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Gotta snap 'em up quick out here :)

I'm totally down for either, but I may or may not have checked out your profile, and saw you like sea creatures? Maybe an ocean fantasy vibe? Atlantis, mermaids, Cecaelia, sea witches- that kind of stuff?
If that doesn't strike your fancy, the urban fantasy would be fun to try. But your call! :)

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Hell yeah ocean fantasy

I have a shapeshifting race of sea creatures
Or somewhat less fantasy water wielder pirates
Or the last Megalodon or-
Actually, I don't think I have anyone that doesn't connect to water in any way. Silly me.

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Job * :
Age: (somewhere in their early twenties, or around there)

*For the job, it'd be stuff like fisherpeople, architects (or diggers, depending on the type of sea creature they're based on), kelp farmers, etc, etc.

Will have mine up shortly

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Name: Celio Calzolari
Job: Kelp farmer. This makes him sound a little dull until you take into account that he also has to drive other sea creatures out of his family's farms. Usually by force (unless they're otters. then he lets them be)
Age: 19 whale migrations old
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual, prefers men
Looks: He's a Squidfolk. His hair is purple, with bioluminescent white horizontal stripes. His hair leaves his head in tentacle-like sections (kinda like the Togruta from Star Wars, but with much more montrals (tentacle-like things). They're also much skinnier. He usually ties them back. His skin is a pale purple, and there are bioluminescent designs all over him, mostly on his fins, hands and head. They're patterns designed to make him look like a school of fish when he swims in the dark. His tail is at least four times as long as his torso, and it's also purple. His tail is like the tentacles of a vampire squid; all connected by a thin layer of skin. There are small teeth/suckers that line the inside of his tentacles, and it looks a bit like a dress when it's not flared. On the end of each tentacle is a glowing blue light. His fingers have a few suckers on them and are longer than normal. His eyes are a sea-blue and he wears gold bracelets, one on each wrist. Only two marks a farmer.
Likes: He really likes sea otters, or aquatic mammals in general (other than a few of the Seafolk clans). He knits, which goes by especially quickly when he has eight tentacles and two hands to do it. He likes to eat crabs, and when it's an exceptionally dull day, he'll sit and draw pictures in the sand for hours.
Dislikes: He hates how bright the sun is Above, how most people assume he's a girl because his tentacles look like a dress and the occasional pieces of metal and/or plastic that scare away the sea otters from his family's farm.
Hobbies: He studies and tries to befriend the sea otters around his family's farm. He knits and makes his own yarn from the leftover kelp his family can't sell. He also likes to sing.

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Name: Kavo Vathis
Job: Military, like most Karcaon. Specifically is a message runner.
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Ace
Looks: Karcaon are crab people. They have 6 crab legs, attached to a round carapace. A humanoid upper torso extends from the lower carapace, ending in a humanoid head. There is a set of crab arms, one big pincer and a more delicate grabber, and two humanoid arms with normal fingers. The body has a spine like normal. There is an upper carapace that comes up and over a Karcaon's head like a hood, and is as big around as the smaller one. This gives the appearance of the shell opening like a clam shell, with a person inside. Kavo is 5' tall and weighs about 220lbs. Carapaces are heavy. His torso and arms are muscular. He has no hair, since his upper carapace covers the top of his head, but he does have a dark brown beard. His carapace is a red orange color, and his skin is tanned. He has bright green eyes and a small nose, and his body is covered in scars from various battles.
Likes: Travelling, music, meeting members of other species, getting into friendly fights
Dislikes: Being tied down, the cold
Hobbies: He carves rocks in his spare time
Background: The Karcaon are a very versatile people. Their carapaces are very thick, pressure and temperature resistant, so they can live in the freezing cold depths or on the surface in the sun. They are also a very militant culture, providing much of the military might and police forces for the nations they're a part of. Kavo is no different. He is friendly and protective, and loves running messages all over the place. He swims and runs quickly, making him a very sought after courier.