forum Broadway RP, Anyone? (OPEN!)

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I haven't seen very many broadway musicals at all… The ones I know are Hamilton, Newsies, Les Mis, Ride the Cyclone, Dear Evan Hansen, The Pirates of Penzance, The Phantom of the Opera, My Fair Lady, The Scarlet Pimpernel and Guys and Dolls. (And feel free to recommend musicals for me to watch! I'm going to start a list! Some of the musicals on my list are Six, Heathers, Be More Chill, and Wicked.)

So, yeah, If you would like to rp maybe pick one of those, cause they're the only ones I've seen so far.

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Name: Angela Jackson
Age: 24
Gender/pronouns: female, she/her
Sexuality: bisexual
Shipping: yes
Appearance: she has a very distinctive jaw line, her face being over all skinny it's almost an oval shape. Her eyebrows are expressive and neatly plucked, they're more of a square shape And her eyes have almost an almond shape to them
Angelas hair is long and straight, a chocolate brown color to it. Her hair is healthy to the point where it shines in the sun and she has no split ends. T. She has no specific hair cut to it, letting it grow naturally. There are some layers to it and she has never once dyed it.
Alex weighs 150 lbs, standing at 5'5". Her skin tone is a medium taupe, having a natural tan to her skin. she's fit and energetic. Her waist is slimmer in shape, being an hourglass figure,"
Personality: shes kind of a loner she's productive and extremely protective of the people she cares about do it's best not to get on her friends bad sides she's a good person to have on your side in a fight she knows how to protect herself from past experiences she
Backstory: //TW// Angela was a very troubled child she spent most of her life in an abusive family which went on for years until she was finally released from the torture, she doesn't ever talk about it unless she trusts the person she's confiding she's never gotten professional help she doesn't believe in therapy she believes it's no help for what she's been through

Angela hadn't exactly been prepared for the apocalypse once she headed out to get supplies every one around here was either dead or left the stores were stripped of food and medicine everything that could have been useful to her was her car that was was stolen from her driveway and the only thing she had was a backpack with very little supplies in it she limped along the road her hair blowing in her face due to the slight breeze she shivered a little her eyes tired but vigilant she was on her way to a nearby gas station hoping to find foood water anything that could help she was walking for about an hour or so before she sae headlights and a spark of hope lit up inside her she straightened herself up a bit before waving her hand "hey! Please stop I need some help! " She stopped in her tracks so she didn't pose a threat but kept her hands up hopefully whoever saw her would stop give her direction food anything she was desperate and alone she just needs help the wound in her leg was burning like hell and she was worried it was infected I mean yeah bullets hurt but this burned she needed some type of meds. the RV pulled to a stop and a man popped his head out with a run pointed straight at her "are you infected? " his tone was sharp and demanding which was understandable seeing the situation he just put himself in. Angela quickly shook her head and motioned to her leg "n-no it's a bullet wound I just need some kind of medicine please I'm begging you!" 'this is it this is how I'm going to die he doesn't believe me he's gonna shoot me fuck I need to run but I can't I can barely walk…"