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I’ve done this prompt before, but it went a light lighter than I thought it would. . . So now I wanna do it again, but closer to the darker side of things. . . Because why not?

To love you. . .

Is this what is feels like to love someone? You’ll never love me back. So I act like I don’t love you.

Ira has been in love with his childhood bully for years. The bullying has never really stopped, only lessened, a few years ago. At that point Ira fell head over heels.

is to go through heartbreak. . .

I’ve loved you for years now, and I can’t stop. I don’t know if I want to stop loving you. Ever.

Ira didn’t mind the bullying. He put up with it because he got to see him. He would always laugh about it later, joking with his friends about it. He knew if he ever told him his feelings, he’d probably get his heart shattered. What is the appeal to love someone you can never have anyways? He didn’t know, but he was in love anyways. So he decided to write a letter.

but I still love you anyways. . .

Do you love me? Or will you let me down? Pick one please, and tell me. So I can stop myself and get over you. So I can feel free again.

He wrote the letter overnight. He’d slip it into his bag or onto their desk, and then he’d wait for their response. He wanted to be free, so he could love others. Learn to love them, and not be so wrapped up in someone he can never have. Or, he could try to make him love him. He would decide after he got their answer.

Love. . .

Ira . . . Yours forever

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I’ll ask for a writing sample for this one, and I’ll get a template up once someone joins.