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"In absentia Lucis, Tenebrae vincunt."
"In the absence of Light, Darkness prevails."

Years ago, a human Connor Hallow was kidnapped and injected with demonic energy. Deep within his soul, a monster grew. It fought to come out, to take over the vessel. Connor tried to hide it, to suppress it, but it was futile. His humanity was a dying ember. And soon it was put out. He transformed, becoming his inner demon. After a fight, the demon was separated and flew into the night (not Wenorra University canon), and Connor was left to pick up the pieces of his life.

But this isn't a Hallow story.

Kalos flew out into the night, filled with fear, crying ink tears. He was locked out of Heaven for what he was and cast out of Hell for the same. He has nowhere to go, no one to confide in. Can he find someone, something to save himself, from himself (hint: it's someone)?

This is a one on one, fantasy/romance (MxM) RP. I will be Kalos the demon, and you will be anyone and anything to interact with him.

Rules for your character:
-Any species, preferably not human to keep things interesting
-Male, no exceptions
-Gay, no exceptions

-Andrew's rules
-This is a mature RP, and writers must be open to it.
-All smut is taken to DMs
-I reserve the right to deny or void any actions
-If you have any ideas, please tell me. If you want to go dark romance or whatever, sure (possibly).

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@maximus-pinpoint group

Character Template

Gender (read requirements, this is just for formality):
Age (appearance):
Age (actual):
Sexuality (read requirements, this is just for formality):
Appearance (please use a link, but if you can't be VERY descriptive):

Name: Kalos
Gender: Male
Age (appearance): 23ish
Age (actual): 156
Sexuality: Gay
Appearance: Unlike the picture, he has black wings instead of a dragon.
Personality: Dark, depressed
Likes: Nothing, really. Dark things?
Dislikes: People, interaction, himself
Backstory: Ever since what was said in the first post, he's been stealing food from the city, trying to use as little magic as possible. Since he doesn't know any magic to conceal his supernatural features, he has to hide, only moving around at night.
Other: N/A