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So I created this race called the Aina. There are two types: white and black. White Aina have pale white-blue skin, grey or blue eyes, silver-blue hair (usually curly), and a pigmented birthmark pattern on their forehead. Black Aina have dark black-blue skin, blue or black eyes, silver-black-blue hair (also usually curly), and a pale un-pigmented birthmark pattern on their forehead. All Aina have slightly pointed ears and small mouths. Their skins have nearly microscopic mirror-like components that can reflect light and render them partially invisible if they choose. They live in an Arctic-type area.

My problem is this: I know that one of the types is going to be discriminated against, but I don't know which type because I don't really know their culture yet. (Fantasy world, btw). I was thinking that if they are a more aristocratic, educated race then the black Aina would be seen as superior because they spend most of their time inside, in buildings made of dark coloured stone, so they eventually adapted to less light and blending in with the stone, whereas white Aina would be outside working in the sunlight and snow so they would have lighter skin. Or if their culture values outdoor/physical skills more than academic and mental, the opposite segregation would be true.

Does anyone have any ideas? I can provide more background info if needed.


Hi; first off, cool race idea. Second, yeah… People get offended easily, so probably try to make the darker ones the 'superior' race.
Maybe not call them white/black? Think of a different way (Like in noughts and crosses, by Malorie Blackman).
Also, if a race spends time indoors, their skin will be bleached and white, while those that are outdoors will have a darker skin-tone. So maybe swap them around, or have your sun act weirdly in the fantasy world.
Your say that one of the races will be discriminated against: to what degree? Maybe ask yourself these questions:

  • Is there segregation? In what way - transport, schools, shops, restaurants, etc?
  • Are there limited job opportunities for either race?
  • Is there a rebellious group that is trying to change things? Are they violent or peaceful?
  • Is there a reason for the discrimination? An old war/battle that was won/lost?
  • What are your Main Character's (if you're writing them into a story, which I'm presuming you are) views on it? Are they trying to change anything?
    Hope this helps!


I think that the discrimination is mostly based on the values of the culture. The idea of lighter skin outdoors stems from the arctic environment and blending in. I'll think about your other points.