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What does your universe collectively feel about religion, what is the most popular religion, what religion is shunned the most what religion us viewed as complete idiots


for the most part, i really only explore the religion of the stars. celestial fairies, of which there are only 1-3 between all three books, are the embodiment of stars (or the other way around) and get their magic from the stars. thus, other fairies worship the stars and build temples to them, but not all fairies (some just lost faith after all that's happened, which is easy to see). celestial fairies have always believed in the stars, being the closest to them so all the temples in faery are designed after the one in the heavens (where the celestial fairies live).

at one point in the first novel, nova goes to one of the temples in the forest and does this little ritual (gets some water, throws it up, and it hangs in the air near the name of the fairy, written in the language of the stars, who is ordained by the stars. it's obviously nova's name, because she's the queen, but she doesn't think she's fit for that role and thinks the stars are mocking her).

there's also the gods, but they're not so much worshipped as…they're just around and are little jerks.


Collectively, my universe has a fairly positive view of religion. As the cultures and societies are at levels comparable to the real world's medieval ages, this is fairly normal and understandable. The most popular religion would have to be the One Faith, which worships a god named Alda. Alda appears in multiple religions, but this one worships him and only him. Worship of a god named Quakos is highly, highly shunned. Those who worship him, are suspected of worshiping him, have a known association with someone who worships or is suspected of worshiping him, and people who have an association with an action or belief that is associated with him will be killed in most countries.


Basically, my world worships a pantheon of twenty-one gods and goddesses. There isn't really a "head god" but there aren't any laws saying that you have to worship every god, if you worship any. Each god has spheres of influence and their separate holy texts reflect the belief in the importance of this. There are some clerics who venerate all twenty-one gods but it's rare that you find someone like this

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there are 12 countries and over, 50 something religions, but most people agree that people who follow The Rites are crazy.