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A small group of people from different realms are summoned to become the next generation of Gate Guardians. None if them knew about the existence of other worlds and are now forced to work together to keep this balance.

Some time after they're training starts, they learn about the forbidden Realm, Realm of Sands. The guardian protecting that realm was turned by the sands of its realm and had to be locked away. Because of a mistake many years ago, the guardian escaped and trained another to take their place, and the new guardian vows to destroy the Guardian Realm and reveal the worlds to another. Its up to the Guardians in training to protect the realms, will they?

I got this idea from a user on TikTok and i hope I'm not stealing their idea, just using it as a basis. If I havent Rped with you before, you will be required to post a sample of their writing.


  • Joining
    I can choose to let you join or not, this is my Rp, my idea so the decision is mine to make. This depends on whether I have role played with you before, if I like your attitude, and if I like the way you Rp. If I say no, please respect my decision and leave peacefully.
  • Characters
    The limit I have on characters is 2, anymore than that means more confusion and annoyance for the rest of people. If you have a good reason as to why you want more than 2, you will be allowed. After I allow you into the Rp, I would like characters to be up before we begin. I understand that life is a thing so I will not be pushy about it unless I see you active on other Rps but not this one
  • Shipping
    I am hella fine with shipping! As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I am a-ok with non-straight relationships. Both people, or more if that is the case lol, need to be ok with this. If one person changes their mind about the ship, that is fine. This isn't a legally binding contract so "break ups" are ok
  • Conversation
    Any OOC or Out OCharacter conversations should take place in brackets. '()' these are the brackets. Do not 'quote' OOC chats, just respond by saying the persons name and, if applicable, page number.
  • Language
    I have no issue with foul language although I would suggest not using a swear in every. Single. Sentence. If you fail to respect this rule, you will be given a warning and then asked to leave.
  • Other Rules
    I will not tolerate bullying of any kind however, if anyone starts acting out and others are only responding to their statements the person who started it will be given a warning. If for whatever reason I am not avalaible, I will let someone know and they will be "in charge" of the plot until I return. If you have concerns about another Rper, you are welcome to publically or privately discuss your reasoning with me and we can decide what to do from there. Failure to follow these rules will result in expulsion from this Rp. If you argue with my decision, or refuse to leave, you will be reported. Any other questions or concerns, just ask!


(This is just so we know how to address you)


Appearance: (links are perfectly fin as long as you describe them a little)
Species: (each gate is different and has a different species guarding it)
Clothing style: 
Outfit: (basically their go to outfit)
Distinguishing features: (tattoos, piercings etc)

Power/s: (if any)
Realm of Origin:
Family/friends: (opt)
Backstory: (opt)

Any other information?:


@Laffy-Taffy (she/her)
Destiny Meri Moonray

@Simon-Says (he/they)
August McAvoy

@Tactic_Mode (he/him)
Lance U. Forrester

@Tactic_Mode (he/him)
Nicole Harlow

@MusicElle-is-here (she/they)
Luciano Adesso

@MusicElle-is-here (she/they)
Thalassa Asturias

@StarkSpangledMayflower (she/her)
Sparrow Jacks

@StarkSpangledMayflower (she/her)
Archer Echo
Realm of Sands



Arsxaen (Are-SHAY-en) - Realm of Fairies, Fae, Elves, Gnomes, and Leprechauns:
This realm is for the trickster magical beings. The guardian of this realm will be one of the above mentioned species or a hybrid. This guardian will have access to slight illusion powers in their realm, but after they are chosen as a guardian, they will have access to more powers. You may decide what they specifically have.

Germyziak(ger-my-SHE-ACK) - Realm of Nymphs, Mermaids, Sirens, and Krackens:
This realm is for creatures of the water. They are given water based abilities which could be healing, changing the state of water, creating water, shape-shifting ince in the water, and any others you can think of. Most from this realm are born with 2 main abilities with a slight 3rd ability, but in rare cases they can be born with 1 ability, and even rarer is not being born with any. The guardian from this realm will have healing as their main ability is you choose to give them any at all

Avalon - Realm of Egyptian, Norse, Greek, Roman, Mayan, and other Gods and the humans that worship them:
This is basically the world as we know it. I thought of having the God's and Human realms be seperate but as the realms do not know of the existence of other realms, this would not have worked. If you choose to be a God, your abilities will be reduced but if you choose to be human, you will be given a maximum of 2 strong abilities and one dormant one

Meydea(medea) - Realm of Witches, Warlocks, Sorcerer/resses, Dragons, Knights, and Shifters:
This is the realm closely related to that of Medival times in the Realm of Avalon, the difference here is that magic is real and you must be born with the ability to use it. It is easy to learn, but without the ability to use magic, you will cause harm you yourself. Shifters can be any sort of creature that has two forms and resides in the air or on land. This includes Werewolves, Vampires, Kitsune, Dragonborn, and Avians. Witches and Warlocks base their magic on specific elements like shadows, blood, air, fire etc. Sorcerers and Sorceresses base their magic on runes and alchemy. They use Wand wheres as Witches and Warlocks use enchants and spellbooks. The guardian from this realm will be given abilities if they are not born with them.

Realm of Sands - Realm of ShadowMen, Wisps, Spirits, SkinWalkers, and The Heartless:
This is the darkest realm of them all. Each of the creatures from this realm use some form of dark power and all the power from this realm comes from the guardian of the realm. They are only known as Nightmare but have a name not many are aware of because names, have power in this realm. This is the only realm which is able to visit other realms and feeds in terror and fear. The guardian from this realm has died but trained another new one, and no one knows the name of this brand new guardian. If you choose to be the guardian if this realm, pm me and I will give you all the information needed.

Sollaerys(sol-LAY-russ) - Realm of Stars, Planets, and Alien-life:
This realm is the realm of the eternal warriors known as the Ru'nay'l. The Ru'nay'l look human from a distance, but up close they are different. One of the biggest differences is the large wings that protrude from their back. These wings are commonly pastel colours, with white and grey being uncommon, black being rare, and gold, silver, and dark red being unique. The realm oversees the creation and destruction of stars, the lifespans of planets and the life on them. The Ru'nay'l have a small companion or pet known as an Eriduse, a small creature that has the same ability as its owner. (Think the salamander from frozen 2.) They have the ability to create light and take it away, but every Ru'nay'l is different. Some may have the ability to create while others have the ability to destroy. Many use elemental based magic such as metal, fire, shadow, life(think earth magic), and water. The Ru'nay'l are born the same way humans are and they are born with their wings. Their abilities make themselves known as they grow older, at about 250 years of age, and they die anywhere from 3,000-6,000 years of age.

Haos-Aseley(Hay-os a-See-lee) - Realm of Angels, Demons, Half-bloods, and Fallen Angels:
This is the realms of Guardians, Protectors, and Warriors. This realm has Angels and Demons but no set rules of good and bad. The Angels are feather-winged creatures that use arrows made of light to influence emotions, they cannot touch shadow orbs. Demons are bat-winged creatures that use orbs made of shadow to influence actions (their secondary weapon is a slingshot), they cannot touch light arrows. Half-Bloods are half angel/half demon creatures that take any physical attributes from their parents. If their mothers were angels, their appearance more angel attributed . If their mothers were demons, it would be more demon attributed. They are able to use arrows made of shadow and orbs made of light and are able to touch both however they have shorter flight and pointed teeth. Fallen Angels are creatures who strayed from their duties and used their powers for their own gain. These creature's wings turned grey, lose feathers or have small holes in the bat wings, and they develop large horns in their head. Fallen Angels use a staff, either like a trident or one with an orb at the end, with a crystal that is Blood red, Black, or dark green. This staff uses blood magic and poison manipulation to get what they want. Another creature living in this realm a one similar to humans, this is who they control.

Saiorin(SAY-orin) - Realm of Death, Crystal Mages, Necromancy, and Voodoo magic:
This is the realm of beings who use crystal magic known as crystal mages. Crystal magic is the ability to use magic, but only through crystals (for a better explanation, look up storm hawks crystals). These crystals come in a variety of colours and each one does a different thing. Most are coloured to match their element like bright red being fire and black being shadows. In this realm, shadows are used in a different way. These shadows are a doorway to the Realm of Sands but those in this realm know that to be the underworld. The shadows are malable and can be taken and harnessed to do voodoo magic. This magic is the only one in this realm that doesn't require crystals. Those who use voodoo magic are known as Necromancers. Beings from this realm are normally taller than humans, average height being 5'8, they all have eyes coloured to match the crystals they use most often, a fire user may have red eyes while an earth user may have green. These beings also have a life force connected to a crystal bracelet on their wrist. It can be made of leather, silver, or gold. If the life crystal in this bracelet is shattered, the being has less than 5 years of life remaining. While it remains unbroken, they are immortal.


I'll put in more information about these guys once I have them fleshed out a bit more

Just a guide on how to pronounce their names:

Selene:- se-le-ne
(Is usually calm and collected, the voice of reason and the peacemaker between Aru and Luz, Guardian of Arsxaen)

Arusyll:- AROO-seal
(Likes to be called Aru, is the Guardian of Germyziak)

Persephone:- Per-sef-oney
(The original greek Goddess(Don't judge, I had no ideas for a new celestial being), prefers to go by Percy, Guardian of Avalon)

Maddox:- MA-dox
(A little timid, likes the nickname Maddi, it was the last thing given to her by her older brother before she left, Guardian of Meydea)

D'artagnan:- DAR-tan-yun
(Likes his names but it can be hard to say so he doesn't mind being called Dart, Guardian of Sollaerys)

Leyfei:- LAY-FAE
(Likes the nicknames Fei, Lei, or Stitch(Claims to be just as lovable as the alien from the movie Percy showed him) Chaotic Neutral, serves himself but is tied by duty to be a guardian, is loyal if you are loyal to him, fiercely protective of those under his care, Guardian of Haos-Aseley)

Luzzen:- LOOZ-zen
(You can call him Luz if he likes you, or if you don't care that he will curse you with his magic, Guardian of Saiorin)


(For sure! I'll just improvise something)
(The constant and intrusive sound of drilling was going to drive Fisher insane. Buzz, pause for loud swearing, louder buzzing, thumps followed by more swearing, it was a cycle that had been repeating for days. His walls had been vibrating with the amount of goddamn drilling that was happening directly above him. He had gone to talk to them, which had only seemed to make them angrier, reported them to the landlord, who had done nothing, and even stayed with a friend for a few days, and STILL his home was filled with the noises of someone drilling into a wall. How many holes was it possible for a person to make in a wall before it collapsed? He was starting to think these people were trying to find out.)

@spacebluelily language

(Sure thing!)
(The citizens of the town knew some shady people were living amongst them that could not be trusted. River was a clear example of that. The young adult made his money by selling the citizens fake art, at extremely high prices. As why anyone would buy from him is unclear. Even the town's scammer tells them to not buy from River. I know what you're thinking. Why would they listen to someone who scams them? Well, the citizens don't know that he's been scamming them. They think he's one of the trustworthy people in the town. With him always saying that all the money the citizens give him goes to an orphanage, and to better the town, they easily believe all of his lies. But why would they give him money, you ask? Easy. He sells them houses when they first come to the town, knowing they don't have money. And then he loans them a few hundred thousand dollars. They immediately fall into debt because of Tom. How the citizens haven't found about this scam of his is unclear. Maybe they're just dumb enough to not figure it out on their own, but mark my words, someday someone new will come into the town and Tom's scheme will be found out.)


(It wouldn't make sense for a werewolf to be in Avalon as it isnt a realm of magical creatures. The gods in the realm are the only ones with control over anything and even then its basically like a work schedule. For example Apollo raises the sun one week, the Ra takes the next etc. The guardian of Avalon may be given shifter abilities if they are a lesser God with a scared animal, or a human with no abilities)


(You're welcome! Let me know which realms you are interested in and I can try to give you more information. As this Rp is a way for me to flesh out this story and all it's details more, I may not have a lot of information to give you at this moment.)


(This is just so we know how to address you)

Name: Lance U. Forrester
Nicknames: Ulric.
Age: 31
Gender: M
Pronouns: He, Him
Sexuality: Straight

Appearance: Completed image
Species: Werewolf
Clothing style: Medieval
Outfit: Armor,
Distinguishing features: Large scar across face.
Weapons: Long sword, handaxe.

Personality: A kind and infinitely patient man. He will save anyone, and shows mercy to his enemies no matter what. His belief is that if he doesn't show mercy to his enemies, or save everyone he has failed in some way. He's great with kids and has an endless amount of stories.
Likes/dislikes: Water magic, or water in general.
Habits: He often will smoke when he's agitated, or nervous. Or he'll hum songs he's heard, constantly.
Power/s: Lance has a healing factor that is relatively fast, depending on the size of the wound. He has strength, although limited, so he's not moving bridges. His senses are off the charts, so he could tell you what you're feeling, what you ate for breakfast and…other things involving smell. Like common belief, he does have a weakness to silver, but can also be taken down if you throw enough hurt at him. Particularly if you use water magic against him. He has a chronic fear of water, even if he's drinking it. In his pure form, his senses stay the same, unless you have wolfsbane. He can't do anything about it. Everything else is amplified, but not by much. His movement is greatly increased though. Simple fire magic.
Family/friends: His sister, and no one else thus far.
Fears: Failing his job, losing his sister. Water.
Backstory: WIP

Any other information?: Realm Guardian of Meydea.


(Ack, sorry, I forget people don't extensively research mythology like I do ._.)
(Well, he has a healing factor that is relatively fast, depending on the size of the wound. He has strength, although limited, so he's not moving bridges. (Cough cough, GoW 4, cough cough). His senses are off the charts, so he could tell you what you're feeling, what you ate for breakfast and…other things involving smell. Like common belief, he does have a weakness to silver, but can also be taken down if you throw enough at him. Particularly if you use water magic against him. He has a chronic fear of water, even if he's drinking it. (* Insert bad experience with water users *). In his pure form, his senses stay the same, unless you have wolfsbane. He can't do anything about it. Everything else is amplified, but not by much. His movement is greatly increased though.)