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Hundreds of years had passed since the war with Hybern. Since then, all the courts had learned to make peace with one another (It helped that Eris was now High Lord of Autumn), all except the Spring court. No one had reached out to Tamlin, all too focused on his betrayal in the war. It was very rare that word slipped out of Spring. There had been few that had returned to their court. It had taken longer still for the High Lord to return to his fae form. It was rumored that he had a daughter from Calanmai, but no one dared to venture to Spring to confirm it.
The Night Court had been perfectly content with letting the Spring Court rot. The problem being, Nyx, their firstborn child, was very insistent that they make reparations with Spring. It took time, but he finally wore down his parents to agree. And so they sent a messenger to agree upon a date to visit Spring and make peace. They weren't expecting anyone to reply, but someone did. And now, they were on their way to the Spring Court.

This is a, the children of the Spring and Night Court end up being mates, which kinda causes Tamlin, and Feyre and Rhys to accept each other and move on (not that we are really focusing on that part). I haven't roleplayed in forever and I just kinda want to get back into writing.

I'm looking for someone to play Nyx (why sjm chose that name we will never know).

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