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Trigger Warning: Contains slight abuse, as well as mentions of abuse, and probably more, if it gets more, I’ll add

Note: This RP would technically take place in the middle of a story.

My character, Reo, falls in love easily, but has a hard time falling out of it. And once he’s in love, he’ll do almost anything for the person he’s in love with. The story takes place shortly after Reo’s fallen in love with Character B, not exactly the best person to be in love with. Character B is manipulative, and has no regard for Reo’s feelings, preferring to use him, as he’s as loyal as a puppy.

Reo is head over heels for Character B, and does everything they ask in the hopes of gaining their attention and affection. Eventually, Reo finds out that B is using him and breaks down, but can’t help that he still does what they ask. He emotionally and mentally beats himself for this foolishness, trying to break his feelings for B.

Eventually realizing that this won’t work, Reo plans to make B fall in love with him. At any means possible if it means Reo gets out of the shithole he’s put himself in.

My idea is that the RP takes place shortly before Reo finds out that B is using him, but really, it can start anywhere in the timeline as long as it’s shortly before he decides to make B fall in love with him.

I’m not going to hold a word limit for this one, as I want this to be a little more laid back, but I will want more than just one liners.

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Name: Reo Blannings
Age: 20, almost 21
Gender: Male
Eyes) A stunning and bright jade green that seem to change color so with his emotions. They’re lighter when he’s happy or excited, and darker when angry or hungry.
Hair) Jet black, though it looks to be a very dark blue in fluorescent lighting
Skin) a very light golden color in the winder, and it darkens slightly in the summer
Height) 5’8”
Weight) 169lbs
Body Type) Narrow waist and shoulders, he looks fragile and like you could snap him in half.
Personality: Reo isn’t exactly introverted, but he prefers smaller groups of people, and not a lot of noise. He’s soft spoken and almost never raises his voice above a whisper. When he does, you know he’s mad. Most ‘normal’ volumes for an average person speaking is Reo’s yelling volume.
He never has the heart to be rude to anyone, no matter what they do and finds himself in awkward situations when someone’s being rude to him and he just smiles, dips his head and says nothing. This would usually put people off, and they would leave him alone.
He has a big heart, and will forgive anyone at the words ‘I’m sorry’. He’ll do this with anyone, even with people who have used this to manipulate him, always wanting to believe in the best of people. He also has a weak spot for hurt things, animals and people alike and will put himself in danger to save another.
He can be socially awkward and quiet, even for himself, sometimes he gets a stutter and doesn’t speak clearly. This doesn’t happen often, and really only happens when he’s uncomfortable or embarrassed.
- Food; He loves eating, but he also has a high metabolism, so he doesn’t gain any unhealthy weight.
- Music; This calms him down from anything, and distracts him from any other sounds going on around him.
- Physical Contact; He loves being touched, as long as the touch is gentle and not sudden. Examples are hugs, snuggles, hand holding, light teasing pushing, etc.
- Loud, High Pitched and Sudden Sounds; This is due to his Hyperacusis and Phonophobia. He also hates being yelled at
- Harsh and Painful Contact; Cause it hurts-
- Small Spaces; ClaustrophobiaHobbies:
- Cooking; As he loves food and eating, he’s taught himself to cook and he’s pretty darn good at it.
- Bottle Collecting; Glass only.
- Soap Carving; It makes his hands smell good and he finds it very satisfying to whistle the pieces of soap falling away.
- Phonophobia; It is not a hearing disorder. Sudden loud and unexpected sound can cause anxiety attacks in a person who suffers from Phonophobia.
- Thalassophobia; The fear of deep water, specifically, anything deeper than ten feet or of he cant see the bottom.
- Photoaugliaphobia; The fear of glaring lights, specifically for him, car headlights. He’ll act like a deer in headlights if he sees them.
Mental) Slight anxiety.
Physical) Hemophilia B; With hemophilia B, also known as “Christmas disease,” your body produces little or no factor IX, another type of protein that helps your blood to clot. This can lead to prolonged or spontaneous bleeding, making it easy for bruises to form under your skin. Reo has minor H. B, usually just bruises, or cuts that don’t stop bleeding.
Hyperacusis; Hyperacusis is a type of reduced tolerance to sound. People with hyperacusis often find ordinary noises too loud, while loud noises can cause discomfort and pain.
Background: Reo grew up in a pretty ’normal’ household. Well, normal for him. Nothing to bad ever went on, while his mother is the sweetest thing anyone can be, his father is strict and expects everyone to follow the rules.
While he wasn’t strictly abused as a kid, punishment were a common thing if he didn’t follow the rules. Such as groundings, bedroom confinement, etc. Nothing extreame
Other: N/A

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(Just some things we should consider)
(Are they dating? If they are, do they live together? Are they just friends? How long have they known each other? How did they meet?)

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(Just some things we should consider)
(Are they dating? If they are, do they live together? Are they just friends? How long have they known each other? How did they meet?)

oooh yeah ! uhmmm maybe we can discuss more in dms?

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Name: Darius Rohan Satori
Age: 22
Gender: Cis Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Sexuality: "Straight"
Race: Human, Italian/American

Appearance: His eye color is ice blue, which clashes with his red aesthetic. He has upturned hooded eyes that look like they're in a permanent sharp glare when he's not trying to appear friendly. Darius isn't too much of a fan of makeup unless it's around the eyes, in which case you'll see him rocking black and red eyeshadow, black on the top and red on the bottom, the colors blend at the edge of his eyes. Though it’s very rare to see him with makeup on.

Darius has short black hair dyed a vibrant red, though he doesn't really take care of it that often so it dulls out and it becomes this messy combination of red and black. Because his hair is short and straight, he doesn't really have to do anything to it, he just touches it up here and there in the mornings when he has a bedhead, otherwise, he lets it be. The sides are shorter than the top, the top pushed to the front in a messy quiff- it has a lot of texture even when he doesn’t style it.

Darius has an ivory skin tone, looking a little paler than most, but he doesn't look unnaturally white or sickly. Some parts of him will look a bit red, like his cheeks, not that he blushes easily it's just that he's mostly very cold all the time, especially in his hands and other parts like his knees and ears, because the blood vessels underneath will appear more visible as they try to warm him up.
Darius stands at 6'1" and weighs 181 lbs, a combination of ectomorph and mesomorph forms. He has a lot of muscle to him because of the way he grew up, strength was the one thing he was taught to value over everything else. He works out a lot, also taking on strenuous jobs that require a lot of physical work.

Personality: Darius has a nasty personality, that’s never been a secret, though it's never unprovoked. His natural state is being really serious. It’s only after you get to know him though that his more negative qualities come to light. At first sight, he seems pretty friendly, very charismatic, and open with others but it’s only an appearance- maybe some part of it is true but no one’s gotten to know him past the moment he starts to show abusive behaviors. Darius is very much the controlling and manipulative type to a disgusting degree when it comes to getting what he wants. Most of his good qualities are overshadowed by his bad ones like his explosive temper.

Darius definitely has the ability to care for things even though it may not seem like it, it’s just not something he thinks is a possibility for him since he hasn’t felt anything for anyone in a long time. Darius has attempted to be “better” in the past but due to his father's discipline it never really stuck. He’s tired of trying to prove himself to the world that he can be good when everyone is so set on seeing him for his past mistakes so he resorts to being the easiest thing they want him to be. Most steer clear of him, the only ones that flock to him are ones with strong personalities that can deal with Darius' crudeness and toxicity.
He's always seen alone the majority of the time, not really bothering with anyone else. He does have a friend group, but they are as equally as a bad influence as he is.

Conditions: Intermittent explosive disorder, Mild depression, Cigarette addicted

Background: Darius is the first born out of three siblings in his family. His father has a background in running the military, and being part of the government. His mother was a stay-at-home mom up until he turned eleven, his mother disappeared during that time. That act alone seemed to change the dynamic of the family entirely, their father becoming a much more serious man, very work driven and strict with his kids. Aristide had always been a strict man but with his wife's disappearance, he seemed to turn cruel, hating his children who reminded him of the love of his life who had betrayed him.

Since that time, the household has been ruled by their father who holds them under an iron fist. Whatever he says goes and anyone who tries anything different will suffer the consequences. Darius enrolled in the military as soon as he turned eighteen, it being his father's wish. Aristide was especially hard on him when training, there being times when Darius was pushed till he threw up or passed out. All the training and yelling hardened Darius, his training beginning when he was eleven- given private lessons by his father who needed to take his frustration out on someone- that someone being Darius who was the oldest at the time. He took the brunt of the abuse, his younger brother being the center of attention when he turned nine, lessening Aristide's hold on Darius. It was a relief for Darius but his brother became the favorite very quickly, making Darius hate him.


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(It will rub off. . . Eventually. . . Reo doesn’t seem like it, but he has a strong spirit. He may be weaker physically, but he can take a LOT of bullshit-)

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Reo was not in the best mood. He’d woken up and on his way to the show, he had barely brushed the door frame. But nonetheless, he had a bruise forming. With a curse, he’d walked back to his room to find his medicine. He’d put it into the syringe and injected it right above the bruise.

He sighs, throwing the needle away and putting the vial back into the nightstand. “I can already tell. . . It’s going to be a bad day. . .” After that he had gone to take a shower and now, he was standing in the kitchen, his hair damp and still dripping slightly.

He places a hand on his hip staring at the eggs in the skillet. He wondered if he should make breakfast for Darius. He supposed the other man would appreciate it, but Darius never really showed appreciation for anything Reo did anymore. He chews on his lower lip and looks at the time. He didn’t have enough time to make breakfast for two. He sighs and makes enough for himself.

There was a little extra after he’d set his plate up, but it wasn’t a whole serving. He shrugged, Darius could make his own food.

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(. . . Anyways- well, as that’s a starter, that’s why it’s longer- my starters are always kinda long, as my character is alone and can do whatever really-)

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(Just dropping this info here, my schedule is changing, as I have stuff coming up for work and life- so I don;t know how active I'll be or when I'll be on, I usually try every day at least, but you never know-)

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(that's alright lmao i don't mind long starters :) and don't worry about being too active, I'm also a bit choppy at times as I also have a few things to take care of myself. don't feel like you have to reply every day, I really won't mind!)

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Darius had woken up to a dozen missed calls from friends asking what time he was going to be free and why he hadn't shown up at their place last night. To be honest, Darius had completely forgotten about it and went out into the city alone. It was something he did a lot now that he wasn't at his father's house anymore- in a way, it was almost like he was enjoying the freedom, and that hadn't stopped even after six months of leaving the hellhole.

After a moment of staring at the ceiling trying to shake the sleepiness from his eyes, he swung his legs to the side of the bed and stood up, stretching with a yawn.
Darius' routine was usually eating first, then showering, finding that he'd be in a bad mood if he started his day off with an empty stomach. He rubbed one of his eyes as he made his way to the kitchen, pausing as soon as he saw Reo making something.

Darius looked away, not really acknowledging him, just beelining it to the coffee maker to start his coffee.
After a second he spoke.
"Good morning to you too," Darius said as he switched the coffee maker on and loaded the grounded coffee in. At the moment everything seemed to be alright, Darius didn't seem to be in a bad mood or even a good mood- he seemed very neutral. But that was bound to change in an instant.

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Reo looks up, "Morning. I have to hit and run, so I didn't have time to make you food. Sorry." He siles at Darius and forks some food into his mouth, humming softly before leaning back slightly. He watched Darius for a long moment before going back to his food while digging in his bag. He made sure he ha everything. Notebook, laptop, pens and pencils and his medication incase any bleeding happened.