forum Kitsune thingy? || prob 13-15+ || OPEN || preferably 0X0
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@ClownB*tch eco

Hiii i'm not super versed in kitsune and omegaverse kinda stuff but i wanna learn and i've read some and it's real cute so i thought id make an rp. follow basic rules and we can move to dms if anything gets into smut/lemon type territory. i would like a writing ample but one is not required especially if ive seen one of your rps before. I will dig up a character template soon and post it here as well as a picrew for kitsunes if i can find one. I havent done an rp for a long time so i'm quite excited. I do tend to stop responding but if that happens i will let you know that i'm not just ignoring you. I will probably answer about a few times a day but sometimes i'm online for long stints when i'm bored. ALSO!! Stalkers are always welcome (tho i dont expect any) If you would like to join after we started please dm me. If you do dm me tho, please make sure to say why you are messaging me so i do not get upset or uncomfortable. I think that's all but i will post any updates if I think of them.