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The night is dark and the rain is cold on your face as you try to find shelter. You're not really sure how you wound up in this place, a dense forest of evergreen trees. For quite a while, you're guided solely by the ghostly light of the moon filtering through the needles. Then, you see it–at first, it's merely a speck of warm yellow light in the distance, but as you get closer, you realize that it's more than that. The trees begin to thin out, and eventually you find yourself on the front step of a massive mansion.

But be wary, traveler, for inside lurks a force that may very well be your undoing.


So yeah! I've been itching to do another multi-fandom RP for a while now, so why the heck not! I think it's pretty self-explanatory, so I won't really say much. Make sure to read the rules, and try not to die! :D


  • LGBTQ+ is loved and accepted
  • Some fandoms aren't allowed. If it's offensive, it's not welcome here.
  • Swearing, violence/gore, and romance are allowed, but know the limits. And if anything sexual happens, take it to the DMs
  • Also don't do something lewd with another person's character if they haven't given consent/are uncomfortable with it
  • Literacy is a must! You don't have to be perfect, but grammar and spelling are kind of pet peeves for me.
  • No one-liners. Try to write at least three or four sentences, I get that sometimes it's hard to write stuff, but one-liners just frustrate me for some reason.
  • Try to be active, a post every two to three days? I get that life gets in the way and sometimes people forget, but don't get annoyed if I bump due to inactivity.
  • Be polite and respectful to other RPers.
  • I might ask for a sample if I haven't RPed with you before, and I do have the right to say no. Probably won't, but it's here.
  • Also, Andrew's rules.

Ack, that was a lot–


(Quick question, as this is a multi-fandom RP, are we playing a character from the mentioned RP? Just want to make sure…plus I'm having a major brain fart)

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(So basically, I'm just… gonna be stealing a character or two from one of my many fandoms and shoving them into the plot, right? I'm assuming so.)

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Name: Dorian Gray (this is an adaptation of the character. Public domain stuff rules, my man.)
Age: Is he in his 20s, or does he just have a really good facial care routine? Neither.
Gender/pronouns: Gender is a fashion accessory and I am an early 2000s overly-designed DeviantArt OC. Tends to present more on the binary spectrum, and more often masc than fem. Will be addressed by any pronouns she or he wants, thanks a lot.
Sexuality(optional): Bisexual/romantic
Appearance(an image will work):
Personality: Personality is homosexual. That is a whole Gay. Dorian is selfish, hedonistic, and just a little bit of a sadist. She enjoys the finer aspects of life and doesn't do anything he doesn't want to do, hands down. This poses a bit of a problem as to getting Dorian to do anything useful for anyone ever. Has killed before, without much in the way of regret.
Powers?: Immortality, being ethereally hot.

Name: Juno Steel (circa season one, pre-Midnight Fox)
Age: In like, late 30s early 40s just about.
Gender/pronouns: Nonbinary lady, he/maybe sometimes she.
Sexuality(optional): Bisexual/romantic.
Appearance(an image will work):
Personality: Self deprecating and a fan of only the darkest humor, this lady has the tendency to say some very nasty things about himself and wholeheartedly believe them. However, he is very loyal to people he likes, or even just tolerates, and has a heroism streak a mile wide. He wants to help people however he can and he won't stop until he does, even if he destroys himself in the process.
Powers?: The best sharpshooter in Hyperion city by a mile, and a pretty damn good detective too. Just a teesny bit of psychic powers on the side, too.

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Thanks! I was thinking, who can I write as the most polar opposites known to man to make an easy, character-driven conflict without overstepping my writing abilities? and then this happened.