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A group of four girls, best friends since they were little.

Okay has anyone seen the korean drama called “Hello My Twenties”?
So good. Highly recommend but anyway, if you’ve seen that, thats what I’m kind of going for.
If not, let me explain :3

They’re all roommates in a small apartment complex thingy and theyre all basically opposites.

There’s the bubbly crazy one who’s drunk like all the time TAKEN by yours truly <3

There’s the slutty/model one who’s probably secretly a prostitute or something. Doesn’t matter, but somehow she has a suspicious amount of money and is pretty shady TAKEN @StarkSpangledBanner

The quiet, kinda emo (prolly a lesbian but nobody knows for sure) chick. TAKEN @CoffeeBean

and the innocent cute one that everyone just adores TAKEN @knightinadream

So maybe at first when they all move in together, (it doesn’t have to be an apartment it could be a house or something idc) they could hate eachother according to their different personalities.
But as time goes on and as they go through more and more hardships (losing jobs, maybe not getting accepted into the right college, boyfriends, losing and/or gaining them, maybe one of them gets frickin kidnapped or something etc) together, they grow closer together and become like the best bad b*tches friend group.
So um, please join.
Ask before joining please
If I haven’t seen you around ill want a sample of your writing please.
(With the samples. Don’t take something from like one of your best pieces or something really old. Don’t try to impress me. I just want to see how you write regularly in a roleplay. Chill XD)
I can say no if i want but i prolly wont.
Don’t be jerks please. If you are, i have the right to kick you, so just be nice.
Characters can be jerks to other characters, i dont care about that. If anything its welcomed. Because character development!!
Please no super short replies. Give me something to work with and we’re good. I dont want novels though when it’s unnecessary. I get short replies if nothing much is going on. Thats fine. Just at least two lines thanks
Please be relatively active if you join. At least like 1 post a day, more is very welcomed.
I dont want this to turn into a one on one, so i would like interaction galore please and thank you.
This will include more mature topics, pleas be okay with that. If you’re not then dont join <3
This will also be stuffed with drama :)
All of the characters are girls.

I think thats all. Here’s the template <3
Ill be the last role chosen so i dont take anyone’s wanted role

Age: (17-25)
Gender: female
Sexuality: (dont make everyone the same please)
Appearence: : (links are welcomed. If not, please be descriptive”
Job?: (optional)
Backstory: (optional)

@Celeste_X0X0_ group

@StarkSpangledBanner of course you can!! I’m always open to you joining any of my roleplays!! I love your writing!! Go ahead and fill out the template!! <3

@knightinadream i dont think ive seen you around. Could i have a sample of your role playing/writing style please! ^~^

@PaperHats business

(Absolutely no clue. I’m going between the cutesy adorable one or the emo one. Both I need practice writing, so it would be nice to take either. Any preference?)

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Seul buried her face while a soft sigh left her lips. Pieces of her hair fell to the front covering her hands. There's no way of getting out. It feels like she's walking around and around in circles with no way of finding an exit. And even if, "if", she tries to come up with something, Irene already has a solution in place. That's it, she can't win.

Irene leaned against the wooden chair with one leg crossed over the other. Somehow her hands laid neatly on her lap. A million words came to mind, they started to pile up one over the other. Although, the monster couldn't bring herself to say anything. All she could see was the human looking defeated and hopeless; why not let her do the talking after all?

Only one thing was talking, and it was the clock. Each tick rang in the room punching the silence that flowed around. Strange how just moments ago, you couldn't even hear the clock. Right now it's the only thing anyone can physically hear.

After attempting to collect some thoughts, Seul dropped her hands then glanced over at Irene. Her shoulders drew closer to her. Shivers still ran down her spine after all of this time. Irene's gaze was always lethal, how alluring and charming it is. Immediately, Seul began to stare at the ground. "Are you going to say anything?", she asked.

The monster just tilted her head giving a soft beam. Her peach-pink lips shined under the wall-lamp's light. She stood up then walked over to the other side of the room. Gently, the monster knelt down and softly grabbed Seul's chin. "I don't know.", Irene sighed,"I thought you were the one that wanted to talk."

(I'm not sure if this is too long or what, but here you go!)

@Celeste_X0X0_ group

(It sure is long!! But thats okay! Just make sure its not super super long every single post because it can be a bit overwhelming to some. Love your writing though!)

@CoffeeBean i dont have a preference!! You could maybe discuss with the @knightinadream and see which character they want too? Idk

@PaperHats business

Name: Ryan (Ry) Sparrow (most definitely not her given name, just one she prefers)
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Questioning
Appearance: Darker skin and a skinner frame, Ryan stands at about 5’7” and has a lithe muscle structure. She’s oddly strong for her size. She has little curve, and a natural light pink hue to her cheeks. Ryan has piercing amber eyes and black hair that’s cut short like a pixie but shaved on the left side , the ends of the strands dyed a dark red that’s almost unnoticeable. She rarely smiles, but when she does, it’s usually crooked yet somewhat charming, as if she doesn’t quite know how, and she has a scar down the left side of her forehead.
Personality: Closed off and extremely threatening to those she feels intimidated by, but to those she cares about, she seems like the most timid and caring person ever. Ryan is extremely protective, and doesn’t overthink things. She doesn’t show emotion often, but she will tell you how she feels outright, even if she doesn’t express it with action.
Likes: Music / Art / Dogs / Playing acoustic guitar
Dislikes: Large groups / Dressing up / Anything romantic (she’s not disgusted by it, she just doesn’t know how)
Family: Little brother (10) named Adrian, who lives with her grandparents (who have yet to be named). No parents.
Job?: Works at a small music shop named Muses.
Backstory: tbd

(I already had her all written up, just had to transfer temps. Hope she works!)

@Celeste_X0X0_ group

(I like her a lot!! Ill get my girly up in a sec lol. I haven’t written any of her info up yet so it might take a bit (plus I’m a bit busy)


Name: Freya Maris
Nicknames: Fay/Fae, May, Bitch(courtesy of her besties and coworkers)
Age: 22
Gender: female
Sexuality: Freya declares herself to be a proud bisexual but has only ever dated 2 girls, every other S.O was a male
Appearence: dark blue hair with light purple streaks, dark grey eyes, cool beige skin tone, and is about 5'6. Freya has a perfect hourglass shape, pouty lips, long eyelashes, naturally arched eyebrows, and long fingers. She has a few tattoos including the word 'Dream' in cursive written above the tattoo of a ship at sea on her left calf, an infinity sign on her inner wrist, a snowflake on her ankle. She has an eyebrow peircing, nose piercing, and regular ear piercings. Freya has glasses that she only needs during reading, to many words distract her eyes and these help her focus. (Plus they make her look super cute!)
Personality: Freya is a very secretive person. At first glance she looks like she is judging you and may be a fancy rich kid, but once you get to know her, you'll learn many new things. Freya enjoys working at her bakery and loves to teach her coworkers new tricks and recipes.
Likes: reading, tea, turkey sandwiches, dusty almost greyish pink colour, playing piano/keyboard
Dislikes: Sewing, sports that require running after a ball or puck (excluding cricket and lacrosse), being judged on her looks
Family: To be revealed (freya hates talking about her family
Job: owns a bakery/cafe called Little Red but also works at a club
Backstory: Freya graduated from school early and went to culinary school, learning about pastries and basic food prep.

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Name: Jade Lee
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual but attracted to anyone regardless of gender
Appearance: Jade stands at 5'10 and has a lean rectangular shape. Her hair is jet black that goes down to her waist; it is either wavy or put up in a pony tail. She has dark brown eyes and punch pink colored lips.
Personality: Jade is known to be a bright and virtuous type of person; it's rare to see her without a smile. She is sort of a compassionate workaholic that's always trying to do whatever she can for others. As a pretty down-to-earth woman, there is never a moment where Jade isn't empathetic towards anyone.
Likes: Going to thrift stores, Dancing, Polar bear plushies, Books, Dramas, and Work
Dislikes: Having nothing to do, Drawing (she sucks at it), Bananas, Being Cold, and Tight Spaces
Family: Mom, Dad, 26 year old brother named Elijah, and a two year old niece named Valeria
Job: She has two jobs: one at a dance studio and the other is at a small makeup company
Backstory: TBD

@Celeste_X0X0_ group

Name: Allison Davis (Ally)
Age: (17-25) 22
Gender: female
Sexuality: frustrated bisexual
She stands rather tall at 5'9, wavy honey brown hair and mismatched eyes, one hazel and one green. Her face is a clean slate with no freckles and the occasional acne. Full brown eyelashes she and plump lips. Super wide smile and her dimples and smile lines are super prominent. Full eyebrows she has professionally done every now and then. The only makeup she'll ever wear is a bit of concealer, blush, mascara and lipstick or gloss. Fancy occasions, she'll wear winged eyeliner that makes her look kinda scary ngl.
Her clothing includes anything stylish yet quirky. She likes so be unique and makes sure nobody else has her outfit. She usually makes her own clothes. Super colorful and crazy anything will remind anyone of Allison.

Shes crazy. Watch out.
Party all night, sleep all day type of girl. You never know what's on her mind or what she'll say. She bottles things up and hides her emotions from anyone and everyone possible. Distraction is key for this gal. She distracts herself from trauma and being sad, instead of getting a therapist although she could for free (will be explained later lol)
She super crazy and energetic, hopping from one place to the next and will most likely offer you some sort of alcohol. She looks for any and every excuse to drink, celebrate and have some fun
Likes: cotton candy, marshmallows, spiders, parties, dogs, tequila and sewing/designing her own clothes and bugs
Dislikes: family, working through her problems or talking about her emotions. Cats, suckers, feathers, and any thing unnecessarily squishy
Family: little sister, mom and dad at home. None of them biological.
Job?: bartender at night, college drop out, and she sells her clothes
Backstory: She was adopted from a really abusive home. (Mutliple of them)