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A few thing I thought of while reading on this religion. I can understand the "unknown" parts could be things that are very important to/spoils the story. (or you really just don't know lol) But:

  • What exactly is the prophecy of the Mistletoe? What exactly is it meant to entail?
  • Is there any tradition for men that practice the religion?
  • Is there anything more that they see in a paradise than warm and fruitful? Because it sounds like they just need a trip to a local fruit farm. Maybe expand on that a little. Do they wish for equality? The extinction of a race? etc.
  • How is Shynsra usually celebrated? It says some beliefs celebrate it differently, though I'm quite unsure as to what the usual celebration is.
  • What is Shynsra commemorating the recovery of?
  • Why is Shynsra associated with the things that it is?
  • Any particular reason for no rituals/worship services? Is this religion just looser than most in those rights?

I hope none of that sounded harsh, just genuinely trying to help!