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Opal walked into the living room where she had left her guests, she kindly gave Greg a glass of water then turned to the girl, "I forgot to ask, how did you want your coffee?" Iri asked her.

She also noticed the gnome, "And I never caught your name, I believe."

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Iri smiled at the gnome, "Jerick, that's a pretty name."

She turned to the Naga, "Alright, now. Any of you can stay after the storm is over, if you'd like. Although, I doubt you'd like to be away from your homes for long."

"I'll be heading to the kitchen, so you better not quarrel like children, alright." She said to Jerick and Greg, she smiled at the girl and left.

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Greg rolled her eyes, turning away. her wounded arm had stopped bleeding, so she should be able to get the loose scale out without dying of blood loss. she pulled it, and it easily came out, leaving a weird spot in her arm. a new scale would grow eventually.