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Basically, this is just a story about a girl hiring a guy from some company to be her fake boyfriend so she has a date to prom it something and she ends up falling for him now we can make it where they end up together or don't


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Name: Avery Jackson
Age: 17
Gender/pronouns: female, she/her
Sexuality: straight
Appearance: Avery has a very distinctive jaw line, her face being over all skinny it's almost an oval shape. Her eyebrows are expressive and neatly plucked, they're more of a square shape towards the bridge of her nose. And her eyes have almost an almond shape to them
Alex's hair is long and wavy, a black color to it. Her hair is healthy to the point where it shines in the sun, she has no split ends. This is also troubling for her since it easily comes undone when in a high ponytail, having to make her secure it a lot when doing activities. She has no specific hair cut to it, letting it grow naturally. There are some layers to it and she has never once dyed it.
Avery weighs 160 lbs, standing at 5,6". Her skin tone is a medium taupe, having a natural tan to her skin, she's extremely fit and energetic. Her waist is slimmer in shape, being an hourglass figure,"
Personality: shes kind of a loner she's productive and she mostly stays away from people she doesn't know

Backstory: //TW// she is a girl from Columbia who later moved to New York, she was in a abusive family untill about 10 years old beforeshe was put into fostercare, but she doesn't ever talk about it unless she trusts the person she confiding she's never gotten professional help she doesn't believe in therapy her past has only made her an overall cold person and people don't talk to her much because of it