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"Even against the fate of God
Fly the flag of rebellion"

The mafia had been running Venezia for as long as anyone could remember. 6 members of the leading gang, Rabbia, have decided to betray their boss. Now they are on the run, being hunted down by rival gangs and passionate members of Rabbia. Will they finally reach freedom? Or will they fail and lose everything they once had?

"Rage to drown out these feelings of fear
Ever since I swore to turn my back on the devil"


  • No bullying/harassment OOC
  • No nsfw content
  • Violence/swearing is fine
  • Follow andrew's rules

"Does this revenge mean the end?
Ask the future"


Traitors: Closed (6/6) ( me, @literal-goblin, @Eternally_Existential, @imNOTdenki, @Jules_, and @StarkSpangledMayflower )
Gang members fighting against the traitors: Close (5/5) ( @imNOTdenki, @ApatheticLoser, @StarkSpangledMayflower, @knightinadream x2 )
Boss: Closed (1/1) ( @Tired-but-passionate )

"Those who cast aside their way of life,
Stay Gold"

A character template will be up shortly. Goodbye for now!

"Despair is beckoning to you
Stand up against the world"

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( :00 this sounds epic! i've been craving some badassery lately, and i'd love to take part if you'll have me!)

@requiemisback language

(oh definitely! come on in, we have tons of badassery going on here. just pick a role! i'll have a template up soon //this time i swear i'll actually have it up hhgh//)

@requiemisback language

(oki doki, here's the template!)

General appearance:
Extra tidbits I may have forgotten to add here:

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Name: Elliot 'Arlo' Jackson
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Sexuality: Pansexual
General appearance: Short and wavy strawberry blond hair frames his face, the bright-red-dyed tips sitting around his eyes and cheekbones. He has a splattering of freckles over the bridge of his nose. His eyes are a bright brown with golden specks when you look closer. He stands around 5'10. His typical attire varies greatly depending on the circumstances; when going out, he tends to wear a plain white shirt tucked into skinny dark slacks, with a blazer thrown over top. He occasionally wears platform boots that put him at 6'2. He also has a corset that sometimes gets to see the outside of his dresser. Around the house, however, he dons a very different appearance. He will wear anything that has something strange on it. For example, he wears his Colonel Sanders sweatpants quite often.
Personality: Confident and talkative, Elliot is an eccentric individual that is known for his passion. He gets the job done, no matter what it takes. He can come off a bit intense at first, and often makes flirtatious remarks at anyone and everyone. Being pansexual, no one is safe from his attempted seduction. He knows how to get under someone's skin, and he can easily pry information from anyone's grip, making him a valuable asset.
Backstory: He was the middle child of five, with two older sisters, a younger brother, and a younger sibling. While his sisters took on more responsible roles, he was a chaotic bundle of energy that got himself and his younger siblings into trouble constantly- it seems some things never change. He went to a good college and got astounding grades, seemingly without trying. But at a certain point, his everyday life got too boring for him. He got himself mixed up in the mafia, becoming a mercenary for the Rabbia. Inevitably, though, he found himself needing yet another change.
Extra tidbits I may have forgotten to add here: As a child, he was teased for wearing "girl's shoes". He didn't let it bother him, but his eldest sister Blaire made it her life's goal to make sure anyone who made fun of him regretted it. He goes by both Elliot and Arlo, typically using 'Arlo' in situations where he doesn't want to reveal his real name.

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anyways uh
ima snatch a traitor role rq.

Name: Kirsten Abruzzo

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Pronouns: She/her

Sexuality: Lesbian

General appearance: I'm too lazy to type out a description so have a Picrew version of her. Free of charge.

Completed image

Personality: Kirsten is very hot-headed. She has a short fuse and blows up easily. She also bottles up her emotions quite often, which leads to her frequent "freak-outs," as she likes to call them.

Backstory: She grew up fairly normally at first, she was in foster care for most of her life. She was constantly swapped from foster family to foster family, however, because of her explosive temperament. This also made her increasingly prone to being shoved into a bad family, and of course, that ended up happening. After being abuse for quite some time, she met a mafioso who showed her that not all things in life require sacrifice; a lesson she had needed to learn from a young age, and one that nobody had taught her before then. The mafioso went on to help Kirsten's ongoing abuse, by using his connections to improve her life from the shadows. She took these actions to heart and soon became a mafioso herself. But soon, she realized that not everything the mafia life entailed was really her taste, and she also found out that Rabbia's boss had been peddling drugs to women and kids, she took a stand and betrayed the famiglia.

Extra tidbits I may have forgotten to add here: She loves astronomy and aliens and such, hence her earrings. :)

@requiemisback language

(only one character per person as of now.)
(but if more people don't join, then one person can take up multiple roles if needed.)
(also thank you! kirsten is my sweet angery bby and i love her to death.)

@requiemisback language

(just use whichever feels fitting for this roleplay.)
(plus, we have a lot of roles still open so you have tons of time to make your mind.)
(though i do hope more people join soon of course.)

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(Thank you! I'll try to have my character up by tonight! I think I'm going to go with a traitor role, if that's alright.)

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Name: Lennon Cree
Age: Twenty-four
Gender: AMAB; androgynous/bigender.
Pronouns: Generally refers to himself as he/him to avoid confusion, but responds to all pronouns.
Sexuality: Pansexual, with a preference towards men.
Body— Lennon has a slender and near delicate appearance with lean muscles and a fair complexion. He stands at about 6'4, a trait further emphasized by his long legs and hindered by his perpetually stooped posture.
Face— Angular bone structure and a soft, well-defined jawline that he keeps clean-shaven. He has deep-set honey brown eyes and a thin nose that's somewhat bent from having it broken in the past. His face is very expressive with prominent dimples and crow's feet, while his teeth are slightly crooked but distinctly well cared for. He has a few freckles scattered across his neck and the bridge of his nose, the latter of which difficult to see unless a person gets very close to him.
Hair— A natural ravenette with an undercut and short, messy locks that obscure most of the left side of his forehead and never his eyes. Despite his best efforts, Lennon's hair remains stubbornly frizzy in the humidity.
Clothes— Generally sticks with his "formal" presentation, which includes a white undershirt, a black, long sleeve sweater with a round neck, a heavy black coat with large pockets that falls to halfway down his thighs, and light blue jeans. In warmer weather, he switches out the undershirt, coat, and sweater for a simple black t-shirt. His shoes are a pair of black, custom-made hightop Converse with the traction of running shoes.
Extra— On his left arm is tattooed a complex, but minimalistic black and white floral patterned sleeve.
Personality: Lennon is cripplingly indecisive, meaning his convictions have to be incredibly strong for him to actually commit to something. Despite such a bane, Rabbia kept a tight grip on him due to his exceptional ability to read and manipulate people. He's a master at picking apart minuscule twitches and context clues to decipher their hidden meanings; a skill he learned during his time in a group home that was further honed by a life of crime. It's because of this particular talent that he's able to project such a sense of ease and tranquility, luring people in with open smiles and childlike innocence that ceases to exist the moment someone does something to piss him off. Despite his act, he's quite the temperamental being, having been officially diagnosed with dissociative personality disorder at thirteen years old. He generally says what comes to mind, and struggles to hold his tongue at inopportune moments. All that said, he's got a kind heart hidden beneath self-constructed walls of spite and fear.
Backstory: Lennon was an only child raised by his single father in a shady part of Venezia. Perhaps because of that, his father made a decent enough living for the two of them by dealing drugs; a short-lived occupation in the scheme of things, as he was brutally murdered by a client who couldn't afford her next fix. Lennon, six at the time and waiting in the car for him to finish, was witness to the whole event. Terrified and not completely understanding what had transpired, he called the emergency number and waited for the cops to show up. Without any other relatives to take him in, Lennon was sent to a nearby group home with six other kids. It wasn't all that bad---he was given a place to sleep, three meals a day, and even an allowance to spend as he chose---but no one looked at him. Rather, they seemed to collectively pretend he didn't exist. Loneliness set in, and thus his many imaginary friends (who he later learned would never leave him) were born. Lennon stayed in the group home for many years, eventually aging out of the system and managing to leave on his own terms. At first, he struggled to support himself, until, one day, a chance attempted mugging turned into an abrupt job interview. Apparently, the would-be mugger recognized his family name and offered him the same job his father once had. To this day, Lennon isn't sure why, exactly, he agreed, but he would later theorize it was thanks to the childish desire to understand his father just that little bit more. He made a lot of connections selling drugs to preexisting customers but made it a point not to sell to clients who'd never dealt. He'd seen firsthand what drugs did to people, and wanted to spare as many from that fate as possible. It was only a few years later that a lackey from Rabbia discovered him, and only a few months after that was he recruited. They found a use for him in aiding interrogations, as he had a keen sense for when someone was close to breaking, lying, or withholding information, although Lennon can't say he particularly enjoyed that kind of work. Finding out the mafia's boss was selling drugs to women and children was the last straw for him, and for the first time he could vividly remember, he made a choice. He banded together with five other mafiosos and, together, they hatched a plan to betray the boss.
—> Officially diagnosed with dissociative personality disorder at the age of thirteen. He used to have multiple presences in his mind, but all except two have faded or integrated into his main personality over the years. One, named Maurice, acts as the devil on his shoulder, urging him to give in to his more gruesome desires. The other, Lincoln, is but a child, primarily characterized by his timid and fearful demeanor. Switches with his other personalities are incredibly rare thanks to counseling techniques and meds, but both can be quite vocal under the right circumstances. His disorder is a massive insecurity for him.
—> He's a terrible fighter, oftentimes relying solely on his ability to de-escalate situations rather than directly combatting them. When that doesn't work, he just tries to keep his enemies talking long enough to pull a gun.
—> That said, he has an extremely high pain threshold. Probably because of all the times he picked fights and couldn't finish them.

Let me know what you think or if anything needs to be changed!

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( @imNOTdenki okay then, you can use both so that the decision becomes easier. i'll fill you in for both of the slots. now you just need to fill out the template for both characters. )

( @Eternally_Existential lennon looks great! can't wait to see him in action :) )