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So do I, MxM it is.
I have a charcter filled out already, but here’s the few things I require.

Name: Cyrin Duntol (Kai-rin Dun-tol)
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Eyes) Dark, but somehow warm, brown eyes
Hair) Brown with hints of gold and black.
Skin) Light Olive
Height) 5’9
Weight) 149lbs
Body Type) Lean
Personality: Cyrin is usually a mellow person, not much temper, and can handle pretty much anything you throw at him. He can sometimes see through lies, but this really only works with people he knows very well. When backed in a corner though, Cyrin will lash out at anyone and anything. He doesn't take kindly to bring emotionally, physically or mentally in a corner. He also has the way of doing things dramatically and making dramatic movments sometimes.
-Dancing; He loves dancing, especially to music. He has a fluid way of moving.
-Music; Music makes him feel alive and a want to get up and move.
-Drawing; This is what he does to relax and calm down from long days.
-Liars; He hates the idea that someone could lie to another person.
-Bright Lights; The flash startles him, and he dislikes being startled.
-Sudden and Loud Noises; As well, this startles him.
-Dancing; He will dance any moment he gets, in public or in private.
-Drawing; This becomes one of the main focuses in his life, but eventually gets pushed to the sideline, but he’ll still do it often after a long day of work.
-Cleaning; For some reason, he finds it fun.
-Dancing; He’s just naturally good at it.
-Drawing; Though nowhere near his dancing skills, he’s still pretty good at it.
-Catching onto a Beat or Tempo; Give him a random song and almost instantly he catches onto the beat and can tell you the tempo the song was most likely played at.
-He’s afraid that all his hard work and the money he’s spent on his career will be for nothing and he’ll loose it all.
-He’s irrationally afraid of man made heights.
-He’s afraid of getting his hear broken.
Mental: N/A
Physical: Besides his fluid ses when he moves, there’s nothing else.
Background: Cyrin grew up in a supportive and healthy home. His mother was a stay at home mom, enjoying being close to her kids, and helping their lives as much as possible. His father went to work and made the money, but not much of it, and defiantly not enough. So, when Cyrin was about 10 or 11, he started to babysit the neighbors kids, instilling a protective instinct for those who are younger than him and an early sense of responsibility. It was also about the time he learned his love of dancing. Cyrin uses his pay to help out the family and slowly saved up enough money for dance classes, he took ballet to start off with He would also work at the dance studio to help pay for his lessons when he didn’t have enough money.
When he was about 12, he also discovered he loved to draw, but this was third to his love of dancing and music, but he still found he was very good at drawing and he invested more money into this skill. At this point, he had no Mandy for anything else in life, but he was still content.
When he was 16, he got his first job at a pizza place and worked hard, slowly saving up money throughout high school to get him into collage. He decided to go to collage for art and learn the other forms of dancing that he wanted (Pole, ballroom and contemporary).
Cyrin went to collage, but eventually fell out of in only a semester in, following his dancing career. He’s still in training, but sometimes he’ll do street performances to make a little extra cash to pay for his classes, food and rent for his apartment.
Other: N/A


Name: Adam Insert Last Name Here when I come up with one
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Personality: Upbeat and happy, he's pretty outgoing and loves parties, he's broadway-obsessed and wants to be a famous actor someday.
History: His parents got divorced when he was really young, so he went to live in New York with his mom. That's where he discovered his love for theatre.
Likes: Parties, plays, hanging out with friends
Dislikes: Being alone, Waking up early