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Two son’s of rival families.
Both hate each other, always have And always will.
Or will they?

Character A, the son of a self made billionaire, yet entitled, bratty and honestly, to be frank, an asshole, has a lot to look forward to in his life. Money, the perfect family, a good and secure job. He loves attention, and will do anything for it. He thinks all eyes should be on him and only him.

Character B, comes from a long line of wealthy people. He is the heir to his family’s money and estates. B is not so entitled, quiet and usually sticks to himself. He doesn’t like to draw attention to himself and prefers to be in his own world.

Both A and B have known each other since childhood, having gone to the same schools and both the same age. Their families are both business rivals, which naturally pits both boys against each other. They have always been against each other, A being blatant about it while B is usually quieter and making his strikes from the background.

Yet, as young men (18-21), they both feel the attraction to each other. They can’t help it, yet their hatred towards each other gets in the way of any relationship kindling between them.

I would prefer to be Character B. . . But I can be swayed, maybe.
This is something I want no stress with and someone pretty active throughout the day.
So I won’t require much, other than you try your best.
Andrew’s rules obviously apply, and I have no personal ones for this, so if you have any boundaries, just tell me.

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(If that’s who you want. Here’s the template)

Age: (18-21)
Body Type)

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Name: Adonis Maeng/Maeng Suho
Age: 20
Gender: Cis-male
Eyes) Dark brown, monolid
Hair) Jet black. He prefers to keep it in neat, even though it's wavy and gets messy in seconds.
Skin) Beige/medium tan
Height) 6'2"/187.9 cm
Weight) 170 lbs/77.3 kg
Body Type) Broad shoulders, husky, mesomorphic frame
Personality: There are two sides to every coin. In the case of Adonis, people doubt that there's a second side. Don't let his charms or looks get to you. He can be the worst. (He is, most of the time.) Adonis is bold and often believes that he is the best. Of course he tends to have episodes of doubt, but the best to fight that is what fake confidence. Nevertheless, he is full of confidence and is nothing but grandiose. He loves the attention, he needs it. Well, there's a lot that he needs (in actuality) but Adonis often ignored these needs and turns to acting like he deserves everything. Oh, there's something about Adonis. He is an asshole, but there could be more than meets the eye. (We'll see.)

  • Traveling; whether it be to Casablanca, Seoul, or even the bookstore downtown, he likes traveling and he often does so with one other person.
  • TV shows/Movies; Adonis mostly watches dramas, thrillers, and historical stuff. (He also watches sports like swimming, soccer, boxing, and sometimes baseball.)
  • Books; One way into his heart is through books. He loves reading them, collecting them, and even that good old book smell. And he doesn't just have books in English, but Korean, Spanish, French, and Arabic too.
  • Being alone for extended periods of time.
  • Oddly enough, his dad. Not only is Adonis related to him, but anytime he is with him, he is reminded of all of his own flaws. Most of his insecurities stem from his dad. Rarely do those two have anything good to say to each other.
  • Small confined spaces with people packed in every corner. Place him in the middle and he'll go into a panic attack.
  • Swimming; it's one of his favorite sports along with soccer and boxing. He does other sports too, but mostly just swimming.
  • Reading; he mostly reads classics though. the only tine this guy is ever quiet is when his face is behind a book.
  • Going to museums; art, history, interactive, science, you name it. it's a great place to taken him if you want him to be A: distracted and B: quiet.
  • Autophobia/monophobia: the fear of being alone.
  • Claustrophobia: the fear of confined spaces.
  • Atgazagoraphobia: the fear of being forgotten.
    Mental) Moderate depression and panic disorder
    Physical) N/A

Background: Adonis's story doesn't start with himself, it's starts with Jonathan Maeng: his father. The man inherited a small medical supply company from an uncle and magically turned it into a billion dollar empire over night. One day no one even knew the name "Jonathan Maeng," and then the next, his name was in every single newspaper, morning, afternoon, and evening news station. You just couldn't go anywhere without hearing his name or the company: For Jonathan, success kept building on from there. Five years later, he married an actress named Ryu Hyejin. Then two years later, on one late November evening in Casablanca, Adonis was born.

So far, Adonis's life has been as chaotic as he is. Not that he was always up to trouble, he just had a knack for the attention. And boy does he get it. Almost always does he get what he wants. The only time he didn't was when he was 17 and got outed to the public by his first ex-boyfriend, James Ryding: the son of a wealthy oil tycoon owner. His father didn't do anything until Adonis was sent to a hospital after having a massive panic attack at home in front of his three year old sister. The news ravaged about it for a few weeks before reporting on him and his mom at the red carpet. To this day, he pretend like any of it never happened. (I'll probably add/build more as we go on.)
Other: Adonis is like the unofficial dad for his sister, Serafina. There's a fourteen year age gap between them, but they're close as can be. Sure he may be full of himself, yet there's still room for others in his heart. He has thrown his schedule out the window for her a million times, (he'll do it again) and he just might do that for others too.

(Here's my guy! Lmk if I need to do any edits or whatever.)

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Name: Roazin “Roa” Demcrius
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Eyes) Amber/Gold. Almond shaped, and upturned slightly on the outsides, framed with short, dark lashes
Hair) Dark Brown, almost black. In most lighting, it does look black, but int bright white light or on a particular sunny day, you can see that it is actually brown.
Skin) Olive, with a slight tan on his shoulders and outer arms.
Height) 5’7”
Weight) 143lbs
Body Type) Ectomorph: This is when the body is lean and slender and tends to have less body fat and muscle. People with this body type can often find it challenging to gain weight in the form of muscle or fat.
Personality: Roa is kind and gentle, preferring softer approches to anything. He enjoys seeing and making other people happy, and tries to do a lot of charity work. He never has the heart to be rude to anyone, no matter what they do and finds himself in awkward situations when someone’s being rude to him and he just smiles, dips his head and says nothing. This would usually put people off, and they would leave him alone. He’s kind of a doormat and a pushover sometimes.
He has a big heart, and will forgive anyone at the words ‘I’m sorry’. He’ll do this with anyone, even with people who have used this to manipulate him, always wanting to believe in the best of people. He also has a weak spot for hurt things, animals and people alike and will put himself in danger to save another.
He has a sarcastic sense of humor and will constantly tease anyone he is remotely close to without remorse. This always comes from a loving and affectionate side of him, and he would never tease anyone about anything they are insecure about.
- Attending Charity Events; He enjoys giving money, and raising money for those who need it more than he does. He love seeing the smiles on people faces when he helps them.
- Reading; He finds it relaxing and it helps quiet his mind. Depending on what he wants he’ll reread an old book or find a new one.
- Dancing; Whether it’s ballroom dancing or dancing at a club, you can be sure he’ll be in the center of the dance floor, having a blast.
- Spicy Food; Anything with the slightest hint of pepper is too much for him.
- Bossy Know it All’s; Really, can’t they tell themselves what to do? Though, as long as they don’t bother him, he’s fine. But he’ll never let it stand if he sees a manager doing that to another employee in his father’s company.
- Random People Using His Nickname; The nickname “Roa” is strictly off limits to anyone but his mother. He gets pissed anytime someone else calls him that without his permission.
- Dancing; He’s done it so much I’m his life that he”s really good at it. And sometimes it feels good to let loose and just dance to the music. Or no music.
- Soap Carving; He’s not any good at it, and most of the time, he’ll usually just chips away at the soap, not making anything. But it makes his hands smell good, so that’s nice.
- Binge Watching Drama TV Shows; He just gets to relax, make theories and be stupid for hours.
- Osteophobia; fear of bones or of the process of breaking bones. (For him it’s broken bones)
- Thalassophobia; fear of large bodies of water.
- Aromaphobia; fear of spices and spicy food
Mental) N/A
Physical) N/A
Background: (Because traumatic backgrounds are a why not?) Roa’s father has always been super competitive. Always wanting to be the best, always wanting to be perfect. Roa’s father inherited his company from his grand farther (Roa’s great grandfather). The family have been making billions for generations, and Roa was born into the life of luxury.
From a young age, his father has forced his way onto Roa. Hs father wanted the perfect son, and his father’s strictness had been softened by Roa’s mother, who was quiet, but strong in spirit. Roa’s father’s ways always consisted of 100% or its failure. Grads were always expected to be the best, and anything lower than a 95 was considered (again) a failure. Failing in anything usually consisted of various punishments, depending on what it was. Grades usually consisted of grounding (No phone, TV, and parties) for however long his grades were down.
In wanting to be the best, Roa’s father had pitted him against the family’s rival family, the Maeng family, especially Adonis. Being pitted against the other boy/young man had nourished a strong dislike for the other man. He wouldn’t say hate, as he doesn’t know him. But he never liked being in the same room as him, for it usually meant an on coming conflict between the two or their families.
As Roa got older, his father’s punishments would get worse, growing from groundings and gentle scoldings, to yelling and sometimes physical violence (i.e. slapping, nothing too bad, I’m not gonna be too mean to him >:)
Other: N/A

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Roa leans quietly against the wall, watches the event in front of him unfold. The city’s rich, upper class had gathered for the charity event of the year. The event was about donating money to the program that built wells in small villages in Africa, to give the people their clean water. Of course, each well cost a lot of money. It was an auction, auctioning off things that were donated but the people attending.

In reality, Roa wasn’t very interested in the auction, but he did write a check and slip into into a locked box. It was a sizable amount, one he was confident would help. He pulls at his cufflinks, looking at the crescent moon shaped pins. They glittered in the light, reflecting little beams off light on to the wall right behind him.

His fingers hooked slightly under the fabric of his cuff and pulled again, almost popping the cufflinks out. He sighs and drops his hand, ceasing the fidgeting there and moving to tug slightly on the ends of his hair.

He sees movement out of the corner of his eyes and drops his hands, clasping his hands behind his back as his father stand beside him, “Roazin, why are you not partaking in the auction? Or at least out there socializing?” What would seem like harmless, gentile questions to anyone listening to the conversation, to Roa they translated to, ‘Why the fuck are you not letting people sweetly insult you while pretending to be nice and suck ups?’

Roa sighs softly. “I already wrote a check. None of the items were anything I wanted, unless there was something you wanted?”

The man huffs, crossing his arms, “If the Maeng family goes after anything, I want you to bid higher. I want what they want. And that means you need to pay attention.”

Roa rolls his eyes, of course his father would be so petty as to collect more useless stuff just so someone else he didn’t like couldn’t have it. He wondered for a short moment if he could go home and have his father do what his father wanted. He sent the thought away and nods, “Of course. I’ll do my best.”

The man looks at Roa, “Your best better mean you’ll win. Now go. Do something other than be a wallflower.”

Roa nods and pushes off the wall, walking out further into the crowd.

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Charity events are like a double-sword for Adonis. They are great in that other guests come up to him and they'll talk for God knows how long. On the other hand, his father's assistant has to call the venue each time to know two things; 1: the size of the venue and 2: how many people would be there including Adonis and his parents. Ultimately there's one key thing that makes every single charity even suck: Roazin Demcrius. Every single event him and his family have to be there. It's not even the possibility of a panic attack that worries him, it's the fact that he has to see Roazin.

When him and his parents arrived (fashionably) late, everything seemed to be fine. His father immediately ran off to talk to some colleagues, but his mother remained at his side. Metaphorically at least. Her black and silver stilettos clacked against the floor as she moved to stand in front of him. "You always look so handsome, huh?" She whispered while fixing his black tie. "I hope the suit's not too tight. You keep getting bigger and bigger everyday. Such a fine and healthy young man. I can call Desmond tomorrow and we c-"

"Eomma, I'm okay," Adonis sighed. "The suit's fine. I'm fine. Everything's going to be fine." Fine. He hated that word. There was enough power in it though to assure his mom, and even himself sometimes, that everything will be (what do you know) fine. Convincing his mom was like doing rocket science on top of solving world peace and finding the cure to cancer.

She looked up at him. Letting go of his tie, she patted him on the shoulder. "I know. You may be of the Maeng family, but you're also of the Ryu clan too," His mom smiled. Everytime she did, her nose would scrunch just for a second. She looked down as she opened her clutch purse. Within a second, she pulled out a checkbook and a fountain pen. "You know the Demcriuses are here. I think you know what you're father and I want. I think you know what you want too."

He took the checkbook and pen from her. The corners of his lips curved into a smirk. "I am going to get it," Adonis nodded. 99.9% of the time, he gets whatever he wants and this charity is not going to any different. It's always a game for him anytime Roazin's around. Oh God, he can't wait to win.

Even while wearing stilettos, his mother still had to go up on her toes to kiss him on the cheek. She whispered in Korean, "Go, get em." Again, she gave one more look over before going off into the crowd.

Adonis picked the item his mom wanted then placed a check in one of the locked boxes. The checkbook and pen slid into his jacket pocket. Across from where he stood, he could see him. "Jesus Christ." He rolled his eyes. Honestly, he could care less about the charity. He could sneak out of here and go get some Korean spicy noodles, but his parents would nag him for doing that again.

No he's not going to run away. His feet picked up, slowly making his way through the crowd, towards Roazin. A faint smile plastered on his face. This was going to be so much fun. This is going to be a lot of fun.

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Roa forces a small smile to his face as he walks into the crowd of people. He murmurs small words of greeting as he passes people, pausing occasionally to actually talk to someone. He could feel his father’s gaze burning a hole into his back. He wondered if the pressure he got from his parents was even good for him. All the stress caused by it.

He sighs softly, blowing out a soft breath and smiles at the hosting family. “Hello, Mr. And Mrs. Hawthorne, lovely event you guys set up.”

The woman smiles, “Oh, thank you, Roazin. It did take lots of effort.”

Roa smiles, “I’m sure, everything looks lovely.”

“Oh and look, there are the Maeng family has arrived.” Mr Hawthorne remarks, looking over Roa’s shoulder.

Roa turns and sighs softly, seeing Adonis and his parents. He keeps the light smile on his face, looking back to the Hawthornes, “You invited them too?”

”Of course, dear, why not? They have plenty of money to donate, and the feud between your families bring more money to the charity!” Mrs. Hawthorne replies, she smiles as she and her husband walk away to greet Adonis’s parents.

Roa sighs and turns, noticing Adonis walking towards him. He didn’t miss the check book in the male’s hands and he straightens his back.

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Adonis and Roazin have always been like magnets. One has a positive charge while the other has a negative. Obviously, Adonis is the one with the positive charge. No matter what they are always drawn to each other one way or another. Same schools, classes, parties, events… And boy does he hate it. He only needed one hand to count how many times he went to an event or had a class where Roazin wasn't there.

Seeing Roazin, no matter what the occasion was, always riled him up. This charity wasn't any different. His blood was pumping. His mind was running around, trying to come up with ways to make things more…interesting.

He stepped right in front of the other. "Roazin! It's so pleasantly horrible to see you here," He laughed. With the pocket book, Adonis tapped him on the shoulder. "Are you going to try to beat me at this charity tonight? There's no point in trying, you know. Cut your losses now, alright?" After slipping the checkbook into his right jacket pocket, he took a step closer. A smirk settling on his face.

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Roazin looks at Adonis, the same man life had declared he spend his life with. Classes, parties, charities, work. Adonis was always there. It seemed fate hated them both, or, they had just hated each other because they were always around one another. No breathing room, no way for space. It ever helped that they were pitted against each other from the moment they were born, their parents being rivals, naturally made them rivals. Though, sometimes, Roa would wonder if they could have been friends in the right circumstances.

He watches as Adonis walks towards him, straightening his back and leveling an even look at the other man. It really annoyed him when Adonis sought him out at these events. He flashes a smile at Adonis, light and teasing. "It's just as thrilling to see you here, Adonis." He swats the other's pocket book away, an irritated glint in his eyes.

"A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, Adonis. You know that." His father's warning was there, hovering on the edge of the room. His father's presence heavy in the air. He couldn't afford to loose again. "There are no loses to cut. The money goes to a good cause. I'll spend however much it takes."

He almost took a step back when Adonis stepped closer, but something in him told him to stand his ground. He stays still, looking back at him.

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His eyes flickered with a hint of frustration. They squinted slightly as he tilted his head to the left. It was a mannerism that he had picked up from none other than his father. "Yeah, wonderful…" He bit the inside of his right cheek while briefly glancing over at his mother, but his eyes didn't stay away from Roazin for long.

"Yes well, there's one thing you have forgotten, Roa…" Adonis smirked as he took another step closer. He leaned in then whispered, "Pride. You and I both know that we both want to win for the sake our own pride." It was so painstakingly obvious. Personally, he didn't care about the charity. Well, he could have. His parents trained him to just focus on beating Roazin instead of focusing on the charity and the cause. If it were for the competition brought on by his parents, he probably would have cared for what the charity is for.

He snickered, "You don't care about the charity…You care about beating me, don't you Roa?" The answer was obvious. He liked asking these things to Roazin, using the nickname that was forbidden by everyone except for Roazin's mom. Strategy strategy strategy. His father was obsessed with the word.

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Roa's eyes sharpen with anger, "I am not a prideful man." 'Only a scared one.' His father's words echoing his ears on repeat, never ending. The warning. He had to win.

"It is you who is too proud and too arrogant. You think everything is about you." Roa places a hand on his hip, his eyes pricing, "I don't want to win for the sake of winning. The money if for the charity. The charity is what matters more."

He keeps glaring at Adonis, anger simmering in his gaze. Of course it would be this man who didn't understand that Roa, didn't understand that Roa's intentions were good. That he loved their little tiffs, if it meant he saved people.

He simmers at the sound of his nickname, his hand clenching. He crosses his forearms behind his back, fidgeting with his cuff links and staring at Adonis, "You don't get to call me that. " He murmurs, scowling.

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Adonis was left with no other choice but to laugh. His black locks fell back as he threw his head back with laughter. "Yeah yeah, sure. Whatever. Tell me something that I don't know, Roa." He said the nickname in a hushed whisper before chuckling as he took a step back. Shoving his hands in his pockets, he continued to smirk.

When he was ten, his father took him to a bullfighting show in southern Spain. The matador would use the red cape to rile up the bull. Roazin's sweet lil nickname is Adonis's red cape. That along with any of his other mannerisms he likes to pull. Laughing, winking, patting Roazin's shoulder, you name it.

His eyes scanned Roazin up and down. "Why not? It's cute." Adonis stood right in front of him. He started to adjust Roazin's tie before leaning in to whisper in his ear, "I like it when you get anrgy at me, Roa. Looks good on you."