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Just think if Hogwarts, Xavier's mutant school and Mrs. Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children were all put together into one establishment. This is what I'm going for in this rp. This is going to be large group rp (or so I hope) and I'll try to not let this fall apart. (like all the other group rps I've done) So first for the most important thing to put into a starter if I want people to look at this would be

Plot: Mr. Bukaradley's Boarding School and Home for Supernatural Children and Teens is well you guessed it: a school. Either you are a new student or currently attending one that are unusual or supernatural in one way or another. There are disputes and conflict between the Cal Bukaradley and Solomon Nash, a man who wants the school for himself to keep the students from learning anything that could lead to them all suprassing the normal non-magical community. More story will be uncovered as the rp goes on.

1) Andrew's rules of course
2) lgbtq+ friendly
3) no godmodding
4) characters can be jerks just no ooc jerks
5) try to be active
6) romance is fine just take anything smutty to dms
7) have fun!^^

Physical Appearance:
Magic or ability:


yeah sure I'll be playing two students as well as some. Oh I forgot something:

You guys can be teachers too just keep romance between students with students and teachers with teachers.

Also please play someone at least 16 years old.

and please be literate and write with actual dialogue and " " please. Sorry it's late and i'm tired so i'm gonna rant. goodnight