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Welcome to the Notebook Prom, Senior Edition! This Prom RP is for those who are either on the older side of the age spectrum and/or don't mind cursing .If you are neither of these, you are probably at the wrong Prom. In which case, TURN BACK IMMEDIATELY.*

I also have a Registration Sheet that will include basic information which need to be filled out. If you are uncomfortable using any personal information (your name/appearance/etc), don't be afraid to make stuff up. Just please keep it as realistic as you can.

Also, a heads up: The Prom officially starts on May 3rd. Please be registered before then. Don't forget to cast your votes for Senior Prom King, Queen, and Majesty (gender-neutral)! The final decision for all Royalty will be announced during the event.

Please note: If you do not obey these rules, you will face living Hell on Earth in the form of ME. You only get one warning, only one. After that, you will be removed. Understand? Good.


  1. This chat is going to be rated PG-15, for allowance of swears, dirty songs, and spicy dancing.
  2. No slurs or derogatory words of any sorts. Not obeying this rule will get you immediately kicked from the chat.
  3. Things can be a bit dirty, to an extent. You want to be a raging horndog? Take it to inbox or get kicked out.
  4. Be civil. Everyone is here to have a good time and you picking a fight will ruin it for most, if not all, people participating.
  5. Only the selected DJ controls what music will be playing. However, you can make suggestions. It's up to the DJ to play that song or not.
  6. Stay in the setting. As soon as you declare you are leaving, you cannot come back, just like an actual Prom.
  7. This is in Modern/Realistic for a reason. No fantasy if you can avoid it (for now).


Date (if any):
General Appearance:
Chosen Outfit:
Other: (optional)

If there are any questions/concerns or you need me to step in for whatever reason, don't hesitate to ask/summon me via @ or PM.

That is all for now. More rules may be added later. Have fun!


Yes. Fill out the sheet to be registered. Try to keep chit-chat to a minimum, since this is supposed to help keep everyone's information in a condensed spot that is easy to locate should someone need to do so.

Deleted user

Name: Emi Boo
Age: Actually nvm let's not say my age on this one bois
Gender/Pronouns: Female/She/Her
Date (if any): The DJ booth and snack table
General Appearance: Short, plumpy face and looks like she's seven years old. Brown hair that's mostly curly and frizzy with sunken eyes. Always tired, despite getting a genuine amount of sleep each night. 5'5 and about normal weight. Thicc. Wears a lot of bracelts and wears a necklace with an angel charm and four leaf clover ring on it.
Chosen Outfit: A neat dress shirt with a blue tie, straight-pressed dress pants tight to her legs with black flats.
Other: Music nerd 10000000000000%, in band. Would wear a band shirt and jeans to the prom if she could.

@Althalosian-is-the-father book

Name: Dominic
Age: 18
Gender/Pronouns: He/him
Date (if any): Eris
General Appearance: Brown hair, light skin, slight Arab features, RBF, cold eyes.
Chosen Outfit: Slacks and comfortable dress shirt + dancing shoes.

Deleted user

Name: Logan Redacted
Age: Redacted
Gender/Pronouns: Male, he/him
Date (if any): @RedTheBestBitch
General Appearance: Logan has brown hair, often dyed red/pink or purple in the front, it's curly, with the left side shaved and the right side cut just long enough for it to hang over his eyes. Speaking of his eyes, they are large and caramel colored, with long eyelashes. He's pretty tall, standing at around 5'7 feet.
Chosen Outfit: A simple black and white checkered collared shirt with black slacks, black converse with silver studs, and simple black suspenders.
Other: He has a ton of bangles on his wrists and wears eyeliner sharp enough to kill a man.


Name: Alex
Age: 3 month's old
Gender/Pronouns: she/her
Date (if any): pretty sure the people I was going with are going to the Jr prom
General Appearance: short brown hair with periwinkle streaks, large brown eyes, a very weird shaped head, short, not really fat or skinny, and very large bags under the eyes.
Chosen Outfit: a tux with a star constalation tie, and purple converse.
Other: (optional)


Name: Sage/Crocs
Age: Man I can't remember
Gender/Pronouns: Nobinary, they/them. Alright with he/she pronouns too, ig.
Date (if any): @Camie_Sparkles
General Appearance: An egg? Uh, 'curvy', 5'7, pale af. Hair not even an inch long, dyed rainbow(I'm also gonna mention my eyebrows are purple). Freckles too lmao.
Chosen Outfit:
Other: I'm sneaking candy and shit in in my purse and nobody can stop me.


(BTW Emi if you want to be the DJ then go ahead dude)

Name: Red/Ace
Age: kinda adult?
Gender/Pronouns: Any. She/He/They. Don't care.
Date (if any): @Devil-Town
General Appearance: short brown hair with dyed red and blonde streaks in a medium undercut style and slicked back, pale skin, dark brown eyes, kinda short at 5'2" and balanced body build at 127 lbs, oval face and large nose, basic makeup.
Chosen Outfit: Basically the red Malifer suit, but with 4-inch black heels.
Other: Can and will attempt to outdance any challenger while also wearing those heels.

Deleted user

(I would never.

I'll just stag and DJ this party


Deleted user

(Frickity Frack I love you

alright sorry for the chit chat Red

I'm out!)

(Ahhh love you too

Yeah sorry man had to get it sorted out lol.

Ahhhhhhhhhh have a nice rest of your day ily)

@mr_ratfingers ecoTruthwatcher

welp hewo I guess I'll make a Registration Form

Name: Atlas Borden
Age: 18
Gender/Pronouns: male; he/him
Date: none
General Appearance: dark brown hair that comes down just to his brows when he wears it down, kind, seafoam eyes, and a square jaw; medium broadness, he wears most things well and isn't too awkward with his body (don't worry he makes up for it with his personality)
Chosen Outfit: a simple red dress (yes you red that right) with heels to match and a light makeup to blend it all together
Other: he's more observing than talkative and he prefers boys but won't say no if a girl asks him to dance so y'all don't be scared

@Moxie group

Name: Moxie
Age: 16
Gender/Pronouns: Female, she/her
Date (if any): Topaz and Jynnie :)
General Appearance: Short light brown hair that goes a little past her shoulders, parted on the left, with a subtle blonde streak in the front left. Her ears stick out a little bit. Green eyes, fairly pale skin, usually wears glasses but is wearing contacts for once. Fairly tall (5'7") with long arms and legs.
Chosen Outfit:

But like with black hightop converse
Other: Will be wearing light makeup for this event cause why not. Pretty shy and probably won't talk to anyone she doesn't know, sorry in advance. Feel free to talk to her though!

Deleted user

Name: Mystic/Jet
Age: 18
Gender/Pronouns: Female(she/her)
Date: None
General Appearance: Standing at 5'3, Mystic is short and she knows it. Dull Hazel eyes, more brown then green, dirty blonde hair that stops at her chin, long bangs that are only stop from covering my face because of her glasses cuz she blind as a bat, dark blue framed glasses, lightly tanned skin with several light scratches and scars just about everywhere, tired looking face in general, quite thin and muscles barely exist on her
Chosen Outfit: White long sleeved dress shirt, maroon jacket, black dress pants, black combat boots, silver ring with a triangle shaped opal on middle finger, dangly moon earrings, black bowtie
Other: I might just be at the snack table the entire time…


Name: Connor McLoughlin
Age: A paradox
Gender/Pronouns: P much whatever, they/he preferred
Date (if any): Nope
General Appearance: Disaster TM, with fair skin, lots of freckles, black glasses, and fluffy brown neck-length hair with blonde highlights. On the tall side (5'9"), pretty much average weight. Cobra tattoo on their back, Starry Night tattoo on the back of their neck, multiple scars in stupid places. Always tired and has eternal resting bitch face, more or less looking like they would break your nose because "haha it looks funny now"
Chosen Outfit:
Other: Actually really nice but can and will Fuck You Up, has literally two dance settings (shimmy and wiggle), clumsy as hell

@HighPockets group

Name: Jynnie
Age: 15
Gender/Pronouns: She/her
Date (if any): Topaz and Moxie <3 <3
General Appearance: Average height, shoulder-length brown hair, brown eyes, glasses, kinda chubby, light skin, broad-ish shoulders, rectangle body shape.
Chosen Outfit: Hair done in a bun, wearing a midcalf-length dress that ombres from creme to purple, with pinks and blues in the middle. Thick eyeliner. Purple converse.
Other: Cannot dance to save my life