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Hey guys! I had an idea based off this song, I know what it looks like but this isn't a dream smp roleplay I'm not even in the Fandom at all.
This is just me inspired by a good song.
The prompt is this, this group of kids was brought together to save the world, everything was going great before they realized someone needed to say behind.
One of them, a boy, offered a stay behind and stop the villain for them and finish the job.
Well…they did.
They died, and so did the villian.
The world was safe and at peace.
For around 13 years there was peace, but then…they moved to stop a building fire, and saw…their dead friend running away from the scene?
That's impossible, right?
We'll, they have somethings to say what's impossible.

So basically the best of them has come back as the villain, I was thinking maybe he could get a redemption arc or maybe he just ends up being killed by the group.
Maybe they figure out there's a higher power and it isn't just their friend.
We shall find out.


I'm gonna be the guy that ends up turning on everyone :))

The rest of the friends are open.

The one that knows:
This friend knows what happened the day they died and possibly why they have decided to turn evil…they saw the one friend begging them for help after the big evil was destroyed, and turned away from them just considering to leave them for dead. They haven't told the rest of the group that he could have been saved. Its up to you if they feel guilt about it. (Open)


Name: Ekko Auclair
Nickname: Koko (only very close friends of his call him that)
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Likes: Reading, nature, jokes, dark chocolate, stars, meeting new people
Dislikes: Bugs, animal abuse, nightmares, extremely extroverted people
Fears: Death, remembering that day (one where his friend died to save the world), failing
Personality: Ambivert, observant, helpful, kind, funny, clever, loyal, protective, trustworthy, sarcastic, pessimistic, salty when sleep-deprived
Backstory: Ekko was really close friends with the one who stayed behind and died with the villain. He's been haunted by his death ever since and the guilt he's felt every day has made him unable to sleep without having nightmares and he spends most of his time in an animal form so he doesn't have to talk to other people often
Abilties: Shape-shifting (animals only)
Looks: 5'6", lean, has mocha skin, dark brown eyes that have bags under them as if he hasn't gotten a good night's sleep in years, black hair (dreadlocks), wears hoodies most of the time no matter the weather

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Name: Franklyn Berg
Nickname: Fyre
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Likes: Tinkering, building things, pyrotechnics, getting answers
Dislikes: Very wet environments, his parents, having people pre-judge him for having money
Fears: Being trapped in the estate, drowning
Personality: Franklyn is naive and shy. He's been very repressed by his family, and thus doesn't know how to handle complex emotions very well. He's inquisitive and loves to learn and ask questions, but he'll miss the social cues that people are annoyed by his questions. He's been taught to be ashamed of his power, and hides it regularly, but craves the ability to just relax and be him.
Backstory: Franklyn comes from a very rich family, where he was perpetually repressed. His personality is a confusing mix of naivete and the maturity that comes from pain. He is still living at home, as his family expects him to run the estate one day. When he was little, Franklyn used to run away from his stuffy nannies and go play with the kids in the poorer parts of town, especially once he realized that they would use their powers with no shame. The incident made his parents paranoid about him using his powers, and they've worked very hard to repress his friendships with the survivors.
Abilities: Fyre is able to generate and control flames. This has allowed him to teach himself multiple forms of metal work, and he is a fantastic machinist, mechanic, and tinkerer.
Looks: Franklyn is roughly 5'8"/1.7m tall, and weighs 150lbs/68kg. He wears his brown hair in a big quiff, and gives off rich boy vibes. His eyes are hazel, and very large, giving him a perpetually wide-eyed expression. He is white, with perfect skin across his face and neck, no scarring, no complexion issues. His hands are manicured and he wears designer everything, from his geometric glasses to his dark blue jeans to his orange button-up to his yellow sneakers to his canvas trucker jacket. He also wears a beat up set of fingerless leather gloves, which contrast strongly. His whole look screams "Rob me, I've got money."