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Hello, laddies, lads, and lasses! This is a rp where your most broken character goes to a mental health hospital to get some help. This is not romanticizing any kind of mental illness this is simply just a rp- plz no hate-

Anyways! You can either get your most broken character (or a character who just needs lots of help) and put them in the rp! Or you can make a new one! (Cause come on now we all know that some of our ocs need some serious help-)

If you’re triggered by any of this then please don’t stalk or interact. I don’t want any drama like that and I want to make sure that everyone stays happy! Of course theres a big trigger warning for any participants or stalkers. So just be warned! I’ll make a character sheet soon for anyone wanting to join!

@Eli-the-transboi group

Here’s the template!

Staff or patient:
Reason for being in the hospital:
Any other info:

@andrew flash_on

(using a new girl to hopefully work out a full working backstory and signs of her shit that she cant see-)

Name: Levana Esmeray Astraea
Nicknames (Optional): Wanderer of the Sky, the Weeping Moon
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual Demiromantic

Height and Weight: 5'9" and 158 lbs.
Physical Characteristics: Levana has floor length hair, colored in the hues of the aurora borealis; it moves exactly like the aurora too, even outside of water or any wind. Her skin is the color of a newly formed nebula, and the colors shift as though it were the actual thing. Her eyes are the white of a magnetar. Her skin will shift from its usual blues, greens, greys and oranges to a deep reddish-orange with swirls of black throughout when she's mad, though that's rare. When she's sad, it's simply a blue-black void. When she's stressed it's yellows and oranges and purples.
Style: Ancient Greek style dresses-

Personality: Levana is a very curious soul who loves freedom and large, open spaces. She can be shy at times around people she finds to capture nature's beauty well. She loves to eat - she has an insatiable appetite for sugary things - and enjoys a good, warm meal. No matter what mood she's in, she can eat a feast by herself. She enjoys watching people do normal things, i.e. walk down the sidewalk or sit down at a table, as she simply enjoys simpler things in life. She loves to sleep. She likes it when she has her friend's attention. And she absolutely enjoys dancing and singing. However, she can be a bit. . . dramatic at times, when she isn't getting the attention she wants, like a cat. If she doesn't have enough stimulation she'll find something to do, which can end badly since, as I mentioned earlier, she's a very curious lady. Sometimes she'll fall into a depressive mood and will do nothing but eat and lay down next to her friend. She likes it when things are lively and noisy, but tends to stick around her friends if she doesn't know anybody around, though she very quickly warms up to strangers. She can't tolerate any ammount of violence towards anyone or anything, and does anything she can to avoid conflict. She hates when people yell as well. She thinks people who are disrespectful are some of the worst people to exist in the world, and even though she's not a fan of arguing, she will put them in their place.
Likes: Sleeping, eating, dancing, singing, existing, making new friends, bright areas, making people happy, exploring new places, learning new things
Dislikes: Rude people, quiet places, dark places, cramped/tiny areas. She surprisingly doesn't like music that's overly loud.
Hobbies: People watching, providing entertainment and making the world happier
Talents: Singing, dancing, making people laugh, eating a lot of food in a short ammount of time, healing minor injuries

Conditions: PTSD (but she doesn't know it) and ADHD


(Do we have a certain time frame we're going for? Present day, a specific time in the past, or in the future? Or do we just not care…XD)