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so honestly, I've been reading a lot of enemies to lovers slowburn (mostly Harry and Draco but anygays—) and I really really really want one for myself…but…that's never going to happen so i'm resorting to projecting my need and want for a slow burn through this roleplay so—

Character A and Character B go to the same high school they automatically hate each other due to something that happened between them as children in elementary school. (TBD)

Character B finally apologises to Character A for what they did and they both realise it was something stupid to hate each other for. And decide that they should probably try to be friends, since they honestly could be a pretty kick ass duo. But they both dont expect to develop feeling for each other.

"Oh, it's you that I lie with
As the atom bomb locks in
Yes it's you I welcome death with
As the world, as the world caves in,
As the world, as the world caves in."

this can be wlw or mlm or nblnb or anything really, I don't really care tbh—

rules: no less than five sentences
andrews rules
no smut (it freaks me out)
cursing is aloud just try not to say every single word in the same sentence

"Oh girl, it's you that I lie with
As the atom bomb locks in
Oh, it's you I watch TV with
As the world, as the world caves in"

Character sheet:
Outfit description:

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Name Jean Miller
Age: 17
Gender/pronouns: she/they
Appearance: Jean is taller than most of her friends her age, standing at 5’9”. She’s quite skinny with lanky arms and legs. You can see her ribs when she stretches, her collarbones prominent as well as her hips. She weighs about 120lbs
She has coffee brown eyes with mostly brown eyelashes.
Jean has a severe case of vitiligo, her natural complexion on the more darker caramel side but as she grew older parts of her skin freckled out to be a pale color, now taking up about 35% of her body. (ive got a really old painting i did of her thats not too great but ill show you it bc its what her skin looks like )
She has full lips and a slightly smaller nose with a smaller bridge. She has sharper eyes, making it look like shes glaring 90% of the time.
Her eyelashes are brown with about half of the strands white along with it “bleeding” into her hair. Which she keeps in a buzzcut most of the time or boyshort. Her hair is most of the time a crazy color but right now its just brown with her big white patches. When it grows out, its more curly.

Outfit description: She wears more baggy clothes like so (hope you dont mind the links)

Jean has a very strong personality, not putting up with anyone’s crap. Though she only calls out people through sarcastic and sassy comments to or about them. She’s definitely the grunge kid in class that gets sent to the principles office like at least two times a day and gets horrible grades. Like it hurts to look at them lol. Her handwriting is sloppy cursive though most people wouldn't even call it cursive.
She has a god complex pretty bad and she’s not afraid to pop someone in their face, even if they will beat her into next week right afterwards. She stands up for her friends and doesnt like anyone talking back to her.
Jean is very easy to get along with as long as you dont press her buttons. Which is pretty easy to do but still lol
Likes: dogs, smoking, her friends, yelling at the teachers, showing off, and cars.
Dislikes: plushies, smoking indoors, kids, vape, tea, people who think theyre better than her (even if they totally are)
Background: She grew up in the foster care system since she was about 6 years old. Shes in a foster home at the moment with this conservative family she hates and shes waiting to age out.


Name Lucas Ramirez
Age: 17
Gender/pronouns: male, he/him
Appearance: Lucas has lightly golden skin, with black loosely curled chin length hair, though due to his poliosis, patches of his hair are white. He is broad shoulder and a little above average height, standing at 5'11. He has muscled limbs and pierced ears, his left ear supporting a back hanging cross earring, the other a silver hoop. His white patches are large and distinct, one being large and slightly heart shaped near his left ears and towards the back of his head and the other taking up the right portion of his bangs.
Outfit description: Lucas usually also wears grunge clothes, but occasionally wearing the hawaiian button up and light colored tee shirts. Though his jeans are always loose and 80's like, with large rips up both sides. He rotates his shoes between his all black slip on vans, black high top converse and black doc martens.
personality: Lucas is sarcastic and humorous, usually taking to making fun of himself with his own k=jokes, mainly due to his insecurities, he feels it won't hurt as bad when other people joke about his appearance, because he did it first.
Likes: Writing poetry, astrology and drawing.
Dislikes: the smell of real leather, the texture of grass and
Background: Lucas lives with his father, William (Bill), who is a world History teacher at his high school, though Bill is doing his best to raise Lucas on his own, as a single parent, Lucas does everything he can to avoid his dad at school. Lucas' mother died as a result of the overdosage of someone slipping a date rape drug into her drink at a bar, when she was out with friends while Lucas, who was three at the time, was home with his dad.


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Lucas slammed the passenger door to his dad's maroon colored honda and slung his bag over one shoulder. He quickly made his way into the school. Making sure no one saw him head through the door that lead from the teacher's parking lot.

He then slowed his pace, he still had almost an hour before homeroom, one perk of being a teacher's kid, was that you always got there early, early enough for all the time to feel like it was able to be wasted away.

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Jean had woken up earlier than she had hoped for. That wasn't the problem though. The problem was that she couldn't go back to sleep no matter how badly she wanted to.
Rolling out of her bed and falling on the floor with a hard thud, she curses under her breath before getting up. Might as well get ready for school early.
So sadly, that's what she did.
Slipping on a baggy black wool sweater over her torso and baggy ripped jeans to go with it. She drags herself to the bathroom to get ready, only putting on mascara and sharp winged eye-liner. Jean preferred for her eyeliner to be able to cut a man if they looked to hard at her.
Running her hand decorated in all sorts of silver rings and long black acyrilic nails over her buzzed hair as she looked in the mirror.
After brushing her teeth, applying some lip gloss and slipping her doc martins on, she was heading out the door, her car keys in hand.
She shows up early to school for once in her sad life in a dark red pick-up truck, a gift from her dad for her 16th birthday.
Well…not as much of a gift as an inheritance for when he died. It was the only thing she was able to keep as she moved from home to home.
There were a few scratches here and there as it was a 1987 Cheverlet truck. It was old but she loved it.
Jean turns the car off and waits for the doors to open for the students, knowing the teachers came in a bit earlier than the students.


Lucas ducking into a nearby bathroom. Where he took a few moments to study his own reflection. He was pale and sad looking, his dark circles a dark purple under his eyes.

He clutched the sinks of the side, then slowly tore his eyes away from the mirror, the stranger staring at him with glassy eyes that was himself. He tore out of the bathroom and headed to the stairwell, where he sat with his foot against the opposite wall.

No one ever came to this stairwell, as it was the back stairwell that lead into the gym's locker, room, but instead of an opening, there was a locked door. So people hardly ever came down into the stairway anyways. He pulled out his vape, Strawberry Orange smoothie flavored and began hitting it.

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Jean looks up to the sky, squinting at the sun as she did, lifting her hand to act as a visor.
"its too windy. I'm going inside" she mumbles to herself, irritated. She opens the door and grabs her belongings, slipping out of the truck and locking the doors behind her as she walked towards the school building.
She opens the door and walks down the hallways, trying to listen for any teachers around. Hey, the worst that would happen is they ask her what she's doing here so early and she could just say she was studying. Worse comes to worse, she ends up actually studying.
Though she doubted that would happen.
Jean made her way towards a stairwell near the locker room, somewhere she likes to hide for a little bit. Though when she arrives she stops at the sight of another student.
"ugh" she groans, loud enough for him to hear her.
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Lucas looks up to find a girl standing in the way of the light. The yellowish light casting her shadow behind her in the dim light.

"Oh, it's you." He says, realising it's Jean. He rolls his eyes and then puts his feet down, pulling them from the wall and pulling his knees to himself, resting his chin on his knees. "You can still if you want," he said, hitting his nicotine and blowing the smoke out as he spoke again "im not stopping you."

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"you'd better not be trying to stop me" she says grumpily, basically stomping down the white tiles steps and sits beside him.
"what're you doing here so early anyway? Tryna get some extra credit or sum?" she asks him, getting out a pen and doodling on her skin, outlining the contrast of skin colors with a border with the black ink. She often did this along her hands and washed it off before she got home so she wouldn't get in trouble.


Lucas slowly blew out the smoke he held in his mouth, while smirking and laughing lightly once her did.

"I don't need extra credit in any of my classes," he said proudly "my dad is a teacher and he makes me ride to school with him, so…" he hit his nicotine again and blew it into the almost deserted stairwell.

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Jean eyes the device he holds to his lips, not interested in the least. She sighs "Does your dad know what you're doing down here then?" she asks, running her hand over her buzzed head. "Oh are you going through your emo phase?" Jean asks in a tease, a smirk crossing her lips.
She looks up to the thin tiled ceiling, one of the fluorescent lights flickering a few seconds before its light remains constant. She hated being in this building at this hour but it beat being home. If you could even call it that. And it beat being stuck in her truck while she waited for the rest of the students to arrive.


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"I wouldnt call it emo," he said thoughtfully "I'd call it my 'I don't give a fuck anymore' phase." He said hitting it again.

The smoke filling his lungs was one of the only things that caused him down really. He liked the thought of controlling at least thing about his life, and this was one of them.

"No my dad is in his classroom, probably trying to think of how he can make his lessons actually fun." He scoffed.

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Jean looks up towards the top of the stairs, raising her eyebrows as she does before looking back at him. "Which teacher is your dad? He hot?" she asks.
Though a lot of times she doesn't even care about things like that, grouping all teachers in the same category. They don't teach because they care for the kids, they teach because they more likely than not, have a family to support. Whether that family consists of a wife and two kids or them and a dog. They do it for the money and the long summer off.
Who wouldn't? Jean didn't blame them at all for doing something like that. But it didn't stop her from disliking them.


"Mr. Ramirez, the history teacher." Lucas said while grimacing "and you'll have to answer the second part of that question all on your own." He added slowly.

He put his nicotine back to his lips, took a strong, long drag and blew out the smoke slowly as he unzipped his bag and put it back in the smallest pocket inside the front pocket, and put his box of bandaids on top of it.

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Jean scoffs "Hm. not my type" she shrugs. Though none of the teachers really were even if she did flirt with them on occasion. Though that was just to make them mad or uncomfortable.
She watches as he put his belongings away, shuffling everything around as he did so. "Everyone's gonna start coming in soon. If you don't wanna get trampled, I'd go ahead and get up" she says as she stands, putting her arms up high as she stretches.


Lucas nodded "thanks, have a good day." he said and made his way out of the stairwell.
He quickly ducked into the nearest bathroom and locked himself in a stall, sitting on the toilet seat and resting his cheeks on his palms, fingers entangled in his hair.