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In the celebration that Disney+ is recreating the Percy Jackson series into a tv show, I propose that we all return to Camp Half-blood. This rp will forever remain open because children of the gods are discovered every day. I will be the guide on any activities or games (ultimately choosing who wins and whatnot). I will also be ringing the meal times. Besides that, it is mostly up to you what you want to do and where you want to go. Do remember, that actions do have consequences. If your character gets caught, there will be punishments. Like chores and stuff.

You're not gods, your powers will be restricted if I believe you are too strong.
Please be literate. And please write a couple of sentences so it's easier to reply to.
Let's get lots of diversity and sexuality and genders, please.
You can have a maximum of two characters.
You must reply at least once a day. If you will not be active for a certain amount of days, give me a heads up.
I am limiting how many people are children of the big three. Hera has no children and neither does Artemis. You can, however, be a hunter.
You can be injured. If you are in a fight, you won't be left unscathed. So put your pride aside and let your character get a little hurt. I will control, however, any serious injuries, with your permission of course.
If you would like to be the oracle, ask, please. I will ask for a sample "prophecy." If I like it, you shall be the oracle.

Character form:
Godly Parent:
Powers (if any):
Short Backstory:


Name: Wendigo "Wendi"
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Godly Parent: Hecate
Weapon(s): Two twin celestial bronze daggers
Powers (if any): She can control the mist
Appearance: She has short black hair that she refuses to let it grow longer than her chin. Her eyes are a deep brown color and her skin is a natural tan. She has freckles on her face and shoulders along with a few scars that she hides beneath her clothes. She stands at around 5'.
Personality: She's a fairly quiet girl, but that's just because she's naturally shy. However, over the years she's opened a lot more and made a few connections with other campers. Over the years, she's also learned to stand up for herself. She's nowhere close to how she was when she first came to camp.
Short Backstory: She's been at camp since she was 11 and refuses to talk about where she was before that. So that's all you're getting.


Name: Amelia Braxton
Age: Sixteen
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/her
Sexuality: Straight
Godly Parent: Aphrodite
Weapon(s): Bow & arrow, short sword
Powers (if any): none
Appearance: Amelia has gorgeous, waist-length, blonde hair. It falls in almost perfect waves. Her skin is a smooth, golden tan, her blue eyes sparkle in the light. Her lips are plump with a cute button nose. She's a fairly average height for a woman. Her body is nicely curved, her hips sway with every step she takes. She certainly has her mother's beauty.
Personality: While her looks are beautiful, she has let that go a little bit to her head. She is not the kindest nor the sweetest. She can be a bit rude, especially when you get in her way. She knows how to use her looks. She has a blunt mouth. She does as she pleases, and saying no to her only makes her do it more. Her friends, while few, get to see a different side of her. Blunt still, yes, but she will stand up for them against anyone. She won't let anyone hurt her friends. And words are her greatest weapon. There's a kindness to her that only a few people get to see. She is not a fighter. She's never claimed to be a fighter. Her archery is rather accurate but she shouldn't be getting into any close-up combat. She knows the basics and nothing more.
Short Backstory: She grew up in a rich household. She was neglected mostly as a child, raised by nannies. However, she went through quite a few. No nanny wanted to stay with her long. She was a horrible child. Not that she isn't still horrible.


Name: Nicolas "Nick" Hall
Age: Seventeen
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/him
Sexuality: Bisexual
Godly Parent: Nemesis
Weapon(s): dual swords
Powers (if any): Manipulate shadows
Appearance: Nicolas has raven black hair. It falls in little curls on top of his head. He has beautiful green eyes that pierce through the night. He has sharp cheekbones and jaw, as well as a strong nose. He towers at about six feet tall. He has an athletic build to him. He has creamy pale skin. Shadows always seem to coil themselves around him.
Personality: Nick chooses to keep to himself. He prefers the company of shadows to those of the demigods. As the son of Nemesis, he has a particular problem with getting revenge. Last time it went too far, and since then, he's sworn to keep to himself. He can snippy and rude when anyone tries to speak to him. A wall would be better company than he is.
Short Backstory: He has been living at camp half-blood since he was twelve. He has chosen not to go back home, it's not like his father would miss him anyways.

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Name: Eden Amir

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Pronouns: she/her, they/them

Sexuality: Demisexual

Godly Parent: Dionysus

Weapon(s): Two celestial bronze daggers and a bow with arrows

Powers (if any): they can control vines and grow fruits and vegetables (they work better if they're grown on vines), and if they're focused long enough (or if they're really, really mad), they can give people small fits of insanity.

Appearance: Eden has black shoulder-length wavy hair. She always cuts it whenever it starts going past her shoulders. In her opinion, longer hair makes it easier for a mortal, a monster, or a god to attack you by using your hair. It has happened to her before. She has stormy grey eyes which sometimes change to a lighter shade of grey. She likes to think that the grey changes with her mood. She has a natural tan and she has some freckles sprinkled on her shoulders and on her face. She's about 5'7 but with hightops or anything that has a tall platform, she's about 5'8, nearing 5'9.

Personality: Eden tries to pull off an intimidating and mean aura, which sometimes they pull off, and other times they fail miserably. They're sarcastic and will sometimes be snippy at you for no reason other than because they feel like it. They try to push new people away because they don't want to end up getting hurt, but the few people who manage to become their friends know that they're a loyal person who would defend their friends til death. Once you get to know them, they're a sweet person with a horrible sweet tooth who tries not to get attached to people so much.

Short Backstory: Eden was sent to foster care when she was about five years old when her mother died from an overdose. She would have been sent to her aunt but she told the authorities that she wouldn't take care of "a bastard child who had a slut for a mother". They were sent from foster family to foster family, most of whom neglected Eden and made sure that they knew they weren't loved or cared for. She ran away from her foster family when she was nine and has been at the camp ever since.

Update: i forgot to add that Eden considers both Chiron and Dionysus as like….fathers? Chiron found it sweet and somewhat amusing and Dionysus jokingly said that he might disown them. Or, at least Eden thinks it was jokingly. With gods one can never know. It's not really relevant but yeah, it's something that's part of her character.


Name: Dove Sokolov
Age: 15
Gender: female
Sexuality: questioning, but probably ace-spec
Godly Parent: Apollo
Weapon(s): bow and arrow, celestial bronze dagger
Powers (if any): healing, medicinal knowledge, and able to cause sickness, though this is limited (I kinda wanna see this power grow throughout the rp)
Appearance: she’s albino, so she’s got pure white hair in a bob cut and milky skin, and pale periwinkle eyes. 5’1 and has a pear-shaped body. She doesn’t really like to wear the orange t-shirt, so you’ll often see her in blacks, greys, or blues.
Personality: INFP- an idealist, calm and reserved on the outside, passionate on the inside. Driven by her morality, and often drifts into deep thought. Quiet and introverted. Very sensitive and sometimes impractical. Ironically not a morning person. Will sing her favorite songs like there’s no tomorrow. Keeps a journal where she writes poetry or just gets her feelings out.
Short Backstory: Dove’s mom died when she was three years old and has been raised by her grandmother. They were opposites in almost every way, which caused some friction between them. Grandma wanted to shape Dove into the person she wanted her to be, and she would constantly point out the things she didn’t like about Dove. This only started happening as it did when she was around 10 to 11 years old, however, and they did share many happy memories and loved each other. But by the time she was around 13, she struggled with anxiety and perfectionism.
One day, she and grandma were getting groceries when grandma started complaining that her hip was hurting. Dove instinctively put her hand on it, and healed her hip. (Still figuring out the details) They’re found by monsters, and Dove manages to fend them off, but this random boy ultimately saves them. The boy and Dove manage to take grandma back to their home, and privately, the boy reveals himself to be Dove’s guardian satyr, who’s name is Ash. He tells her about CHB and all that, and they manage to make it from Nebraska all the way to New York, and eventually to CHB.

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