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Hello! Looking for a semi-serious small group roleplay in a detailed but not excessively complex fantasy world? This might be the one for you!

The main story takes place in the world of Elvia, where creatures acquire their magic from objects at birth. A violent group known as the Tanu Firyu has recently arisen to take control of the main continent of Aureili. It's up to the characters of the roleplay to react to this threat, getting to know one another in the process.

I'll be acting as one of my characters, though I'll also kind of be playing a role similar to that of amateur dungeon master. What this means is that, since Elvia is my world, I'll be giving short descriptions whenever our characters move from location to location. I'll also be around for discussion in case there are any questions about the world.

There are a few requirements for this roleplay. While I'm open to admitting characters that aren't one of the races that are typically in Elvia–if anyone is interested in this roleplay, I'll send a list of possible races–I will have to be informed of their magic beforehand. I'll also need to see a short writing sample and eventually a character sheet (or image!) from each person that wants to participate. This isn't the roleplay for anyone that sends super short, non-descriptive messages; it's more for slightly experienced writers.

Thanks for reading! Hope to see you in the chat!


Hello! Yes, joining is very possible! All you’ll have to do is submit a small writing sample, just a short paragraph or two (like an example of a message you might send in the roleplay!), and then I’ll look over it to approve it! It doesn’t have to be super complex or anything :)

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Sorry if it's short, but here it is.

A crow was flying over the festivities, observing with keen eyes. It eventually stopped on top of the gate of a manor, and observed as three people, two ladies and one man, walked out. Uncontrollably, it started cawing. But the cawing became coughing - James was having an asthma attack.

He tried to hold it in, but he couldn’t. He became human again, and fell off the roof, into a bush in front of the Ardoin estate, still hacking loudly.


Looks fine to me! Now we just have to wait for someone else to join—although I will give you a notice that if nobody joins within the next few days, I might have to shut this particular roleplay down. I have another one going at the moment that will take precedence unless this one can get a bit of momentum, if that makes sense! :)


I'm potentially interested in this. Though there are days when I wouldn't be as active as others, I’ll still try to reply at least once a day if not more. And I am curious if I can see that list of possible races? (if I'm permitted to join, of course.)


Oh dear, I’m so sorry! I meant to close this one down—it’s been a couple of weeks since I started it, so I somewhat lost interest in this particular story.

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( hey lovely rose! quick question, you dont have an @ username so i coulndnt pm you but i was wondering if we could rp?)


(aw, it’s super nice of you to go out of your way to ask, but unfortunately not at the moment! I’m pretty busy with classes, so I only have time for the 1-2 roleplays I’ve already got planned/going right now! sorry! but maybe in the future at some point :) )