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SO like, I got an oc, Albethore, he is a demon who loves death, both him dying and killing others just to bring them back, great at torture. (once had his eye taken out after he drowned himself)

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(this is actually very cliché, but what if my character summoned Albethore, because they were bored and thought talking and befriending a demon would be fun? And they didn't look at the warning that came along with the words to summon him, and they thought he was probably a friendly demon. (ha, as if) And then, we can do something with Albethore killing and torturing them. like i said, very cliché, but idk)

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(Alright, sense you want the template do you mind creating it (I feel like this whole thing will be a split idea making thing if that makes sense) I mean I can make one if not)

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Name: Albethore (hosts name is Devon, a dead half demon)
Nicknames: Hates the following, Al, Albert, Albet, Albewhore, dumblethore, Alberto, etc
Age: ♾
Gender/Pronouns: they/he

Personality: uh crazy, violent
Powers, if any: can teleport, can heal people/himself,
Likes: death, torture
Dislikes: nicknames
Background: albethore has always been a demon, spends most of his time in hell or whatever torturing the souls.
Other: the spell used to summon him is in a old book with the warning “DONT SUMMON IT!” Written on every page except the one with the spell as it cannot be written on. Albethore can use this book to become more powerful and no longer need a host. However the book can be used, if used properly, to control him.