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So, if you don't know what "omegaverse" is, don't bother. I mean, you can google it, but you won't get the same thing. Of course I will say a few things about it. Plot is a pretty open idea that will be discussed here, any plot questions (between people I rp with) can be here. I am open for doing it with different people. This will have semi to mature themes, which is why it will be dm's.

                               -Omegaverse info-

-Overview: There are two biological genders, and three secondary genders. The biology of which is an open discussion as people have different opinions. The secondary genders are Alpha, Beta, and Omega.

-Alphas: The second most common gender. They have the best sense of smell. They go through a "rut"

-Betas: The average/most common gender. They have an average sense of smell and are pretty much normal.

-Omegas: The least common gender. Have the weakest sense of smell. They go through a "heat".

Of course, there is other information. The vampire part is basically normal vampire stuff. If you have any questions, ask.

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Hey again! Mind if I jump with this one to? Idk if you wanted another rp like this..

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I thought we could do something like two clans giving omega's and betas to the alphas of the other clan,

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It still likes the idea of the clans, and I'm still trying to come up with a character base for mine. I know he's more then likely going to be omega

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We could start in the middle of a omega trade and go from there

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Did I say I was originally thinking of this as oxo ? And I would like to at least be the omega in one rp.

Do you want me to leave? Uh, cuz you want this to be a oxo? Sorry if I imposed