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Come meet the ‘Household’. We’ve got all kinds of things here. There are a few rules though… contains weirdcore, slight horror, gore, and cursing {I may add a person limit. Just so things don’t get too rowdy} !UPDATE! 2 people can join here! I may make another update later but for now, only 2 people can join.

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This is just a rp place for you to meet mine and each other’s characters in a ‘small’ run down cottage in the woods. It may look abandoned, but trust me, it’s not. There are all kinds of people here. (About the characters) {full description will be in rp}

Goi: a short girl with a thick Irish accent. She seems like the head of the house…she does glitch a lot. Please be nice and try not to mention it unless she does. She has one eye showing. No theres no color. Just a pretty crescent moon for a pupil. She has dyed half of her brown hair green. And those green bangs hide her other eye. The ends of her hair fade to gray, along with her hands and legs.

Kathy: a tall Spanish and Greek man. Usually his white tshirts are stained red. He carries a axe with him wherever he goes. He’s the judge. He’s the one to see if you’re fit to stay in this house. If you don’t fit his standards…you might just stain his shirt.

Buba: a sweet boy, seeming to be around 5 years old. Yes he’s slightly seethrough. Don’t tell him that. He carries around a stuffed bunny, don’t touch it. Just simply say hello and ask what it’s name is. Only buba will answer. Do not look buba in the eyes. It’ll be the last thing you see. Be kind to him. Kathy is watching. It is watching…

Kiki: a very tiny girl, as big as bubas stuffed bunny. Please watch your step when walking around the house. She will be afraid of you. Don’t be alarmed though. Just simply crouch down and be as nice as possible. She really is a sweet girl once she warms up to you. Her eyes are glazed over white. Yes she can still see. Don’t bring her eyes up. Be kind to her.

Noby: they will not let you too close to goi. Goi’s their partner. Don’t ask noby why. Just follow their instructions. They understand attitude. They have it too. Just don’t be mean and you two will get along great. You may bring up their snake tattoo on their right arm. You may bring up their purple eyes.

Areon: a blond haired boy about the size of goi. His eye is a bright red with a triangle shaped pupil. He has yellow patches of skin and tons of black and gold freckles all across his skin. He has purple horns and a tail with a colored ball at the end. Do not touch him.

Jay: the only ‘normal’ person there. He has a thick Texan accent and is always around areon and kathy. Be kind to him. Kathys watching.

Noah: only shows up every now and then. They are kin to areon. She has blue spots all over his skin. They have three eyes and two of them are hidden under a blindfold. Do not touch her.

Nadea: Noah’s protector. She is a small, purple haired fairy with an attitude. She is nice and will not attack you, but she will use her words. If you upset her, protect your identity at all costs.

PæTçH: for those who have the ability to see it…it is a shadowy humanoid figure with two white holes for eyes. Do not look directly at it. It follows buba around and will become aggressive if you decide to mess with buba.

Kreo: has a rare chance of showing up…not much is known about him.

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(Alright lol, you do that; in the meantime I'll work on the new charac- WAIT - AHEM - I MEAN CHARACTER I TOTALLY ALREADY HAVE READY FOR THIS THAT IS COMPLETELY FINISHED AND AMAZING- cough cough Anyways lol)

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Name: Amelia H. is the name "she" gave "herself"; Original name is XT-313452-E:U

Age: [██████]

Race: [██████]

Gender: Female

Appearance: Amelia is a humanoid figure that stands at about 6'4". "She" has little to no color to "her" skin and hair, meaning "she" is viewed entirely in the greyscale spectrum; "her" dress is the only colorful thing about "her." "Her" hair is long and straight, and "her" skin looks like it has freckles, though it's hard to determine if that is indeed the case. Covering "her" eyes is a black, scribbled bar of jumbled code and static. "Her" outfit never changes: a medium length horizontally striped dress reminiscent of a TV error screen (, platform boots that add 3 inches to "her" height and fingerless gloves.



Other: If one tries to look directly at "her", their vision will turn black and their hearing will become overly sensitive. In certain cases, blindness and deafness can occur. Do not directly acknowledge "her" presence. If you try, you will die. You can converse with "her" via a mirror or some other such reflective surface, but you should not try to look directly at "her" even then, as it can cause nausea and vertigo. Any photos that you take of "her" will result in a picture filled with static and multiple strange symbols that, when acknowledged, will jump off the photo and surround you. Do not be alarmed, they will disappear once you fall asleep. In case of you hear a faint humming noise when near "her", similar to the buzz of a hornets nest, evacuate everyone within a 3 kilometer radius and call ███-███-████ for removal of "her."

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(Yeah! Though "she" is contained by an independent organisation similar to the SCP Foundation; Xenilo Technological Advancment and Refinement - XTAR - which is just a cover for the more shadowy Xenilo Glitch Correction and Containment Agency, or XGCCA for short.)

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(Huh- nice! Also little spoiler, none of my ocs except for jay are human. Buba is a ghost and kathy is classified as the living dead. You’ll learn his backstory later. As for now, where would you like to start? Should she stumble into their house? Ill also give a description on the house from outside to inside and the place surrounding it.)

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(Amelia finding the house would be a pretty good way to start, yeah; but having a sort of intro of scenery and whatnot would be pretty good 👍)

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Deep in the woods..where it seemed as if no life resided…stood a small, rundown cottage in a small clearing. Green grass and a few trees were the only other thing around the house. The porch had several holes and it seemed if you fell through, you’d keep falling for eternity. The moss covered door had a very rusty handle, making the door look like it would not even budge if you tried to open it. Muddy footprints covered the deck and there seemed to be…blood stains…? Maybe not. Maybe just mold. Hopefully. The windows were broken, but it seemed that the glass was swept up to the side.

As for the inside…this was to be figured out by the explorer.

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Amelia slowly crinkles and crackles her way through the trees, the faint scent of static accompanying her as she tries to find somewhere that can provide shelter. The sounds of faint and distorted radio announcments also seem to emanate from her as she tries her best to keep quiet in the deep and dark forest, where no life seemed to reside save the faint skitters of small rodents through the underbrush and the occasional rustle of invisible wings.

She pushes her way through a particularly dense section of briars which smell like black licorice before ending up in a clearing with an old, dark and rundown cabin.

Pausing for only a second, she rushes towards it, avoiding the infinite abysses beneath the porch's holes. She tries to open the door but fails miserably, so she's left with no other alternative: glitch through the door.

Inside, it was very dusty and dark, and the combined smells of decaying plant and animal matter, the sound of wind faintly whispering through cracks in the cabin's walls and the faint feeling of being watched made it very clear that this place was very clearly haunted in some way.

She walks to the middle of the room and stands there, still emmitting that distorted radio noise and that faint smell of static.

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A young looking girl walks up to her, smiling. “Hello…” Her voice seeming to glitch slightly. Her body was covered in glitches and her one showing eye seemed to produce moonlight. “Are you lost?” She asks softly, her motherly tone echoed through the empty sounding house. She had a mix of modern and Victorian clothing. A short black dress with a puffy white undershirt. A green and black pair of platform shoes and green corset. She had on a pentacle pendant and several other pieces of jewelry. “I can help you inside if you want.”

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Amelia turns to look at the young girl.

"Inside? Inside where? I think we're all already inside. After all, is there a clearly defined inside or outside in this case? From my point of view, you're both inside and outside at the same time." she says blankly, sounding almost like static on an old recording.

"And I should also point out, aren't I already 'inside,' by your definition of the word? After all, I'm in the cabin - there's no other doors or anything, though I can see a sort of parallel place to this place." she sighs, which sounds like dust and an old VHS recording.

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She smiles, “This is not actually the inside of our house. It is only a diversion for any unknown travelers. If you’d like…you can come and meet the family. I’m sure they’d love to have some new company.” She starts walking back to the door, her shoes gently clunking against the floor. “My name is Goi. What’s your name, lass?”

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"'Unknown travelers. . .' 'the family. . .' 'new company. . .'" Amelia repeats quietly, her voice shifting subtly to be less blank and more colored.

"Sure. I have nowhere else to go, nothing else to do, no other place that can allow me to properly exist without existential fear devouring me and the world around me." she replies.

"I'm. . . Amelia. At least, that's what I call myself. The others, they called me XT-313452-E:U. The ones that try to hurt me and keep me caged. They're mostly insane or dead now. I broke them, I think. It's hard to remember. . ." she says, her voice trailing off into the void from which she came from, that place of 0s and 1s and lines upon lines of code.

"I can't keep track of anything, really. Too much information to process at once. You're. . . one of the stranger bits of code I've seen. Like me. Broken. A 'glitch,' as they would call it. But isn't everyone just a glitch, an imperfection in the face of ████████████?" Amelia states abruptly as she starts to follow Goi. The last word she states comes out as a block of white, a censor. As a matter of fact, if one were to look closely, faint traceries of all the words she says stain the air as she talks.

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Goi hums, “Oh…yeah…I don’t remember how I became like this. I used to live in the 1700s. First I was taking a stroll in the woods and the next thing I know…I’m like this.” She pauses, then smiles. “Anyway!” She walks outside, waiting for Amelia. “It is very nice to meet you.” She shuts the door, then opens it again, walking into a bright light. Inside the house, was completely different. Modern furniture was placed around the house and the inside looked so much bigger, almost unending. “Welcome.” She motions for Amelia to come in.

A small child’s voice could be heard. “Mommy?”

Goi smiles, “Coming! We have company!”