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So I want to dive into the religion aspect for the first time in a story and don’t know how it depth I should go. I know I plan on having different races in my story and I want to have different religions for them, with only one of them having an actual God. I’m not sure if I want a singular God or a pantheon of them. Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated.


Personally, I think pantheons are more fun to work with, but they can get complicated if you're like me and you excessively word-build. That being said, I think it really depends on how the race's society works. In the real world, there seem to be big cultural differences between societies with one god vs many. It might also help to take into consideration what the society values. Do they prioritize harmony with nature, or are they a nation of conquerors (or both)? Are they individualistic or do they work for the common good? I know I'm super late to this thread but I hope this can help you and anyone else who might be wondering the same things.

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You could even try having one deity but each race has a different view of them? I don't know too much about Christianity but I know different groups has different views of God and Jesus so you could play around with that idea if you want to lean more towards a singular deity. Like if you have a race that has been "favoured" by this deity then they would view them more as a protector figure rather than another race that would have been more screwed over who might view them as a chaotic or evil deity that brings misfortune.

If you wanna have multiple then you could use the same thing as mentioned above then that could still work! Even thinking back to Greek Mythology, if I'm remembering correctly then different cults and groups had different views for different deities so it could work out if you want to get into detail.

I do agree that pantheons are much more fun to make, you have a better range of characters and personalities to create myths and legends. And don't forget you can always change! If you try one version and not like it as much then you can always switch to the other, I'm happy to help if you have more questions as well!