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@CaseyJ group

Yall ever seen maze runner?
or read the book?
If not…oh well…ask someone else to help…I suck at explaining…

Basically, the characters are in one of the mazes, in the glade, all males. There is one new guy every month(?) .

If yall wanna have them escape later on thats fine, but I kinda like the life in the glade yk.

@ScotchTapeWorm group

I wouldn't mind doing this tbh. If they're just hangin' out in the glade, it sounds kind of slice of life-y in a weird survival-y way? I'm down if more people are needed. Love that kind of stuff.


Name: eyros
Age guess: 21-22
Appearance: A dirty blonde, pale blue eyes and viltigo (more white) lightly muscled
-Height: 6’2
-Other: he's pretty cocky most times but well grounded, he's got a secret, remembering bits and pieces of his life, remembered that he fucked around with men
Job: (runner, farmer, cook, etc) : runner

@CaseyJ group

Name: Wesley (Wes)
Age guess: 19-20
Appearance: Short, fit
-Height: 5'6
-Hair: Black
-Eye color: Green
-Other: Tends to be quiet around most people, but more open when he is comfortable with someone.
Job: Runner/maper

@ScotchTapeWorm group

Name: David
Age guess: 20-21
Appearance: A thin person with a slight limp and steady hands. Well muscled arms and a wide smile.
-Height: 5'7
-Hair: Pale brown and and curly, going down to his shoulders, usually held in a loose ponytail.
-Eye color: Green eyes with gold flecks.
-Other: Very outgoing, think the stereotype bartender, always a shoulder to cry on while not giving up much information about himself.
Job: Cook