs well as any inherently good magic can nullify his gifts as well, as I’m considering his gift dark magic.

Personality: Around Everyone Kind, gentle, sweet, soft, quiet. around friends and family Stubborn, sassy, slight temper. (Things may mix slightly depending on who else is around- you hath been warned)
History: Roa grew up in a smaller (but mighty) kingdom bordering Trila. He didn’t have the best realasionship with his father, which is probably why he’s getting married off. He was always to strong headed and willed for the liking of his father.

(I’ll add more to his history. . . Eventually)

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(Okay, a few questions before I get Incarcius up in here.)
(Is he allowed to be a demihuman? Can he use magic? Does magic even exist in this world? And finally, if Incarcius is demihuman, how much more hated and feared would he be in the neighbouring kingdom and in his own kingdom?)

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(Okay, go for it, but I’m going to need you to add these things to the template:)

Magical Abilities (As detailed description of your characters magical abilities as you can make):
What Happens after Overuse?:
How Does your character regen magic?:
What Are your character’s magical weaknesses? (What can resist your magic? What can equally combat your magic in battle? [both questions are a *Must have an anser]):

@RhysTheFirebird group

(Also, if you want to add something to their magical ability list after you’ve made the,, then check up with me. I try to keep the magical ability stuff as detailed as possible because I don’t like OP characters, and having the details helps me understand what I can do to add challenges for the characters. The story gets boring if they can just one shot their problems away.)
(And, I’m also going to Roa a magical ability. Latent magic in his family line or something-)

@Null-Gravity language

Basic Info

Name: Crown Prince Incarcius Îlmedrin (in-CAR-see-us /// eel-meh[ as in "melatonin"]-DRINE [like "drive" but with an "n" sound])
Nicknames (Optional): The Tyrant Prince of Trila; the Demihuman Lord of the North Estate
Age: 23
Race: Human. . . according to the royal family, at least.
Gender (Biological): Male
Gender Identity: Male
Pronouns: He/him


Skin Tone: Hex Color #f2cea2
Height: 7'4" /// 223.52 cm.
Weight: 305 lbs. /// ~138.3 kg.
Eye Color: Hex Color #cfa911
Hair Color: Hex Color #ffffff at the roots, gradient to Hex Color #d2f7f2 at the tips
Hair Style-

Body Type: Slightly lean, very athletic looking; his face is slim, with high cheekbones, thin lips and upturned eyes
Identifying Marks (tattoos, scars, birthmarks, etc.): His eyes have no pupil. Usually this would mean blindness in a human, but for Incarcius it is merely a quirk of his angelic heritage. In certain lightings, such as in the midday sun, when angelic/divine power is at its peak, Incarcius' hair glows, as do his eyes, and it looks, from certain angles, as though he has a halo.
Usual Outfit:
At Court-

Basic Personality (descriptive terms, such as "calm" and "kind" can work instead of a full personality description): It seems to most that at Incarcius' base he is cold, heartless and cruel, entirely devoid of the things that make one human. Outside of court, he's routinely dressed in plain, undecorated half plate, to do his best to look as unapproachable as possible. In court, his outfit is made to reflect just how high his status is and how much power he wields - akin to that of the king's, with half the responisbility. His territory in the north, the North Estate, knows him to be a hard ruler - and just as hard on himself. If the harvest isn't good, he can be found discussing matters with his advisors, then the farmers, and finally can he be seen glaring at his own hands. His temper has been known to be quite short, and he's known as one of the nation's worst diplomats when it comes to other nations. In his own nation, if a noble or his own family crosses him, you'd surely here the resultant angry words from across the royal palace. Near the start of his war crusades, he was known as a half-baked strategist, but once it was proven that he wasn't just playing games when he lost a few battles - which he'd lost for the express purpose of gaining territory elsewhere - he became known as the the Half Baked Strategist (not to his face, of course.) And with military affairs in general, especially regarding the bordering kingdom with whom Trila is close to war with, he shows no mercy, nor does he ever want for peace; he does not rest until his enemy is conquered and broken, in his kingdom's control. His cruelty when it comes to prisoners, traitors or even people who simply piss him off a little too much is said to be similar to the Old King of the eastern empire, on the other continent.
Underneath this harsh, cruel, calculating exterior is a man who genuinely cares for everyone around him. He hates how brutal he has to act, how callous he has to make himself, but it's for the good of his kingdom and its lasting prosperity. If it's to make the future brighter, he will make himself the most hated ruler of Trila.
Sexuality: Purportedly straight, however has a preference for male concubines.
Fears: He fears that one day, everything he's been working towards will fall from his grasp and every word he's uttered, every cruel action or punishment will be for naught.
Hopes: For his kingdom to be prosperous and last longer than any other other in history
Motivations/Goals: His motivations and true goals are unclear.
Hobbies: He trains relentlessly, and studies with a vigor never seen in any of the 6 other heirs for the kingdom of Trila. Beyond that, he's usually managing his territory, sleeping, bathing or eating. He has no time for hobbies.
Talents: He isn't particularly talented in much. However, he's good with swords, bows, and daggers in the way of weapons. Outside of weapons, his detail retention is above average, but not superhuman, and the same can be said for his memory; his charisma could be considered supernatural, if he ever decided to use it. As for his reading and writing skills, they're what you would expect from the crwon prince.
Physical Conditions: N/A
Mental Conditions: Possible PTSD, definite ADD
Backstory (optional; only write until they get captured, please):


Magical Abilities (As detailed description of your characters magical abilities as you can make)-
#1: Incarcius ruptures the ground in front of hisself, raising a jet of liquid gold that forms into either a broadsword or javelin. The gash in the earth closes up immediately after summoning. The weapons have holy fire inside them, and are especially effective during the day, and against enemies of Heaven and people Incarcius deems evil. Once either 2 hours have passed or Incarcius wills it, the weapon melts down into liquid gold once more and seeps back into the ground. He can summon the weapons at will, 3 times a day, after a cooldown of 2 1/2 hours.
#2: Raising his hand to the sunlit sky, Incarcius shapes the sunlight into a bow. As long as Incarcius has a target in mind, the arrow fired from the bow will never miss its target. He has a dozen arrows (12) in his quiver with which to eliminate his targets. The arrows will only injure or kill someone Incarcius has made contact with (i.e. eye contact, a brush of skin, exchange of words, etc.) making it not entirely effective in true combat, but highly effective against groups of four or five. After an hour, or after each arrow has been fired, the bow disappears. It can be called twice a day, after a cooldown of 5 hours. If summoned at noon, the restrictions on who Incarcius can target are lifted, but he can't summon the bow again. Depending on his needs, he can sacrifice one or more arrows to increase the size of one shot, which thusly increases the size of the bow.
#3: Incarcius summons angelic powers. However, it summons the full force of his parent's power. This can only be used in life or death situations. It renders him impervious to most physical attacks and blocks his mind from being infiltrated. His strength is increased even more so than when he uses skill 3, by a factor of 15, and his agility is increased by 10. He sprouts 8 sets of wings, allowing him to fly as fast as any of the angelic hosts of the second triad. The weapon his parent wields appears in his hand, the holy sword known as Dawnstriker. He can only hold this power up for 2 minutes.
What Happens after Overuse-
#1: Overuse of the skill causes the weapons to be less and less solid, burning his hands more and more. He already has minimized feelings in his hands due to several high-stakes situations which required him to ignore his limits. (This will eventually result in the loss of his hands entirely.)
#2: If he overuses the skill, the sunlight burns his skin and eyes. (Eventually, with enough overuse, he'll go blind and develop skin cancer.)
#4: Loss of humanity, as the divine overtakes his body. He becomes another angel for the heavens to send out to fight, and the human parts of his soul are burned away from his body. It's not a painless or slow process, nor is it stoppable. However, it only happens three minutes after he exceeds his limit. Beforehand, during the usage of the skill, lacerations develop across his
How does your character regen magic: Rigorous prayer, for at least a full day for skills 1 and 2. 3 and 4 require fasting in a religious manner and prayer for at least 4 days.
What are your character’s magical weaknesses? (What can resist your magic? What can equally combat your magic in battle?): None of his skills can be used against someone who has never taken a life, nor can they be used against animals, dragonoids and goblinoids being the exceptions. Anything trained in defense against swords and polearms can fend against skill 1. I'm not sure how one might fend against skill two, and as for skill three, seeing as how it's a life-or-death skill, nothing beyond angelic intervention or a high level demonic entity can resist or survive. In the case of angelic intervention, were Incarcius to try and use his skill against them, he would be smote on the spot.

(If there's anything I need to change, let me know. And I'm sorry for how long this took.)