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The year is 2022. People are existing in their day-to-day activities. They've survived COVID, the flu, and countless other diseases. Time goes by. People get up, they go to school, they go to work, they come home, and do it again. Over and over again. They get into relationships, they have heartbreaks. They club, make bad decisions. Same old, same old.
Except, the human race got too curious. Scientists created a new disease, one never intended to escape the lab except that it did. And it was deadly. It wiped out 90% of the human race within the first six months. Governments fell and anarchies rose. The power stopped working, the gas stopped pumping. The world as everyone knew it fell apart. Those who survived the disease have become immune to it. However, the disease changed them. Some of them, at least.
Magic. Powers. Gifts.
Whatever you would like to call it. Some of them developed powers. And some of them decided that they were better than the others that survived. They created their own government, their own camps, where they all but enslaved the ones who weren't fortunate enough to be gifted these powers.

Now, five years later, everyone is still trying to just get by. Some travel as nomads. Some are in their own society of non-gifted. Some are in their own of gifted. But most of them had fallen into the camps run by gifted dictators.
However, some of these gifted and non-gifted have decided they are done with this camp. Someone with an aversion to explosives decided to destroy the camp. Now those that lived are on the run, just fighting to survive.

This is a group rp. I would like a good mix of gifted and non-gifted, those part of the destroyed camp and nomads.


  1. While I don't have a set age range, this is PG 16 due to violence and vulgarity.
  2. Cursing is alright, just don't go overboard. However, homophobia, slurs and whatnot are not okay.
  3. No god modes. Everyone is human, even if they have powers. Everyone can get hurt, bleed, and broken just the same. And most aren't going to be skilled fighters. Everyone has just learned to survive, remember?
  4. I would like some detailed responses. It makes it hard to respond to one-liners.
  5. This is your rp as much as mine. Feel free to voice concerns, questions, or suggestions

Sexual orientation:
Gifted or non-gifted. If yes, what power:
Life before apocalypse:


Name: Alexander "Lex" Long
Age: nineteen? (idk what age range you're looking for here lol)
Sexual orientation: gay
Gifted or non-gifted. If yes, what power: non-gifted
Appearance: Lex has short, scruffy black hair that is a bit uneven, seeing as he cuts it himself. He has olive-toned skin with a few freckles here and there, as well as the occasional scar (thankfully no scars on his face, he's way too vain for that even if he won't admit it). He has honey-brown eyes framed by long eyelashes and slightly arched eyebrows. Lex has a thin, lean build naturally, but also from lack of nutrition due to food being scarce and his nomadic ways. He has long, thin fingers that he used to play bass guitar before the apocalypse. Lex has a sharp jawline and is usually scowling. He does have fairly straight teeth due to having braces in the past, though they have grown a bit crooked since he lost his retainer. He's a bit over average, standing at 5' 10".
Personality: Lex is not an optimistic sort of person. He wasn't before the apocalypse and he certainly isn't now. He's sarcastic and short with the few people he does meet, not trusting anyone. He does have a touch of the socially awkward aspect as well. Despite this, he doesn't take himself too seriously and will laugh at himself. He is vain, though he will deny it, and tries to fix his appearance when he can. He's prone to long spells of getting lost in thought when talking to others, sometimes forgetting about the conversation if he is thinking of something really interesting. He never lowers his guard nowadays though, doing his best to survive in this world that's now against him.
Life before apocalypse: Before the apocalypse, Lex was just a kid living life with his dad and pet cat. He went to the local high school, and was trying to start a band with his friends. He liked video games and skateboarding, and got mediocre grades–except in science, which he excelled at. Basically, he was just a teenager. His entire life was destroyed by the time the apocalypse came around. Luckily, both Lex and his father were able to avoid the first wave of the disease. Unfortunately, they couldn't avoid it forever. After three years of surviving together, both of them became infected. Lex was lucky enough to be naturally immune, but his father was not. After that, Lex became a nomad, wandering by himself in search of other non-gifted people to survive with, though the people he first stumbled upon were quite hostile. The only reason Lex survived was the hobby he'd gained at the start of the apocalypse–demolition. He didn't have powers himself, sure, but he was surprisingly good with creating and detonating explosives. After narrowly avoiding being taken by the gifted strangers, he decided to continue on his own. Well, not entirely on his own. Luckily his cat, Morgana, had somehow survived through everything and he made it his number one priority to make sure he and the feline both survived.
Other: Uhhh….good with explosives and chemicals?

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Name: Alexys Ravenclaw
Age: 17
Sexual orientation: Bisexual
Gifted or non-gifted. If yes, what power: Gifted; she simply has extreme speed. She can go up to 150 MPH, or 241.5 KPH. She uses a lot of energy to go past 24 MPH, and she's actually trained her body to be able to go at a consistant 20 MPH for about 10 minutes. She can use top speed for about 30 seconds before she has to stop and eat food. The reason why drag and air force and friction don't affect her is because whenever she goes above 15 miles per hour, her power activates a sort of protective bubble that acts as a barrier between her and the rest of the world, allowing her to run through walls by agitating the atoms in her body. Her mental speed has also increased to be able to process the sounds and sight blurring past her when she runs, making her that much smarter.
Appearance: /// 4'1" /// She has self-harm scars all over her body, mostly hidden by her clothes. There's also burn scars in the shape of cigarette burns, scars from chains and brass knuckles. . . even a couple stab wounds.
Personality: Very shy and skittish, she tends to avoid conflicts, which is why she's merely a messenger instead of a leader. She isn't cut out for killing or harming others, as she is too kind and caring to even want to consider that possibility. She absolutely hates rude people, and believes that violence for the sake of violence is useless. She always likes taking a quieter approach to things. She's super smart, and not conceited about it. Basically, it's impossible to logically hate her. She trusts people easily, despite everything, and respects everyone, even the people who may not be deserving of it.
Life before apocalypse: She used to run errands as an intern for a local law firm. She'd volunteer at the local pet shelters and clinics, the local homeless shelters, anywhere that she could help out. She got excellent grades at school - top of all of her classes - and was taking college courses online. She was an amazing child to her foster parents, doing all the cleaning and whatnot, by herself; she had no other siblings and no pets. Her real parents had been locked up for domestic abuse, sexual assault of a minor, and attempted murder, all in regard to their child. (She's a very broken child.) She was bullied from elementary school to highschool; she'd changed over the summer leading into freshman year, and now was one of the hottest and most popular girls in her high school. Until, of course, the pandemic hit, at which point her looks no longer mattered.

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Name: Minnow
Age: 16
Sexual orientation: Mostly lesbian (has Dissociative Identity Disorder)
Gifted or non-gifted. If yes, what power: Gifted. She can manipulate light, and store light within her body. She has Vigilo due to this, as the light in her body affects spots on her skin. when she has low amounts of sunlight in her body, its almost unnoticeable. it has to be sunlight. she can manipulate the temperature, size, color, firmness, and light emission of the light.
Appearance: Her hair is split white and black, she has yellow eyes, a tall stature, and pointed ears. her different personalities all have different styles, so they all compromised, and she's usually wearing pretty much Himiko Toga's outfit, minus the weapons. her sweater is also more of a creme color, and it has more pockets as well.
Personality: …. It changes whenever she blinks. usually sweet, although there is a mass murderer buried somewhere in her mind.
Life before apocalypse: she was just a student. no family, no friends, no job.
Other: without sunlight, she gets extremely sick. the darker the light spots on her skin are, the sicker she is, and the less sunlight she has stored. Henceforth, she hates going underground.

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(Tell me if i need to change anything)
Name: Ian Harrison
Age: 9
Sexual orientation: Male
Gifted or non-gifted what power: Gifted (If you can call it that), The ability to draw life from things and put it into other things including himself which in turn gives him a sort of voluntary immortality. A side effect of this is he can't feel physical pain so he is constantly having to check to see if he's injured or not.
Appearance: Abt 4’5 with peaches and cream skin. He has dull green eyes, a healthy amount of freckles and dark red hair. His hair is shaggy and unkempt, usually covering his eyes in some way. Dresses in white/cream oversized sweaters and jeans, snow boots, and his father's Diamond cross necklace.
Personality: Untrusting and shy at first, but friendly and energetic like a kid should be.
Life before apocalypse: Lived and homeschooled by his dads with a forest for a backyard where he would spend his days making forts and getting lost constantly. At least he pretended too until a dad would come and find him.
Other: Is scared of the dark, And loves raspberries.

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Name: Donevan (Devon/Dev) Azuma
Age: 17
Sexual orientation: Gay
Gifted or non-gifted. If yes, what power: Gifted; control over shadows and darkness, he can move them and disappear into them.
Appearance: Devon is about 5'8", thinish build, he has dark hair and reddish eyes. His hair is long enough to fall in his eyes, but not any longer. He is very much average looking. He wears a black hoodie, jeans, and converse. Has an RBF
Personality: Quiet, he cares deeply for those he is close to, but is generally distrustful; especially towards females. He keeps to himself and hides the fact that he is gifted.
Life before apocalypse: He lived on his own, living off of his dead mothers money she gave him. He didn't do much.
Other: (idk I use this character way to much)