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Not sure what I want I cannot decide if I want gritty or sft, or romantic and fluffy or something a little more uh…mature I'm just,,, I want another rp and my head hurts and I'm tired and yeah.

Only rules are:

  • I reply every tuesday or so. I understand if you're slow to reply too. Just…give me a guesstamate on how often you can reply.
  • Please be 18+, this may go places
  • Please want a plot as badly as I do haha
  • If we haven't rp'd before, I may as for a writing sample
  • Please keep your replies on the longer side, a minimum of 50 words (dont count them, just,,, roughly that.) This rule is roughly thirty or so words. Just as an example.

Anyway, throw ideas at me! Lets see where this goes

@Serpentess health_and_safety languageChaos Shall Reign

Greetings. I don’t think we’ve got an rp together, but I saw this and decided why not. Just let me know if you want a writing sample (though I sometimes talk and rp in similar ways).

I typically do more high fantasy or dark fantasy stuff (with a bit of sci-fi occasionally), and I’m fairly casual with more mature whatnot (cursing, violence, and death are common for me. I have no triggers that I know of. I generally don’t do a lot of explicit romance, but I don’t mind experimenting).

I also do not have a lot of human/non-magic characters, and some of my characters are overpowered (that’s for my own characters, I don’t mind making ones specifically for this)

I do write longer posts, but I also try to keep about equal with the other player(s). And, I am actually fairly active (usually once a day or more).

Some random plot ideas (may add more later)-
• A typical high fantasy adventuring quest.
• Treasure hunt that goes south, traps characters, and causes chaos.
• Dying village near a dangerous magical forest. The forest creatures are killing the village.
• Evil sorceress/magician trying to take over the world. Characters could be with or against villain.
• Broad-scale exploration (traveling to many worlds/different planes), maybe seeking an artifact or trying to save the multiverse or just simply roaming.

If you end up not wanting to rp with me, that’s fine.


Howdy!! Thanks for swinging by :D

I'd love to see a writing sample if you have one! Although before we get too into it, I will say I'm feeling a little less fantasy a little more modern realistic (ish, very big ish, I imagine there would definitely be plenty of elements of either sci-fi or fantasy if not both)
I haven't dabbled in high/dark fantasy in a long time is what I'm trying to say xD But also I could be talked into anything I feel. My main requirements at this stage are it has to be gritty with probably a fair amount of characters getting injured, and I do like modern weaponry. Otherwise, I'm open.

If you're still interested regardless and if your writing sample seems compatible with my rp style, I'd be happy to have you on board!

@Serpentess health_and_safety languageChaos Shall Reign

Cool. I’m not sure how gritty I usually get honestly (it’s hard for me to tell), but I often torture my characters, and they occasionally get in situations they could never have won, no matter what.

I can deal with modern stuff, but it tends to be brief with me, as it usually turns into fantasy or sci-fi. That, and most of my creatures have medieval technology by default (I rarely use actual humans).

A good example of how I automatically transition genres is my villainous character, Malcolm. He’s a human scientist based somewhere around the late 2020’s-early 2030’s, ends up becoming a cyborg, of sorts, with an army of machines. He causes a nuclear holocaust, creating a post apocalyptic world, and later creates a robot/android race that becomes highly advanced in technology. So, yeah, I drift around a bit.


(Here’s the writing sample. This was part of a much longer post, so yeah)

Phalakros glanced out the window of his cottage. He was at the edge of the city, and on the edge of the floating island. It didn’t bother him though, he was actually quite fond of heights.

As he admired the distant green land below, pondering what hid within it, a knock sounded on the door. He jumped up with a gasp, looking to the door.

Cautiously moving to the window next to the door, he peeked out. He didn’t recognize the woman waiting for him.

She knocked again, and he jumped once more. Phalakros took a deep breath and opened the door.


“Are you Phalakros, an initiate in the Guild of Exploration?”the woman asked.

“Y… yes.”

“Good. Here is a letter from the Guildmasters. Read it and reply within a day’s time,”the woman said, handing him a sealed note.

Phalakros took the letter and nodded. The woman left without another word.

He gently shut the door and breathed deeply again, trying hard to avoid thinking about his shaking hands. He slowly calmed down, then sat down and opened the letter.

It was indeed from the Guildmasters. They were offering him his first expedition. The expedition would be searching for a legendary treasure hidden on the surface, a lost relic from ages ago.

Phalakros breathed deeply once again, but this time to contain his excitement. He had done it! He had finally earned a place on an expedition! He wondered if Lucitius, wherever he was, would be proud.

Phalakros quickly packed his supplies, which honestly wasn’t much, and headed for the Guild’s headquarters.


Firstly, I LOVE that sample, you're a really good writer! would totally read more if that were a book

Secondly, I think we both have a love of sci-fi, and to be honest, I would be totally down for a sci-fantasy. In hindsight, the only thing I really want to avoid is the classical 'medieval fantasy' lotr tropes, dear to my heart though they are. Otherwise, I'm open to anything.

Based off what we've both been talking about, I could see a game where both our characters are held prisoner by some force, and that is maybe where they meet?

@Serpentess health_and_safety languageChaos Shall Reign

Thank you for the compliment! I’m actually working on finishing my first novel (and I thought it was hard to begin, lol). I also have a ton of other books-in-progress, but they are actually small enough to be short stories/novelettes (Praise the word count in Documents for existing, otherwise I would’ve never known my progress). And, just to share, Phalakros is actually one of my OCs, and will be in some of the short stories I have.

I can definitely get avoiding the tropes, even the ones we love. I usually avoid the good vs. evil stories, and tend to do more vigilante, evil wins, or wanderer/explorer stories. I probably do more than just those examples, I just don’t know what they’re called. I’m fairly open to anything as well.

Ooh, sci-fi prisoners meeting each other, maybe causing chaos, maybe escaping and causing even more chaos. Evil grin, the gears are already turning. Honestly, Malcolm and his robotic race, the AI, are my only sci-fi OCs (lmao, I don’t know why he’s the only one I got, but I hope to change that), I don’t mind making rp-specific characters though.


You're most welcome! :D I wish you all the luck finishing your novel, I know how hard it is TwT I got two books into a trilogy and boy HOWDY am I stuck on the third haha. I really do think endings are among the hardest things to accomplish. Short stories are a ton of fun to write, I have a bunch as well, they fuel my novel-writing energy somehow :)

Yeah, as much as I love them, sometimes you just gotta explore new waters. I'm a BIG fan of underdog tropes, or 1 vs many, etc. Evil wins is also near and dear haha.

I'm so down!! Seems like the perfect situation for characters to be getting hurt but pushing on regardless :D Ad if you want to play a pre-made character, I'd be totally fine with that! That's what I usually do in my rps :)
Do you want to discuss world/details more before I post a character sheet?

@Serpentess health_and_safety languageChaos Shall Reign

Oh wow, you’ve already got a trilogy? That’s awesome! I’m hoping to make a trilogy, but the other two books are barely started. And I actually have the most problems with the middle, the ending is easy for me, and beginnings are more or less in between.

1 vs. many and evil wins, evil grin.

Thumbs-up, I’m already getting ideas on Malcolm’s imprisonment. My only issue with Malcolm (just in general) is he is very weak on him. He’s one of those characters that always has a ton of minions to fight for him.

And sure, I usually like to get an idea of setting and plot beforehand, though I think all we need at this point is setting.

And just to throw out some ideas for the prison-
Outerspace (like a spaceship or station)
Underground (cavern or under a city)
Underwater (maybe a station)
Traditional prison building of sorts
Floating prison (maybe even in a floating city)

Edit: Just to double check, are you alright with cursing? Malcolm technically curses a ton, but I’m fine with taming it down if needed.

And, since I forgot to mention it earlier, I’m used to straight relationships, but I have nothing against any of the other varieties. Considering though, Malcolm is actually an old man, so it’ll be interesting to see how that goes. But, I can change the character, if need be, just because he’s one of the least sociable characters I have (or is he? I love watching characters have epiphanies/mental breakdowns).


I've got the first draft of one! :D I'm pretty darn proud of them too, they took me forever to get done and they were the first thing of mine I'd written and then not hated haha

Middles are hard to plow through for sure. I wish you luck, if you do start a trilogy, they're a lot of fun!

Yesssss big fan

That's fair haha. But it could be interesting to be him anyway! If he suddenly has to function without his minions :)

Okay, lets see what we can come up with!
I'll say right now, usually I'm characters from something else, or AUs of them, I find it really hard to rp my own characters for some reason. Right now it's Doom for me, so I'll probably be one of the characters from that.

Plot wise, is there anything you're uncomfortable with? ANy triggers or subjects we should avoid? Since this is going to be pretty dark and intense.

I do like me a good old fashioned underground prison! Although, perhaps an underground prison on a floating island might be something that's not been done much before? I can see potential for interesting things there :D

@Serpentess health_and_safety languageChaos Shall Reign

Yeah, I can definitely get the ‘taking forever’ part. I’ve been working on my one story for years now. Though, it’s had some interesting things happen to it, but that’s a whole other subject.

Thumbs-up, big grin.

And, I think I had made a typo in my last post. I think I was trying to say ‘on his own’, but I think you got the gist. Anyway. Yeah, it’ll definitely be interesting to see how he reacts on his own.

Hmm, interesting. Funny thing is, I can only roleplay characters that I’ve made, whether they’re OCs or rp-specific. Lol.

No triggers. About the only thing I tend to avoid is sexually explicit stuff (mainly the act itself), otherwise nothing.

Ooh, underground prison in a floating island, very interesting.


Yes, it is a vey large task haha.

Ahhh I see that makes more sense. I'm excited to meet him!

Haha that's how my sister is! she and I rp togetherr all the time and it's always a fun contrast.

Okay, good to know! It's pretty much the same with me, I'm good with everything else. I'm mainly imagining gore and angst and other such things.

As far as the world goes, if you have one or an idea for one that fits, I'm fine with that, otherwise we can just do some quick world-building and get into it.

@Serpentess health_and_safety languageChaos Shall Reign

And I’m excited to see your character!

That’s actually cool how you and your sister have that contrast. It definitely does put a twist on things.

Cool. And hell, I usually write stuff that’s dark and bloody. I can get graphic with the gore when my brain wants to.

Um… I don’t know. I’m pretty much good with anything. Though the first ideas that come to mind are-
• A wild, forested world with a few prisons and ships that occasionally comes by to drop off prisoners/supplies.
• A highly developed world with cities and machines galore.
• Combining the two ideas somehow.

Whatever we do, I’m casual. It’s such a hard call though, and it doesn’t help that my brain just keeps making a giant list of possibilities even bigger by the second, lol.


(Psst I'm still around! Just wrapping up college applications, I should be back next week. Sorry for the silence. Feel free to bump the thread if I haven't gotten back to you by next Wednesday.)


(Thanks! Yeah, it's been crazy haha I'm still not quite done with everything, but I got the most important stuff out of the way haha)

Ooh, do you want to do both? We could have a city that is highly developed isolated in the middle of this dense, impossible to navigate forest that is legendary for being impossible to survive. Our characters could escape into that forest and have to figure out how to get through it to some other place. (Or maybe they just want to survive? Maybe there is not other place, or at least not one anyone knows about)

@Serpentess health_and_safety languageChaos Shall Reign

(You’re welcome! That’s cool. And, I definitely get how life can be crazy, so no rush, you take care of you)

Ooh! That’s sound fun! And either way works for me.

Though, an abrupt idea honestly, what if there’s a ruin hidden deep in this forest? Like an ancient advanced city that was abandoned/destroyed/whatever and just became immensely overgrown to the point of barely being seen. And… it’s could be mostly uninhabited, or maybe have some previous explorers living in it that may or may not be a bit crazy, evil grin.