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I came up with a story idea recently and I realized it could make a cool RP!

So here's the deal–
You character(s) (you can have up to two) were initiated into the Amnesiac Project from age 5 ten years ago. (we can have some flexibility here, but that's the average age) The project was to see how much amnesiacs could recover after a complete memory wipe- no name, nothing. Seems pretty simple, harmless. Right?
But shortly before their memory wipe, some of the kids discovered something else, something that hinted at a more sinister purpose behind the tests. They left clues for themselves in a written letter, a recorded video message and a box of belongings with sentimental weight. (so each kid, before the wipe, got to write a letter record a message and assemble a box for themselves.)
some references that might make some things more understandable:
-Maze Runner: they get their memory wiped for the purpose of some test thing.
-Firefly/Serenity: the show and sequential movie features a girl, River Tam, who was trained and mentally enhanced to become a super-human-weapon. if you've seen the show or movie, excellent! if not, its okay. you'll get there.
-Stranger Things: our kids in the RP grew up much like Eleven, and some may have small abilities similar to Dr. Brenner's special children.
hope those references made sense😅🥲

there are eight children, but not all of them have to be filled. I can play those that are more minor characters in passing if necessary.

not much. andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)'s rules, ig. swearing's fine, idc. id like for detailed responses, but writing out a huge page isn't necessary– just don't one-sentence if you can help it. no adultery, these are mostly gonna be kids; maybe one like 18-yr-old. im fine with shipping, im hoping for it actually! I want my girlie to fall in love then her boi gets killed or something, that would be fun.

if I forgot anything, ill add it later.

pls, dont hesitate to ask questions! I want to flesh out this thing cause its also gonna be a story. im not writing what happens in the RP, just writing and RPing with the same character in the same place.

here's the cast:(so far!)

  • Rio (Serenity)
  • Juniper (Serenity)
  • Belladonna (Clover)
  • Quinn (Phrog King)
  • Iris (Phrog King)
  • Zachary (viper)
  • Hex (Maglo)

@Serenity88 group

in case you dont have a character page! here's a character sheet

been part of the experiment for X years
specialties: (reading people, strategizing, etc. small powers like Matilda and watered-down powers like Eleven are allowed, just dont go overboard)
general appearance:

anything else cause im bad at making character sheets:

@Serenity88 group

my characters:

(for the record, im good with shipping both/either of them)

@Serenity88 group

Rio knew what was coming. She had known for weeks, tried to mentally prepare. But she was still scared. Scared they might be able to see into her mind as they proceeded and find what she had found, know what she had done…
The caretaker in front of her was walking heavily, clumsily. He was a tall, broad man with stringy pale hair. He didn't look back at her to check whether she was still following, but she knew he was listening for her footsteps behind him.
Her soft, thin shirt shuffled softly as she turned her head to follow the passing window of her best friend Juniper's room. Juniper was not in sight, but the porthole was small and the room spread out beyond what she could see in passing.
A turn in the hallway ahead. A sharp, 90-degree angle where the caretaker would be out of sight for approximatly three strides, and the acoustics would help disguise her footsteps.
He turned the corner, turning his head more to watch her from the corner of his eye– he seemed to sense her tension.
She wheeled on her heel, whisking her hair in its spray of jet black around as her head whipped back the way she came. The caretaker immediately heard her, and his feet stampeded loudly and clumsily after her. But Rio was the second fastest kid out of all the kids here– and adrenaline fueled her limbs to frantic pumping and her heart to thunderous thumping. There was very little chance that the caretaker, a man much taller with much larger legs, could catch her.
But where would she go? There was no safe place in the whole complex…except…maybe…
The man behind her was barking some jargon into a comm on his shoulder. "Little shit tried to give me slip! Currently giving chase, corridor 4b. Damn, she's fast; I need somebody to cut her off! Gonna need backup if she resists." His breath came in gasps now, while Rio could breathe evenly, despite the dead sprint she had kept up for almost two minutes.
Juniper's room flashed by. Her friend's face filled the tiny window, eyes wide. Her hand slapped the door, she screamed Rio's name. The other rooms– Iris, Quinn, Belladonna, and others she never interacted with. If they caught her, all of this would mean nothing. It would all be lost to the artificial amnesia.
That's what scared her so badly.
The hall ended in a T. Rio dashed right, her peripherals catching sight of two more caretakers – more like gaurds, she thought – sprinting after her. These two were much fresher and fitter than the first; they quickly gained ground. Their steps pounded the pristine wood floor, echoing in front and back.
A hand grabbed for her hair, she could feel several hairs yanked loose from their roots. She poured on the speed, the close call adding more fiery adrenaline to her already flaming system.
But her head stopped moving suddenly, her night-toned locks caught in a anchoring grip. She shrieked, her throat tearing and voice cracking. "No! Nono, I can't! I won't! You can't make me, you sick bastards!"
The two men grabbed her under her arms, lifting her thrashing body with difficulty. She managed to get her foot at a knee; she kicked with all of her considerable strength. He cried out, one side of her body released from his iron grip. Her feet were back under her, yanking away from the one remaining man. But he lifted her feet from the ground, holding her far enough that she couldn't kick him.
Fear, twice as much as before, mixed with the adrenaline and caused her ears to ring. Her muscles were trembling furiously as she tried to escape. Kicking, pulling her hands, anything to get away. But to no avail.
They carried her, now all three of them, back up the hall, past Juniper's room for the third time. Rio screamed and fought the whole way, her vision blurred and indistinct from tears of frustration. Once more, she was almost loose, but they turned tasers on her. The electricity burned through her muscles and stung her mind. Her body curled into a fetal position, easy for the caretakers to pick her up and move her the rest of the way to their destination.
A tiny prick in her upper arm. Sweeping numbness, her mind slowing down to a sluggish murk.
A cold leather chair, lights too bright to think past. A gas mask that smelled of rubbing alcohol. Restraints on her lifeless limbs.
A voice, as if from miles and miles away. "Not to worry. Whatever she knows, she won't know in a few hours when she awakes. Hear that, Miss Rio? It was all for nothing. No reason to go to all the trouble you did…"

Then everything faded away, leaving dreamless nothing.

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RIGHT so I know that was a lot, but it was the first piece, the starter if you will.

ok so, some things I feel may need clarification:

  • the characters dont all feel threatened or unsafe here. they have been here for most of their lives, so this is just home. some might feel a bit out of place or like they dont belong or whatever. Rio discovered something (I cant say what it is (cause I haven't thought of it😭) yet) and that is why she gets this whole secretive intro thing. Savvy?
  • it is expected for them to have minor abilities. minor things like I mentioned at the top, but if you must have a more powerful character make sure they have weakness.
  • the Caretakers aren't cruel. they can be cold, uncaring, indifferent, or blunt, but they cant be mean because they need the children to be complacent. the Caretakers are the staff of the facility, lead by Head Caretakers who follow ( a guy who I haven't thought of much) somebody in charge of the whole operation. in fact, some Caretakers are genuinely nice and care about the kids.
  • the kids dont live in cells or tiny restricted quarters. they each get basically a hotel room with bathroom, bedroom, closet, and custom things with some limitations. they have access to hair styling, makeup and personalized stuffs like dyes and jewelry. most of their outfits aren't super cool, but come in different colors and styles. they are allowed to leave their rooms most of the time, except just before and after memory wiping or other special procedures. they can wander around, visit with other children in their rooms, go play non-electronic games in a few different play rooms (like the Rainbow Room in Stranger Things).

I know there are other things im forgetting but im feeling like a Karen Micromanager putting up all this stuff. if you have questions, pleaseeee ask. if you have suggestions, im always open to hear them!

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(basically the diamond kingdom took children and trained them intensely in there magic powers, and then at the very end they had to fight each other to find the two most powerful kids and turn them into weapons.)

@Serenity88 group

(basically the diamond kingdom took children and trained them intensely in there magic powers, and then at the very end they had to fight each other to find the two most powerful kids and turn them into weapons.)

oh. sounds cool!

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name: Belladonna (mhm I loveeee poisonous plants)

age: 15, apart of the experiment for 11 years!

gender:non-binary they/zi/them/zir(afab)

Sexuality: Sapphic. They haven't decided if they like guys or not.

specialties:reads extremely fast( like flips through a book and it's read(yes they have a small power)), fairly strong.

general appearance: a rather average height, they have a small frame. However, zi has muscles and is absolutely ripped. Zir hair is black and pink. They style it into a short choppy pixie cut(similar to Rapunzel's at the end of tangled.) There's also a splattering of freckles on her nose. Zi also gave themself a tattoo with a pin and pen ink. It's on zir right thigh, a (rather realistic) picture of a bunny missing an eye. There's also a scar on her upper left arm from a fight with another patient(she's not with the experiment anymore). Also due to some random medication zi was put on, they have fangs that make it hard to talk and emote.

colors:black, pink, green. (What can I say I'm a sucker for scene queens)

Shipping?: yes. I'm ok with zir being shipped with others. Pref another fem person. Also ze absolutely will show so much physical affection and will flirt so much. They are a person ment to love and to be loved.

likes: cats, sock monkeys, stuffed animals, scene fashion, pretty girls, Sappho's poems, reading, painting, getting messy but only with things ze dosent see as dirty, did I mention reading?, pericings(even though they don't have any yet), tattoos, lots of reading, body mods, pretty much anything creative, the bad guys(the movie.).

dislikes:Edgar Allan poe, people pointing out their fangs, chewing sounds(they have misophonia), people looking at zir for stimming, being still, being forced to do anything, being interrupted(but they will interrupt everyone), how they can't remember stuff, other stuff.

Rando stuff: they have misophonia, autism, and echolalia(invonaltarty repeating of words and phrases). Also they were born with hip dysplasia so zir hips crack and pop loudly, painfully, and often. Donnas daily quiet because of the fangs and goes non-verbal from time to time.


(can i join i only know The Maze Runner and Stranger Things because I'm pretty but I'm interested in this)

@Serenity88 group

(I welcome you here, anyway. its cool you know the references! did you read Maze Runner or watch the movies?)