forum If a specie's kids were born every 1000 yrs, how would their kind behave?
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How would their community behave around their children? I do have some ideas but i'd like to hear your thoughts on this as well


I imagine children would be treated like children for a really damn long time since a 1 per 1000 years birthrate means that the sexually mature of this species having existed for a long time, presumably have many more years in their future. Unless it's like one of those species that reproduces right before death. Back to my orginal train of thought, a one-hundred-year-old member of this species would be like a ten-year-old to us. Although that scales off of human maturity rates. Maybe it could be like d&d dwarves, where they mature at basically the same rate but are considered young until sometime after their 40ieth birthday. Or maybe they mature at a reasonably fast rate but are considered children until they complete a task that takes decades, if not centuries to complete. Like, imagine some sort of warlike race that lives for thousands of years. The child is born, they are trained in warfare from the day they can learn, and eventually they're dropped on a primitive planet and given the task of conquering a continent or something.

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Also let's talk about that birth-to-death rate. I assume these things are pretty tough, right, and not just long lived? Otherwise they're gonna die out super fast. Either way, I imagine the species would be SUPER protective of children, since there would be so few of them. I feel like surviving long enough to have kids would be a huge cultural deal, like the biggest thing someone could achieve in their life. If a kid died, it would be a local tragedy and there'd be elaborate funeral ceremonies or something. Honestly, if anybody died I think it would be a big deal.
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