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I don't know why I keep doing this because every time I make one of these it dies but I'm gonna try something a little different and maybe this time it will work better.

There was a reason even the great, mighty Zeus was afraid of Nyx. Nyx, the primordial goddess of night. She had the power to bring death upon all humankind. The death of mortals meant the death of gods. They needed mortals to worship them to keep them alive. Without worship, the gods faded from existence. It was for that reason she was untouchable. For that reason, the great Zeus himself, king of the gods, left her be. He knew better than to tangle with the very goddess that could cause his own death.

But someone did.

Someone has taken one of her sons, Hypnos. All evidence points to one of the gods of the twelve. One of them took her son and she will unleash her fury if he is not returned to her. Night will fall and death will be unleashed. She has given the council fourteen days to return her son to her. A very generous offer, before she unleashes her power.

A prophecy has been given:
Five shall answer the goddess' call
All are spawns of the gods of twelve
To the west they will haul
Into the rockies they themselves
Must go. To find the god
They so desire, into Echidna's cave they must seek.
The mother of monster you must prod
She must be the one to speak.
Listen closely, listen clawed,
Or you will never find your sleep.

Welcome to Camp Half-Blood where teenagers are sent on deadly quests. Including me, there will be five us of total, all children of the twelve Olympians. Obviously not Hera or Artemtis as neither of them have demigods. This will start just before the prophecy is given. I do have a few rules however.


  1. andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)'s rules apply
  2. Be nice to one another at least out of character.
  3. No god mode. Just because you have powers doesn't mean you can't get hurt
  4. Character's age range between 13-17 please
  5. I will be the one guiding where this goes even if my character isn't "in charge"
  6. Please write at least 3-5 sentences. It is very hard to go off of one liners. The more you write the better but at least 3-5.

Character sheet:
Godly parent:
Powers, if any:


(Haha I don't mind. I love your style. As long as you don't mind having a younger character. I've only rped ya with you. But don't over do it so if it's too much don't worry about it.)

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(Haha I don't mind. I love your style. As long as you don't mind having a younger character. I've only rped ya with you. But don't over do it so if it's too much don't worry about it.)

(all my folks are age variable, shouldn't be a problem. And it's not going to overdo it, I dont think. As long as there's more people and the plot doesn't depend on me specifically, which im sure it wont here :)

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(ummmmmmmmmmmmm… i think im in too many rps already. i dont think i can handle another one. thx for the offer tho)


Name: Amelia Braxton
Age: Sixteen
Sexuality: Straight
Godly parent: Aphrodite
Powers, if any: None
Weapons: Short sword
Appearance: Amelia has long, blonde hair that has a natural shine to it. It falls to about her mid-ribs and she's always styling it. The only time anyone ever sees her with unstyled hair is if she's just gone for a swim. She's about average height, standing about 5'5. She has a naturally athletic build and training at camp has only helped build her curves. Her eyes are a beautiful, vibrant blue. She has naturally long, curled lashes. She has a button nose and sculpted cheeks. She's almost always wearing some type of makeup. She keeps up with the trends and her outfit is always looking good. She takes great pride in her appearance. Maybe too much pride.
Personality: Amelia knows she is pretty and that's gone to her head. Sometimes she thinks she is better than everyone else. Well, to her, she knows she is better than everyone else. She can be a bit judgmental at first glance. She likes to gossip and judge people. But it's all a front for the insecure girl she truly is. She's self-conscious of the way she looks. She's constantly looking over her shoulder, thinking that everyone is laughing at her. If she tries hard enough, she hopes that one day she will think she's as pretty as she says is. That one day she will be as good as everyone else. The few people she does let in close enough to know the real her know that she can be kind and caring in her own way. And she'll stick up for her friends against anyone. She doesn't let anyone hurt them and she's not afraid to get their hands dirty for them. The only time she's willing to risk breaking a nail.
Backstory: Amelia's father was a rich man, a businessman. He's the CEO of some well-off company she couldn't never must herself to learn the name of. She had been an accident, unwanted. Her birth had not stopped her father from pursuing his career. She was left at home with nannies and maids to tend to her and the house while he was off doing his job. He never once looked back at her and the only time she got his attention was when she acted out. So she learned to act out a lot. She would go through nannies left and right just to get his attention. Just for him to come home and talk to her. But eventually being a demigod caught up to her and a monster attacked when she was thirteen. A satyr saved her and brought her to Camp and that's where she's been ever since. Her father thinks she is at some year-round boarding school or some other. He never even realize the only time his bank account was touched was when she was buying something. He never bothered to check if he was actually paying for an expensive boarding school. It was a good thing she hadn't been kidnapped, he would have never known.

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Name: Eric Arturo. He goes by either one interchangeably.

Age: 14.

Sexuality: Straight? As far as he knows? He's not entirely sure.

Godly parent: Hephaestus

Powers, if any: Gifted with the ability to move/manipulate rock/metal/ceramics. Technologically minded as well, though not quite technopathic.

Weapons: A pair of Caestus, studded around the knuckles, extending up to his elbows.

Appearance: 5'10", stocky and muscular, dusky skin but red-headed. Big, brown eyes and hands roughened by all his work with stone complete his look. He's not particularly good looking, but his face has a perpetual gentle expression, even when he's irritated.

Personality: Fairly quiet, but sharp witted when he chooses to speak up. Gentle, exudes a quiet strength that helps calm and stabilize others. Typically does better with his machines than with people. Loves his mother very much, and is warm even with people he doesn't know, like many Hispanics. He tends to be pretty protective in a dangerous situation. Generally unassuming, though he's comfortable with his abilities. He's not sure who he is or who he should be, and that sometimes causes him to lash out, but he's not a generally violent person.

Backstory: The Legend of Erichthonius, in short. He was raised in the temple of Athena, for many long years. His birth had been a result of a heinous attempt by his father to force himself on Athena, and in order to protect Erichthonius from this truth, he was kept a child, innocent and unknowing. However, as the years past with Erichthonius keeping his eternal youth so long as he stayed in the temple, even his child spirit began to grow restless.
So Athena placed him far away from the temple, in the home of a woman who had wanted a child, a Margerite Arturo. The goddess wiped his memories, and told Margerite his name was Eric. He was raised there, with Margerite as his mother.
That was 10 years ago. The small child grew and became a young man, and his powers began to show and blossom. Hephaestus had not even realized he'd had Erichthonius in all this time, but when a young mortal began showing signs of the touch from the Smith of Olympus, he got curious, and sent a message to the boy in the form of a cunningly crafted puzzle-box. Eric was able to solve it, and learned the story of his heritage that way. It messed him up a bit.
He wound up at Camp Half-blood after his mother admitted she didn't know how to help him move forward with his life. They were poor, and he was never going to have all the opportunities he should have, or all the help. She sent him where she thought he would live up to his potential, a place that had been suggested to her long before. Eric writes her letters often. He's still trying to work through all of that mess.

Other: Speaks Spanish, sometimes has trouble with his English.