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Basically humans were given magic in the form of these powerful crystals. Humans abused magic so Gods took the magic away and put it on an island with a lot of heavy magical protection. The humans, now separated into kingdoms, lose their shit and go crazy looking for the crystals. But, surprise, it was found by a bunch of pirates. Pirates make a home on crystal island and now are onto a second generation. Yes, they are still pirates, and yes a group of them goes out and pillages the other kingdoms. The rest stay on the island to protect.

This was longer but my computer did a stupid thing and deleted the whole post, so short version. Yay…

-Swearing is okay.
-LGBTQ+ characters are welcome.
-No Mary Sues or Gary Stues.
-Try to be nice to everyone outside of the rp.
-Try to make diverse characters in personality and appearance.
-Please submit character within a day or two, otherwise, I will open the spot up. This is so I can start the rp in a timely manner, so ya know, it doesn't die.
-Ships are okay, make sure both players are okay with it first.
-Take any smut to the PM.
-Gore is perfectly fine.
-If people are being a douche or trying to take control of the rp point them out.
-Please wait for me to okay you to join, and I can say no to you.
-Please submit a sample of your rp style.
-I’m not asking for paragraphs, but a solid two sentences each post would be nice.
-Don’t ‘quote’ a reply that was directly above you. Just respond.
-Andrew's rules apply

Alignment: Neutral
Government: None lol
Specialties: Pirating, Sailing, oh and the only source of magic
Richness?: Hella

Alignment: Um, they are highly aggressive
Government: Monarchy
Specialties: Military, being aggressive
Richness?: A lot, but it all goes to the military and not for the betterment of their people
Want for Crystals?: Magical strength and superiority
How do the people fare?: Any able bodies must join the military at some point and any disobedience results in death or a permanent trip to Ruby. Sooo not great, but not bad either.

Alignment: Neutral-ish
Government: A council of the smartest in their kingdom
Specialties: Knowledge, debates, open-mindedness
Richness?: Quite a bit, but it goes towards new books :P
Want for Crystals?: To study them and then use them for magic superiority
How do the people fare?: Fairly well, all are quite smart due to the superior schools and debates happen quite often.

Alignment: Ahahaha, it depends
Government: Crime syndicates
Specialties: Crime… Poverty
Richness?: The syndicates and mafias are rich, everyone else is in debt
Want for Crystals?: To sell them to the highest bidder
How do the people fare?: Horribly, they get nothing and have to pay protection fees.

Alignment: They try to be Neutral
Government: A long ruler who is randomly selected when they are a child
Specialties: They are known as peace lovers.
Richness?: Not a lot, but it goes to their defensives
Want for Crystals?: So that they may finally achieve peace
How do the people fare?: They aren't the richest, but they are probably the happiest (as long as they don't live near the border)

Sooo basically they're elemental crystals. Characters will keep them on their person at all times. The crystal allows each person to control said element (and corresponding abilities (for example fire also includes heat)) to a limited amount. The quality of the crystal (AKA clarity) determines how powerful the crystal is. So a cloudy crystal would allow for minimal control while a clear crystal would give the user complete control. Users can also combine two crystals to create certain effects. For example, using fire and water crystal together could make steam.
In order to use the crystal, the user must either infuse it with an item or turn it into powder. The more you use one crystal the worse quality it would have. So you would need to replace it constantly in order to keep up good quality, hence the importance of keeping the island protect since it essentially 'grows' crystals.

Red=Fire (Heat)
Blue=Water (Cooling)
Green=Plants? Life? That type of stuff
Clear=Air (Atmospheric type stuff)
Purple=Storm (Lightning my bois)
(If you have any other ideas, let me know!)

Captain: @ShadeStar (Luna She/Her)
First Mate/Quartermaster: @Sash-hails-from-the-boot-country (Tori She/Her)
Medic: @Whats_Up_Its_Brooklyn (Juliet She/Her) @Zoink
Navigator: @Tired-but-passionate (Emry They/Them)
Carpenter/Mechanic: @MosisIsBack @StarkSpangledMayflower (Archer He/Him)
Entertainer: @allthegoodusernamesweretaken (Min She/Her)
General Crew: @MusicElle-is-tired (Bastion He/Him) @Iwilladoptyou (Haisley She/Her)
(If you have an idea let me know! I might have forgotten one or two)

Age: (16+)
Job on Ship: (Ask me for a spot first)
Kingdom of Origin:
Usual Outfit:
Preferred Weapons:
Preferred Crystal:
Background: (Optional.)

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May I? As a Mechanic or Inventer (I know it's not a role but maybe?)


@Tired-but-passionate can I get a sample cause I don't think I've rped with you before. Also, I kind of meant to grab the navigator spot but forgot too? Sorry, if you don't want to join 'cause of that it's fine.

@MosisIsBack Mechanic, Inventor, same thing. Also, may I have a sample?

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Bazzamal was sitting on a big rock. He was thinking to himself about how he hated hell. He always had to fight and dodge but in the end, he loses. He sighed and jumped up, taking flight. As he was flying the Reaper came flying past him and almost made him fall. "Damn it, Reaper! Watch where you're going!" He said, flying Into a rock. The reaper looked at him and chuckled. "You try being on a 24/7 job. Taking souls and taking them to the pit…" The reaper said, pointing to a pit of fire.

Bazzmal rolled his eyes. "Ya, ya. Same excuse as last time." The reaper laughed. "Would you like to do my next soul? I'd gladly let." The reaper said, looking Baz, straight in the eyes. Bazzmal thought for a second. I mean…An excuse to get out of Hell? Hell ya! He chuckled at the pun. "Sure, what's the name of this human?" Bazzmal asked. The reaper sighed. "Adrian Kane. Age 24." Bazzmal shrugged. "Sounds interesting. Ill check him out." Bazzmal said, flying out of hell.


(That’s ok. I think I could be an entertainer)

The last thing August remembered was pain. Pain, and Arabelle’s bloodied face crying over her. That was before everything vanished. When August opened her blue eyes, an open night sky lay before her.
She stood up. A canyon… valley? Something like that lay before her. Somehow, she was not where she remembered being. Her mind grasped at fragments of a life that seemed grow smaller, more faint the more she tried to remember. She shook her head. There was something important she needed to remember. Someone she knew…
She felt it would be futile to try any further, and took to investigating her surroundings. Aside from the strange valley, people were visible a little ways from her. She started toward them, noticing that they were going somewhere. Were they witches too? Probably not, but maybe they could help her. All she had to do was not give anything away. No magic. Nothing that would put her at risk.


Name: Juliet Salvador
Nicknames: Jules
Age: 18
Gender/Pronouns: Female She/Her
Sexuality: Straight
Job on Ship: Medic
Kingdom of Origin: Jade
Appearance: She has a fair tan with freckles that randomly dot her face along with golden brown eyes. Juliet also had long wavy hair that reaches down to her waist that she usually wears as a ponytail and stands at 5'6. She is also strong and athletic since she lived in Jade and has scars on her body since she kept getting beat up all the time.
Usual Outfit: (I couldn't find a nice reference photo, but whatever.) She has a white short-sleeve blouse with a little maroon red vest on top. Along with brown trousers that are tucked into her black boots. Juliet also has little gold chains that she wears like an E-girl and sticks on little charms from places shes traveled to like memoirs.
Preferred Weapons: A dagger with an emerald embedded in the handle for hand to hand combat and a pistol.
Preferred Crystal: Green and Magenta (Is this how it works?)
Personality: Sassy as hell, Juliet doesn't really give a care to what people think of her and is content on living her best life. She is focused and determined along with being ambitious. Always trying to improve on her practice of medicine so that she could help people. She is use to being aggressive and hostile in order to fit in, so at times she can be very mean, she does hold grudges and doesn't forgive easily. People see her personality as intimidating, but if you get to know her, she is really nice and will become your ride-or-die. (Also fair warning, she does have a habit of swearing a lot.)
Background: To be… REVEALED DUn dun dunnn
Other?: She has like an Hispanic accent (Is that ok?)


Name: Emery Takahashi
Nicknames: none
Age: 20
Gender/Pronouns: agender, they/them
Sexuality: ace, panromantic
Job on Ship: Navigator
Kingdom of Origin: Onyx
Appearance: stands around 5’3 and has a petite frame
Usual Outfit: sometimes 45, sometimes 48
Preferred Weapons: their fists, bow and arrow (arrowheads are carved clear crystals)
Preferred Crystal: Clear, Magenta
Personality: INFP: an idealist, calm and reserved on the outside, passionate on the inside. Driven by their morality, and often drifts into deep thought.
Background: Emery and their mother were some of the few people who weren’t as fortunate as most in Onyx. Their mother was a prostitute, and Emery was raised to become the same when they grew up. Though the large house they lived in wasn’t in the best condition, it did have a small library that Emery visited often. They loved reading and imagining different places far away. They also liked to draw and doodle places and scenery too. Emery also displayed high spatial awareness since they were pretty young.
When Emery was a young teenager, their mother fell ill. Apparently she was valuable, because the prostitution house paid a small fortune for some of the best doctors to take a look. The doctors were too late in identifying the illness, and despite their efforts, Emery’s mother passed away. The other prostitutes said they would take care of Emery, but at that point they realized that they didn’t want the life they were offering. They didn’t want to be something they weren’t. So, in the dead of night, Emery ran away. They lived on the streets for about a year and a half, stealing and doing what they could to survive. It was around the time that they cut their hair too.
One day, Emery was walking along Onyx’s main harbor when they spotted a strange ship, with some very strange people. They were carrying crates and bags onto the ship, and they didn’t look like the merchants Emery usually saw along this harbor… Emery realized they were pirates. They’d read about pirates in books and thought they were pretty cool. Those crates and bags might be the riches they’ve pillaged. Being a pirate seemed better than living on the streets for the rest of your life, so Emery snuck onto the boat. (That’s all I got so far XD)
Other?: has a pet falcon named Flint, tends to avoid eye contact, a visual learner and likes to draw out maps and routes as part of being a navigator