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Trigger Warning
Themes of heavy violence will go on in the RP
It will probably have to take place in PM’s honestly. . .

Character A is a famous influencer across many social media platforms with billions of followers. Of course, with so many followers, some are bound to be a little on the. . . extreme side. Stalkers, sadists, etc.

Character B had been following A from their first ever posts, and has put together everything about him. He knows where A lives, what A’s favorite foods and clothes are. He knows everything about A. And he wants A for himself, to make A into the perfect picture of perfection.

Of course, as insane people go, perfection usually means maiming and violence.

I would be A- cause I can’t be the sadistic, crazy person for the life of me.
Just post if you’re interested and I’ll send a PM.

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Ohohohoho I have the perfect character for this! May I? Also sorry for not responding to our other rp lmao.

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(Yeah, I’m looking for someone who can reply at least once a day. And if you can meet that quits, I’ll give it to you. Or just tell me you won’t reply as often, that’s cool too])

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(I can reply daily and I’ll let you know in advance if I can’t! Thanks!)