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So basically , here is albethore
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Name: Albethore (hosts name is Devon, a dead half demon)
Nicknames: Hates the following, Al, Albert, Albet, Albewhore, dumblethore, Alberto, etc
Age: ♾
Gender/Pronouns: they/he
Sexuality: Devon is gay.

Personality: uh crazy, violent
Powers, if any: can teleport, can heal people/himself,
Likes: death, torture
Dislikes: nicknames
Background: albethore has always been a demon, spends most of his time in hell or whatever torturing the souls.
Other: the spell used to summon him is in a old book with the warning “DONT SUMMON IT!” Written on every page except the one with the spell as it cannot be written on. Albethore can use this book to become more powerful and no longer need a host. However the book can be used, if used properly, to control him.


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Name: Kalos (doesn't have a host, he can maintain his own form)
Nicknames: None
Age: 156
Gender/Pronouns: they/he
Sexuality: Homosexual
Personality: dark, quiet
Powers, if any: can manipulate dark magic, including necromancy of humans
Likes: death, pain
Dislikes: much anything
Background: Kalos was recently formed but is very knowledgeable.
Other: Nothing for now.

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(can i join this potentially crazy rp? it looks like it could be fun.)

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(oop-was i supposed to use a human? because i actaully have a very simple fix for that.)