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I have Welcome to Wonderland and Robin Hood by Anson Seabra stuck in my head. So. . . Let’s do this.

Welcome to Wonderland, we've got it all
Potions and pastries that make you grow tall
Forests and cottages, castles and cards that can talk

Character A had a traumatic childhood, and still, at the age of (24-26), has childish tendencies. He has a whole word in his head, imaginary friends. He prefers to see the real world through those lense, never seeing reality and only what he imagines. Trying to see everything through an innocent eye. Though his trauma constantly sneaks up on him.

Dancing through a dream underneath the stars
Laughing 'til the morning comes
Everyone that leaves has a heavy heart
Oh, Wonderland I love

Could have been my happy ever after
Living like we're in a fairy tale
But you and me were more like a disaster
I should have known
Intoxicated by your reputation
I can see the mischief in your eyes
Trusted you despite my reservations
Now I'm alone

Character B has been used his whole life. He has never had a real friend, or partner. His money and beauty were coveted by others. People pretended to be his friend to have access to these things. His parents used him to get more money, putting him through beauty pageants (For guys- so I guess handsome pagents?)

I was so rich
With all this love
You wanted it
And I was so dumb
I let you in
When I should have run
Now all that's left
Is something numb

Now, both characters meet in a therapy group.

I wanna be character B

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Aspen wrinkled their nose again, still overwhelmed with the smell. They didn't like the mix of everyone in the same room, he was used to one smell or two at a time, not what felt like hundreds. They had to bite back a snarl when someone sat too close to them, but managed to keep it inside, only letting out a small grumble that could've been excused as a complaint at being here. They pulled on Mary's sleeve, her leaning down so they could whisper something in her ear.
"Do I really have to do this? I'm fine on my own, why'd the council pull this crap?" They muttered, looking forlornly out the window like the inside itself was out to get them.
Mary just pat their shoulder and smiled again, this time a genuine one.
"It'll be fine kiddo."

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Age: (24-26)
Body Type)

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Name: Benji
Age: 25
Gender: Trans ftm
Eyes) Benji has soft brown eyes, somewhat downturned in a way that gives him a constant sad puppy vibe.
Hair) A brown mop on top of his head, very curly and often tussled due to him running his fingers through it.
Skin) Benji is quite pale, almost sickly, with skin prone to bruising and dark purple eye bags under his eyes.
Height) Benji is quite a tall fella, standing at around 5'8.
Body Type) He's a bit gaunt, skinny in a way that you can't quite tell if he's underfed or just like that.
Personality: Benji is a bubbly person, often prone to fits of whimsy and mania. He finds it hard to focus on just one thing at a time.
- Bright colors
- fruity drinks
- fuzzy textures
- The color orange
- Sudden loud noises
- pain
- Painting
- Writing poetry
- painting his nails
- Benji is terrified that, one day, people will see how much he's actually struggling and leave him for someone better.
- spiders spiders spiders spiders why are they so many legs what
- horror movies
Mental) BPD, mainly the mood swings
Physical) Hypermobile as well as other disabilities that make him use a cane when it gets bad.
Background: Let's just say Benji's childhood was… not the best. His mother was abusive and his father was passive. Eventually, when he was 17, his parents got sent to prison for child endangerment and he found a family that could take him in. They're lovely and trying their best, but they can't erase the trauma he went through.