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I just got this idea from another thing I saw on here and thought it would be fun- feel free to leave a character sheet! And yes it’s a zombie like apocalypse.

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(Do y'all mind if I join? I have a bunch of characters who would be good for this setting since I'm writing a zombie apocalypse story, and I'm always down for an apocalyptic rp)

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Name: Trianna Gast

Age: 31

Sexuality: Bisexual


Face and general body shape:

Height: 5'4"

Personality: Despite her looks she's actually pretty calm and cool, like nature's brightly colored poisonous/venomous inventions. But just like those inventions, threaten her and you'll see just how dangerous she is. She's a nice woman, loves people and enjoys good jokes. Loves to eat - she loves to cook, actually - and loves animals. She loves working out and boxing.

Backstory: Not really much beyond her blindness; born to lower middle class family, with 4 siblings. She was diagnosed with glaucoma at age 6, when she was complaining of a constant headache. Since her family was poor, they couldn't treat it, so she slowly lost first her periphreal vision then her central vision. She started learning braile at age 9, when she could barely see much out of the corners of her eyes but before her central vision had started to cloud.

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Name/any nicknames: Tohru Yamakawa (a select few people use Ru as an affectionate nickname, Yama is a more impersonal nickname)
Age: 26
Gender/pronouns: Cis man, he/him
Sexuality: Gay
Personality: A little cold and gruff at first, can come off as sarcastic and rude, but he's really just a bit anxious when meeting new people. Once shown kindness, he is quick to warm up. He is a very practical person and likes to think through options before making decisions, but he is not overly analytical and believes gut instincts have a lot of value. He is an introvert and has a good amount of creativity and strategy bouncing around in his head. That said, he occasionally has his head in the clouds and misses things. He prefers to make plans before taking action, but is capable of making on-the-fly decisions if absolutely necessary. He's a lot tougher than he seems. A very cautious person.
Appearance: Long, straight black hair, usually tied back into a low bun, Thin and angular face shape, well-defined jaw, narrow upturned dark brown eyes, well-groomed eyebrows, very clean-shaven and clearly taken care of, 5'10, tan complexion with cooler undertones, lean and fit
Background: He was surprisingly quick to abandon his (estranged) family when everything happened. He opted to try protecting his friends instead, but eventually, the group split and dwindled, and here he is, the last one left. He had to mercy-kill the person he was in love with (however this fits in to this setting!). Prior to the apocalypse, he was about to finish college and was actually doing very well for himself after years of struggling :///
Outfits: he usually wears slimmer-fitting pants and raglan tees, with a preference for a darker color palette. He has a plain black sweatshirt that he uses when it's colder
Hobbies/talents: He's an artist, carries around a little sketchbook. He's a proficient fighter and has a knack for strategy.
Weaknesses: Quick to blame himself, sometimes has trouble forming deep, meaningful relationships with others
Other: Has generalized anxiety. Was medicated and in therapy for a good while, but with the apocalypse and all that, he's out of luck. He gets panic attacks- definitely less than he used to, but they still happen from time to time. He also seems constantly on edge and exhausted otherwise.

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(Oh nice! Ok here’s mine!)

Name: Cathal
Age: 24
Gender: cis male
Sexuality: bisexual
Personality: definitely has ptsd and tons of anxiety from the apocalypse. But also from past trauma that he has long ‘forgotten’. He seems incredibly shy and even defensive at first and if slow to warm up to people. Since he hasn’t been around people for so long, he had unmasked his obvious symptoms of adhd and autisim.
Looks: has a very muscular build and stands at exactly 6ft tall. He tends to wear dark colors to blend in with his environment.
Weakness: his mental disorders cause frequent panic attacks and this also causes him to rarely exit his small bunker. He never really learned how to prevent these panic attacks and meltdowns, so he just keeps to himself for most of the day.
Strengths: he is an excellent fighter and great at self defense. Is is also crafty and has learned to make all his weapons.
Other: he has a service dog that he has had for only a few years. He keeps the dog safe in his bunker and will sometimes take the dog out for walks around the safe perimeter.