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no i'm not having another Smile For Me obsession i swear
okay i lied… i'm definitely having another Smile For Me obsession

the plot:

it works like this: a bunch of people (varying between children, young adults, and adults) are all taken to this establishment called The Habitat, who is run by Dr. Boris Habit. the whole establishment is very colorful and abstract, and it's set on making people happy (by a very ominous means that we will find out later). a kid who was known for delivering flowers joined The Habitat and started making people happy under their own mandate. Dr. Habit is obviously not a fan, since this whole establishment was made for him to make others happy. the plot will go on from there.

about Dr. Boris Habit:

Dr. Habit is a very flamboyant, 7'4 Russian dentist with green skin and other weird features. he speaks in heavy typos. example:

The Beef Boy — Being Mean to Dr. Boris Habit 2: Electric Boogaloo

his end goal is to use laughing gas on everyone in The Habitat and steal their teeth while they're all under its spell. then he will go on to give others this teeth and "make the world happy." of course, none of the habiticians know of this scheme.

about the Flower Kid:

not much is known about the Flower Kid besides their goal to make the other Habiticians happy. they also communicate vaguely by either nodding or shaking their head in response to questions, or by handing things to other Habiticians.

about the Habiticians:

the Habiticians are those who are at The Habitat as a means to get happy. they all have varied tasks they need completed before they can be happy- and Flower Kid, a lot of the time, is the one completing the tasks for them.

character roles:

` the amount of Habiticians allowed is 22 at max, and two characters are allowed per person. `

Habiticians: (0/22)

Dr. Habit: (1/1) ( @tee )

Flower Kid: (1/1) ( @yxme )

the character temp for the Habiticians will be up once somebody joins.
i'll be uploading my filled-out temp for the Flower Kid in a sec.

@requiemisback language

Name: Hydrangea (goes by "Flower Kid" and other nicknames of that sort)
Other Nicknames (unused): Hydra
Age: Young Adult (16-18)
Gender: Agender (they/them)
Appearance: Has short, fluffy pastel-blue hair with bangs that fall over their face. Their skin is a gentle pastel yellow dotted with very faint freckles. Their outfit is a light, thin turquoise jacket and a pair of grey sweatpants, along with a simple pair of black sneakers. Their face and body are covered with several assortments of colorful bandages. They have a gap tooth as well.
Other: They don't communicate- not verbally, at least. They either nod or shake their head when asked questions. If asked to provide an item for part of a task, they do it without saying a word.