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Hiii, this is a reboot of this rp. Read it if you want, or don't. But it's good… so i recommend you do. Read it that is. But if you don't, think gay drama between a bunch of fancy fantasy humans

  1. I reserve the right to say no
  2. Swearing is allowed but no slurs please
  3. Leave it in the rp. You can have your characters argue and fight. sure. but don't carry that hatred with you.
  4. PDA can be expected, but any smut or 'bedroom seins' will have to go to the pms.
  5. I do not want this rp to die out as soon as we start, so no one liners.
  6. good grammar too please
  7. I might ask you for a writing sample If I've never rp'ed with you before

:::::Character Sheet:::::



  • Claude Laurent - third son of a well-known marquis
  • Reyna Freedform - Ambassador of the Shapeshifter Unions
  • Eilwyn Adfir - Youngest daughter of Lord Adfir
  • Véronique Laurent - only daughter/youngest child of a well-known marquis
  • Character…


"Why would you do that!" Mari screamed out at her younger brother. "The recital is tomorrow! Now we won't be able to play! How could you do that!" Sunny stopped listening after that. He was so frustrated and tired, he just wanted to go away. He made an advance towards the stairs. "Where do you think you're going!? I'm not done talking to you!" Mari shouted as she moved to block Sunny's path. "Well I am!" Sunny responded and all his pent up anger, from the recital, the pressure, all of it. "What js up with you Sunny! Why are you acting like this? " Mari asked, but Sunny didn't care. "Just leave me alone!" He screamed and pushed his older sister. Their was a shout, then a thud, then silence. "Mari?" Sunny called out to his sister as she lag there on the floor. "Sunny," he heard a voice say he looked and it was his friend, Basil, he had been at the bottom of the stairs this whole time. Sunny didn't even notice him there. "Sunny what did you do?"

@JustALostM book

(Here it is:)
(“The authorities have found another glitch roaming the city.” The T.V was on the news channel and woke Talas. “Ugh.” He grumbled. “Damn city doesn’t know how to be nice..” Talas reached for the remote to turn off the T.V. The word glitch was bouncing around in his head. What does this dumpster fire of a city got against them? They didn’t do anything wrong… Talas shook his head in annoyance. He quickly got dressed, seeing that he had to run errands he rushed and didn’t realize he had his T-Shirt on backward. He quickly got out of his room and sprinted to the kitchen. “Mornin’ Sis!” He called to his sister in the other room. His sister walked into the kitchen and looked at Talas. She snorted and then started laughing. “What?” Talas asked, Confused on why his sister was laughing. “Oh nothingggg. Just look at your T-Shirt and you’ll see.” “Hm?” Talas looked at his T-Shirt. “Oh…Heh. Must have been in a rush so I wasn’t paying attention. Thanks, sis.” “No problemo Talie!”. Talas quickly ran back to his room and flipped his T-shirt right side up and then sprinted out again. “Cya Sis!” Talas opened the front door. “Cya Talas!”)


(this is on the longer side for my responses, but here's my sample!)

There was that word again. Raven. Forrest knew only what gossip had managed to travel all the way to the castle, which was to not much. Anything of substance seemed to be reserved only for meetings between his father and higher ranking nobles which Forrest only sometimes had the chance to be there for. One would think that the king would let his successor have more of a connection to the outside world, but it seemed as if the man was determined to live forever. And to shut Forrest out as long as possible. Both of his parents insisted it was for his own good and to keep his fickle health in check, but the older he got the less he believed it. He was nineteen now, for god's sake. Shouldn't his parents be preparing him for the eventuality that he would become king?

He blinked back to the present moment before that line of thinking got out of hand. That sort of the thing was the reason he had taken off under the cover of night and come all the way out to Ceridwen in the first place. He realized that the Raven had asked him a question, blinking again as he processed the words. He would have to be careful to not give anything away, but also to avoid lying too much. Forrest had never been the most skilled liar.

"Cinistrad," he blurted, saying the first city that came to mind. It was roughly the same distance away from Ceridwen as the capital city, but in the opposite direction. He had only visited once, a few years ago, and did not like the city one bit. It was not the nicest place to spend a week. But it was better than telling the truth, probably. Maybe he was being a bit paranoid that this man would put two and two together from his name and where he lived. Though surely he couldn't be the only Forrest to live there. At any rate, it was too late now to take back the lie. He supposed that he would just have to go along with it for now.

As the duo kept walking, Forrest was trying not to look at all of the spirits that roamed the city. Most of them ignored the two living humans, as ghosts tended to do. Generally they were surprised that Forrest could see and talk to them whenever he did end up doing that. He had spoken to several of the ghosts who hung about the castle, so they knew him and that he could speak with them, but these new spirits did not possess that knowledge. Some of them even looked too decrepit to hold a conversation if they wanted to. So Forrest continued to do his best to pretend that he didn't see them both so he wouldn't draw ghostly attention to himself, and so his companion would hopefully not notice either. He doubted that his ability was a common one, though perhaps in this city of death it was more common than among the nobles he was used to.


(Ooh! Wasn't expecting to see this in my notifications, but I'm down to join. Do I need to give a writing sample? Cause I can go find one if needed.)


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(ngl i don't have a fully-formed character for this yet but i thinking some sort of annoying, vain-ass noble bc i love playing nobles lmao,, also someone who's a known gossip probs just for fun! i'll fill out the form later today/tmr if that's cool)

@JustALostM book

(wonderful. you're both in, who would you like to be?)

(I (Randomly) have a nice butler that would fit this rp! Used him a while ago so it's good to dust him off and give him a chance to see sunlight again :D)