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Usually I just keep it as simple as possible. For semiaquatic race I made, they're called scaled or salt-blooded. For a monster I made that's basically like an arm snake I call them flesh serpents.
Most of the others don't have names at all, they just exist.


I personally like the smash together method, wherein you take a phrase that exemplifies your race, for example: good with swords (very random example) and smash it all together so it's goodwithswords, from there u can take out random letters until u get a word u like. Such as, gowthrs, or something like that. You can get pretty imaginative with it

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I like to look at the characteristics of the race, match them up with a creature or animal that already has a name, and then look at that name in various languages. Or maybe look for notable mythological examples of the creature or animal. And once I have the mythological name, or the name in various languages, i just change a few letters to make the species name.

For instance. I have a race of crab-people. They aren't just sentient crabs; but i took inspiration from the Greek myth of Karkinos, and they're called the Karcaon.


If they are names that have no meaning or are temporary, then I use fantasy name generators or regular human names and highlight them in a different color so I can return to them later.