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Idk I to do either a prison or juvie rp. Depends on what you guys want. This will be a minimum-security prison so like your characters can't be like a serial killer.

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Idk I to do either a prison or juvie rp. Depends on what you guys want. This will be a minimum-security prison so like your characters can't be like a serial killer.

Sounds fun.


Ok! I got class until late tonight, but here's a character sheet. I'll try to post my character later.

age:12-17(I decided to go with juvie.)
Background:(at least why they are in prison)

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Name: Daniel Maxwell
age: 14
Gender/Pronouns: Male (He/they)
Sexuality: Gay
Description: Daniel is about 5'5, with medium length brown-ish red hair that reaches just above his shoulders. They usually have it tied up into a ponytail, or occasionally a bun. His skin is a light tan, with freckles adorning his face and shoulders. He's pretty skinny, with not much muscle to him. He weighs about 110 pounds, so they're not good at holding his own when he's in trouble. His eyes are hazel in color and usually half-lidded, so from afar it'd probably look like he's upset or glaring at someone..which he isn't.
personality: Daniel is a classic "gifted kid", in which he's decently good at most subjects but always pushes himself to be better even if it's not possible. This means they have high expectations for themselves and what they want to accomplish, and things only go according to plan 7/10 times. He's smart and resourceful, yet anxious and easy to panic. He's always thinking of ways to get out of the situations he's in, which makes him seem like an absolute wimp (partly true). If you get to know him he'll really open up though, revealing how bounce-off-the-walls energetic and happy they are under all those layers of anxiety and fear.
Background: believe it or not he was actually sent to juvie for breaking and entering, robbery, and aggravated assault.
Other: his parents aren't home most of the week so he never gets much attention from them, which is probably what led to him getting desperate and doing something crazy for even the least bit of attention from them, no matter if it's negative or not. He sure got attention, but only for a brief amount of time before he was sent to juvenile detention hall for a couple years.


Name: Devon Henrick

Gender: male

Sexuallity/ pronouns: Bi/ he/him

Age: 16

Looks: He has longer black hair, dark eyes, and pale skin, he wares glasses and is 5'11", he weighs around 165 and dresses pretty casually

Personality: he's quick to get angry and acuse people. He wasn't very good in school and skipped a lot, he's quick to start a fight and when something goes wrong he'll leave his friends if it means he survives.

Background: he's put in for assault and property damage and trespassing, his parents don't pay attention to him and when they do they beat him
(I'll upload a picture of him soon)


Name: Finn Bishop
age: 16
Gender/Pronouns: Male (He/Him)
Sexuality: Gay
Description: He has short black hair and dark brown skin. He has a few scars littering his body but nothing too noticeable. He's tall and pretty buff from years of football.
Personality: Extremely loyal and will do anything for those he loves. He used to be very open and trusting, but not so much lately. He's caring and smart. He cared a lot about school and was going to go to college.
Background: He grew up with a pretty normal childhood. His mother passed away a few years back, leaving him to help his father take care of his little sister. He's in prison for accessory to murder and destruction of evidence. His father murdered someone he believed was linked to his mother's death, and the police think that Finn helped. He had no clue his father had committed anything more than a traffic violation until the day he was arrested.
Other: (Idk if any of that made sense, but I'll fix it in a bit.)

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Name: Donevan (Dev) Ward
age: 16
Gender/Pronouns: Male he/him
Sexuality: gay
Description: he's about 5'8 with a thin build. Weighs about 130. He has glasses but hates wearing them, so he can't see half of the time. He has shortish, messy black hair, and red-brown eyes. Hes relatively pale. (Doesn't get out much) He may have an RBF (resting bish face). Wears mostly black.
personality: quiet, he seems aggressive or rude to people who don't know him, but he really doesn't mean to be, and doesn't realize when he is being rude. When he gets close to someone he can start to be clingy.
Background: In prison for stealing, which started small but eventually became cars. He has Kleptomania (might have misspelled it). He grew up in foster homes after his mother left him. Does not have good experiences from them.
Other: females scare him.